After the break up
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After having a long conversation with Giselle and planning the best solutions for her problems, Kim Minjeong walked the hall looking for the person she loves. 


Her eyes widened when she saw her talking to Yeji as she grabbed some books of her locker. It seemed they were on good terms after what hgappened last night. The brown haired took a deep breath and got ready to play her role. 


"Good morning." She told the two with a bright smile. 


Yeji and Karina turned their attention to her. 


"No way." Karina thought angry at her ex "What are you doing here?" she asked visibly upset, while Yeji smiled at Winter finding her hotter after seeing the two kissing during lunch. "Hi." she said softly. 


Winter ignored her, but her gaze on Yeji intensified "I was wondering if you want to go out with me later."  she spoke with a smile. 


"No, never!" Karina told her, slammig her locker.


Winter smiled "I wasn't asking you. I was asking Yeji. So, do What do you say? We can have lots of fun together" she asked using her face card like crazy. Karina blinked a few times as she saw how Yeji was doubting what to answer. 


After some seconds the cheer squad captain spoke "Yeah, why not?" She asked, wanting to pressure Karina, since the beautiful girl have stopped her advancements two times already and she was getting bored. 


"Great. See you later." She said with a wink before walking away. On her way to her classroom she could hear the two arguing about it cause Karina didn't like that at all. 


Karina frowned "What do you mean?" she asked. 


"We haven't even kiss.. As far as i'm aware we're just friends hanging out, so i don't think you're in any position to tell me anything" Yeji told her, showing her frustration for the very first time since whatever they have had started. "I'll talk to you later." she addd, then walked away. 


The blondie bit her lower lip and clenched her fist as she saw her walking away. "What am i going to do? i don't want to let her touch me or kiss me, but if i don't Minjeong will date her." she thought upset. 


"So they haven't even kissed. What the hell Karina? what are you waiting for?" Giselle murmured surprised as she hid behind her locker's door and pretended to grab her books to not look suspicious. 


Karina walked to her gclassroom overwhelmed by the fcat that Yeji and Winter will have a date. Her brain could barely procesed it. She detested the idea of Winter dating someone else or being happy without her. She wished her all the pain in the world and wished to be the one to get over their rlationship first. 


Giselle closed her locker, then pulled out her phone "Looks like Yeji is frustrated. Karina hasn't even kiss Yeji. I think she's not so over you like you meantioned before, so you better tell her the truth during lunch cause her vulnerabilty it's obvious at this point." she texted her best friend. 



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