After the break up
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During lunch, in the middle of the hall, an angry Kim Minjeong did her best to pretend that she cared about the cheer squad captain "I'm telling you the truth. I would never stood you up, Yeji. Something came up and i couldn't help it." she lied as she thought how Karina seemed to be really interested in  "looney leaps" this morning. 


Yeji looked at the hot girl in front of her for a few seconds before sighing "Okay, Minjeong. I will give you one more chance.. so please, treat me right." she told Winter, who was still pretty upset at Karina's ways of flirting with Yeji. She just couldn't believe it after what happened yesterday. They kissed a touched, and still Karina wanted war. 


The brown haired shook her head waking up "Yeah, yeah. I won't disappoint. I promise." she said, crossing her fingers behind her back. "So, would you like to come to the cinema on saturday night?" she asked, showing her dimples. 


The cheer leader gave a small smile "I am a little busy on Saturday. What about friday night?" she asked. 


An irritated Minjeong smiled through the pain cause she knew the reason, but she was not going to let her get a inch close to Karina. The exhibition of this morning was too much for her bleeding heart "Don't tell me that... My parents will be out for the weekend to do some hiking and climbing. I thought that we could have some fun... alone." she told her with a smirk capable of seducing anyone


Yeji bit her lower lip, having a hard time choosing because one had what the other lacked. One was totally spicy, while the other was completely sweet. It was so frustrating cause being with one was telling the other goodbye, and she just couldn't do that. 


Noticing the expression of her face, Minjeong didn't hesitate to pressure her "I don't think a moment like this will repeat again." she whispered in her ear. 


Immediately, Yeji blushed "Okay. I'll be there." she said, feeling as if she just has made a deal with the devil. 


At the same time, Yu Karina washed her hands in the restroom next to her friend Ningning. "I can't believe she tied you up." she spoke surprised. 


Karina looked at herself on the mirror "I can't believe i forgot that side of her. She's been in check for so long that i almost forgot she was my twitter hater." she answered not surprised. 


"Yeah. Now i remembered. She is crazy." 


"I rather believe she's passionate." Karina let out with a small smile, while Ningning frowned "No way. You liked that!" she accused her best friend. 


Karina looked other way "Well, you can't judge me. I mean it feels so nice to know that you are capable of frying someone's brillant brain." she said puckering her lips. 


"Isn't that extreme?" 


"No, not like that. Winter is not that extreme. She's cutely extreme. I like how she's capable of doing anything for me. You have no idea how much she studied to get a scholarship and be right here with me." Karina answered, turning soft all of the sudden as heart fluttering memories came to her head.


Ningning looked at her best friend "Then why don't you try talking to her? You miss her." she said serious. 


The taller thought about that for a few seconds "I can't forgive her. If she wants my forgiveness she will have to pull a hat trick or somethinf cause i'm not going to give in so easy. She hurt me" she spoke, getting angry. 


Ningning shrugged 


"Talking about getting hurt. Are you okay?" Ka

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