After the break up
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Walking the hall with many thoughts in her head, a nervous Kim Minjeong held something in her hand as if her life depended on it. She was so  stressed about it cause she didn't know what to do to make it all romantic. Her head was spinning with ideas but all of them werent good enough to express her love. 


"Boo"  Someone let out behind her. 


Winter jumped surprised and saved that thing inside her school shirt, since now it was hanging around her neck. "Giselle!" she spoke annoyed. 


Giselle frowned, she knew her best friend was the biggest loser, but being scared so early it morning was not her thing. Her thing was being sleepiy and complain about why she shouldn't be at school "What's wrong? Were you cheating?" She asked with a teasing. 


"What?! I never cheated!" 


Giselle smiled, then walked next to her "Then, what's happing? Why so anxious?" she asked. 


The brown haired turned her gaze at her "Does it show?" she asked in panic. 


"Miles away." 


Winter sighed "What am i going to do now?" she asked worried cause she didn't Karina to notice. 




"I'm a woman in love." Winter answered hopeless. 


The japenese placed her hand on her friend's head "We all know." she told her not surprised. 


"No!" Winter reacted removing that hand on her head "You don't get it... I..." she tried to find the right words for her problem, while her friend only looked at the sick puppy in front of her. 


"You need to spit it because it's making you sick." 


A concerned Winter looked at her best friend "I'm so in love with Karina... Every morning i wake up with this need to keep her by my side. What if someone steals her away because you gotta admit, she's glorious." she answered, seeing how her best friend rolled her eyes at her. 


"Don't do that! You don't feel the same i do cause you and Ningning just began dating but what if Yujin returns and takes her away from from you?" She asked, getting Giselle's total attention. 


"That won't happen. I wouldn't allow it." 


Winter looked at her "Are you really sure? i mean, they have a lot history together. While i'm a fool and Karina loves me but what if she gets tired of me. I need to make sure she won't as soon as she steps in college." she spoke concerned, making her best friend think about it too. 


"College" Giselle murmured kinda scared about the future. "Great, not only her ex is my problem but college.." she added. 


The two got sulky and walked together to their classroom with so much in their heads. 


"What are we going to do?" Giselle asked. 


Winter sat next to her best friend "I don't know. I only have a ring. " she answered , showing her how it was hanging on her neck while Giselle opened her eyes wide, then just opened her bag and grabbed one capsule of a candy that she had there. She opened and checked the jewelry she had hidden. 


The two looked at each other for a moment until their loves interests entered to the classroom with big smiles on their faces. Immediately, Winter stood up and appreached Karina just like Ningning. 


"Babe, i wanna talk to you." She said interrupting the two. 


Giselle didn't wait long and said the same except that she grabbed Ningning's hand .


"What's wrong?" Karina asked confused at the expression on her lover's face. 


Winter gulped "I... i....I wanna.."  


"Ningning, I..." 


Karina and Ningning were confused 


"Stop!" Winter told her best friend. 


"What?" Giselle asked. 


The two gave one another death stares. 


"Babe, i..." 


"Ningning, I..." 


An irritated Winter couldn't take it anymore and soon both were once again forcing with one another. She complained cause Giselle had quick reflexes and was now messing her hair. 


"This time it was faster." Ningning let out surprised, while Karina separated the two. 


"Get your own idea!" Winter said annoyed 


Giselle frowned "I'm not copying you. I feel like it." 


The two started bickering in front of their lovers forgetting completely about what they had in mind. 


Through tthe day Winter and Giselle tried to convey their feelings but for some odd reason they were always interrupted by something. It could be a flying book, getting copies or other people who couldn't read the room. 


During P.E Winter and Giselle looked at their love interests playing dodge ball after eliminating them. The two were so absent minded that the hwole class thought the two best friends were sick. 


As it was expected Karina noticed and so did Ningning but they continued playing. After all, those two always fix their issues without help. 


"It's gotta be different." Winter murmured, getting her best friend's attention. 


"Like how? I'm so blocked." Giselle let out. 


Winter messed her hair "i want her to remember this moment and repeat it as much as she likes" she spoke frustrated 


"Repeat... like a song." Giselle said with her brain frying. 


The brown haired looked at her friend spacing "Repeat, song.." she murmured until it hit her and Giselle. 


"Audiovisual club." Both spoke at the same time, then looked at each other and ran away like fools. 


Their teacher used his whistle trying to calm them, but the two ran like crazy to that room.


Karina and Ningning looked at each other confused and even got eliminated for not paying attention "What the hell are they doing?" the taller asked. 


Ningning shrugged. 


Once in the audiovisual room, Giselle and Winter locked themsleves in leaving the others outside, then started fighting for the mic like kids. Since they were prett

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