After the break up
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Ready for lunch time, Kim Minjeong gathered her stuff ready to relax and eat something with her best friend Giselle, however she was surprised to see her ex standing in front of her. 


"I wanna talk to you." 


"But i don't" Winter answered, still annoyed at the fact that Karina didn't want to keep her jacket. She looked around seeing how Giselle and Ningning walked out together with more students.


Karina hit her desk, getting her attention "We said we would ignore each other." she let out irritated.


"Of course. That's second nature to me." 


The blondie smiled "Second nature, right? but you go around badmouthing me with Yeji. Who told her i wasn't very normal?" she asked mad at the fact that the cheerleader shouldn't know about her hobbies like playing lots of video games and reading manga. 


Winter stood up "That's not badmouthing you, that's an objective opinion that i have on you." she told her with a smirk


"And who are you to talk about me? Winter stop dragging me in your ! If you want to sleep with Yeji then do it, but stop adding me in the mix." Karina asked angry. 


"I don't want to sleep with Yeji." Winter corrected that asap, but Karina didn't listen "Lies! you want to sleep with every girl you see. I don't even know why i started dating you. You're so awful that i can't even look at you." she spoke, losing her cool and feeling as hurt as the day she saw drunk and Winter doing facetime with her. 


The brown haired grabbed her wrist "It's not like that. You love me as much as love you." she told her, however Karina realeased from her grip and left the classroom very overhelmed by her feelings.


Winter grabbed her head with both hands and just sat on her seat "! ! I will lose her forever." she talked to herself. 


Mad and stressed, she entered to the first restroom she saw to wash her face. Luckily, it seemed to be empty "I hate you, Winter" she thought in pain and very depressed about it. 


At times like this, she can't help to wonder if the people in the forum was right. Maybe it was her fault because she didn't want to do it and Winter seemed pretty excited about it. She looked on the mirror and memories of the two together came to her mind. 




Having the time of their lives in an arcade, a 15 year old Yu Karina played with her twitter anti for hours. It was crazy how after meeting one another, they realized that they had plenty of things in common. 


Everyday was the same, texting since early morning, playing video games, watching horror movies as they talked on the phone or disney movies depending of who won whatever game they had in mind, and the weekends they had to see each other or they would be grumpy

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Chapter 30: I just finished this one, I liked how it was different from the other stuff you have done. They’re all dummies and I love them for that
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