After the break up
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Jealous and upset, Kim Minjeong observed at the players next to her having fun as a team. 


"Stop looking at them as if you want to kill them!" Giselle told her as she pulled her closer. 


Winter turned her attention to her "Then what should i do? She's enjoying her company. Why did you bring me here?" she asked iriitated. 


"You can not let her! Remember?" 


"We should be looking for that girl, not bowling." 


Giselle sighed "Idiot, i'm taking care of it, but If you leave her so much time alone with Yeji i have no doubt they will ended up in relationship. Now go and do your thing." she said, making her stand up and kicking her to the couple. 


Winter stood behind Yeji as she observed how she was giving her tips for bowling. "How cute! Such a tender girl." she said, annoying her ex who sighed and didn't mind to look at her. 


On the other hand, Yeji turned her gaze at her "I can give you some tips too if you want." she told her with a smile. 


The brown haired smiled too "Don't worry. I'm okay... I'm actually quite surprised that Karina needs it because she's really good at this. How many trophies do you have? 8? na, i think you have 10?" she asked, making her ex nervous 


Karina turned to see her "A few but you can always learn some more." she told her, looking at Winter as if she wanted to kill her right there. 


"Wow! You're a pro. I have never won a trophy." Yeji let out surprised. 


Giselle smiled, while Ningning was already worried about Karina. "Why are you smiling? They are going to get..." 


"What?" Yujin asked next to her. 


Winter showed her dimples "That only happened cause rich girl haven't met me yet. After that, she stopped winning first place." she said proud of herself. 


"I was being polite and a good host."


Yeji looked at the two turning a bit... competitive. 


"Prove it, loser." 


Karina stood in front of her "Anyday anytime." she told her, looking right in her eyes. 


"How about right here right now, rich girl? " 


"Fine by me" 


And just like that, a new game started. Yeji and the others were shocked at their determination to destroy one another. It was like they were in their own world where subtle looks and telephathy was the thing. 


Feeling the heat, Kim Minjeong took off her black jacket exposing her well defined abs, while Yu Karina did her best to not get distracted by those fine muscles, completely unware that the other couldn't stop looking at her concentration face without being totally in love with her. 


None of the two wanted to lose, but the score was the same. Destiny was such an awful thing cause they were only doing strikes. More people got curious at the hot girls playing like pros and couldn't help to approach to look. 



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Chapter 30: I just finished this one, I liked how it was different from the other stuff you have done. They’re all dummies and I love them for that
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Chapter 25: they are sooo cute🐶🩷😭
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