After the break up
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Angry about this situation, a desperate Kim Minjeong counted to 10 in her head as Hwang Yeji had her hand on her thigh. It was obvious she was trying to make a move on her again, but just like the last time Winter played dumb to avoid it. Now she wasn't sure if she's capable to continue with this fake act. She didn't want that girl to touch or try to kiss her. Her soul, mind and body belonged to Karina. 


All of the sudden, Yeji rested her head on Winter's shoulder "This movie is quite boring." she told her with a cute voice and wanting some attention


"You chose it." Winter thought annoyed, hating this so much because that shoulder was also Yu Karina's property. Thankfully, she was two steps ahead. "Yeah, should we do something else?" she asked. 


Immediately, Yeji looked at her "Yes, we could kiss." she whispered seductively. 


Winter smiled "Yes, but first. Let me check if my parents have called." she let out before standing up to grab her phonel, which was on the dinning table. 


Yeji looked at the nervous girl, then turned her attention to the movie kinda bored. When she came here she expected a hot make out session and maybe more, but Winter was acting strange so different to flirty girl she's used to. 


Winter looked at distracted girl's head, then pretty fast walked to her kitchen and opened the fridge to have a big bite of an onion. She swallowed the awful vegetable "This tastes awful. Let's see if you want to kiss now" she thought, then returned next to Yeji. 


"Let's kiss." She said excitedly


Due to the big bite she gave it, Yeji was able to smell her  "What?" she asked scared. 


"Yeah, give me a kiss." Winter told her, pushing her down the sofa. 


Yeji couldn't stand it, she covered her nose and mouth with her hand "There's no need. I don't want it now." she spoke, then pushed Winter softly to stand up. 


"What's wrong? Are you okay?" Winter asked with her fake concern.


Yeji denied with her head "I forgot that i have something else to do with my parents. Let's see one another some other time." she let out in a hurry, then grabbed her jacket and left. 


Winter smiled "This went better than i expected." she thought, then felt her buzzing phone in her pocket "I gotta go." she told herself, then went to the bathroom to wash her teeth and meet Giselle in certain place. 


All dolled up and with her breath fresh, Kim Minjeong recognized her friend standing outside a tatoo shop. "Is it here?" she asked. 


"Yeah. Suzuki says she will do it as long as you pay her. Are you sure?" Giselle asked worried


"Totally. I need my girl back." Winter answered confident.


The japanese woman sighed "Well, i tried and tried... but you never listen." she told her as they entered to the shop 


As soon as they entered, Kim Minjeong started praying to Buda or to whoever listening. She was so nervous that she didn't hear anything the tattoo artist was telling her. 


She gulped at the "fifteen needles in a rounded shape." 


"If it's big it will hurt you more. So tell me what

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Chapter 20: si delulu 😭
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Chapter 30: I just finished this one, I liked how it was different from the other stuff you have done. They’re all dummies and I love them for that
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Chapter 25: they are sooo cute🐶🩷😭
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