After the break up
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In her room, Kim Minjeong checked herself on the mirror "I hope she forgets about Karina." she told herself, before walking to her desk to open the first drawer. She looked at the object she bought after school "If this outfit doesn't work.. I will handcuff Karina on my wrist, and I will never let her alone with that ." she thought as her last resource. 


It was clear that Winter was desperate, she even forgot about she had planned with Giselle due to her jealousy. She didn't want to lose Karina and she's capable of doing anything to keep her by side. 


Unexpectedly, someone entered to her room without knocking, which made Winter act fast and save the handcuffs in her jacket just like the key.  Her eyes widened at her ex. "Hi." she let out surprised. 


"I came here to give you this." Karina told her, getting closer to give her back her phone. 


"It's yours." Winter told her. 


Karina scoffed "I don't want anything to do with you." she spoke serious and very angry at the fact that Winter dressed up for her date with Yeji. 


"I already told you how sorry i am." 


"I don't care! I don't want anything to do with such an easy girl." Karina said, unable to control her emotions. Thankfully, Mrs. Kim left to the supermarket after inviting her in. 


A surprised Winter shook her head to wake up of her trance "You did not." she let out, getting angry. 


"YES, I DID!" Karina yelled."Go and have fun with your Yeji. Take her offf and let her take yours. I DON'T GIVE A !"  


Winter her lips as a way to suprress her emotions "Okay. Okay." She told herself, before grabbing Karina's hand. The two started forcing like little kids and as a result Winter's phone fell on the floor, but they didn't care much about it. 


The brown haired was capable of handcuffing her ex. 




Winter panted tired, the taller was strong. "PLAN B!" she yelled angry. 


Karina looked at their handcuffed hands "Give me the key." 




"Give me the key." 


"I don't want to." 


"What about your date?" Karina asked, doing her best to check Winte's pants pockets, but the shorter didn't let her. 


Winter smiled "I don't give an f about that." she answered. 


"LIAR! you only think about !" 


The brown haired frowned totally upset, then pulled out the key of her jacket "Do you want it? TAKE IT" she yelled before putting it inside and swallowing it. 


A open mouthed Karina tried to stop her "Don't eat it!" she spoke worried, but Winter started caughing real soon "Winter! Winter! Winter!" she called several times as Winter did her best act and even was able to get red all over her face. 


"What do i do? what do i do?" The blondie asked desperate and worried. 


"Air...  Air..." Winter responded acting as if she was out of air, then she pulled the taller for a kiss as she hid the key in her back poket. 


Karina's eyes opened wide for a second, but then she just kissed her ex with the same intensity expressing how much she missed her.


It was incredible how a little kiss changed all the bad things she wanted to tell Winter i

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winselle the dumb and dumber duo
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Chapter 1: gonna start reading this one while waiting for bad romance
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Chapter 30: I just finished this one, I liked how it was different from the other stuff you have done. They’re all dummies and I love them for that
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Chapter 25: they are sooo cute🐶🩷😭
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