Twenty four

After the break up
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During P.E, Yu Karina observed her ex playing basketball, while she complained about everything like a little kid. She was in the worst mood ever and Ningning didn't know what to say or do to calm her. 


"Now.. now she wants me to play big or go home. What is that supposed to mean?" She asked still confused at the everything Winter told her last time. 


Ningning shrugged her shoulders "Maybe..I don't know. Go as crazy as her." she answered with her eyes following Giselle from the bleachers. 


Karina opened uncapble of saying somthing, but then just reacted "That's impossible. There can't be two lunatics in one relationship or the it will fail. 1 serene +1 crazy is the correct balance" she spoke sure of her words


"I find no other meaning to her words. You know Winter, she's pulling the same you did to her on yo now that everything is clear." 


The blondie was shocked to hear that "What does she want me to do exactly? I don't even know what she might like enough to forgive me. This is difficult." she said frustrated, messing her pretty long hair. 


"You better think fast cause your stinky dog is quite popular these days. Look at those fangirls." Ningning let out with a smile, then made Karina observe other girls cheering for Winter. 


Immediately the blondie stood up "What are they doing? Why everybody wants my dog these days?" she asked stressed. 


"SHOW US YOUR ABS AGAIN!" A girl yelled just like others, making Karina incredibly angry that Ningning stood up to hold her best friend before she does something really pathetic to those girls ahead of them. 


"Let's go the restroom. Don't be lame so early in the morning. That won't give you points with your stinky puppy and will only push her away"


Karina wanted to kill those girls, but Ningning was right. She needed to think and calm down. She couldn't afford being pathetic in front of her ex who was clearly playing mind games with her.


Winter looked at Ningning holding her girl as the two walked away. Unexpectedly the ball hit her face for being distracted, she got on a squat position to cover her face, while the girls on the bleacher were worried about her. 


"Sorry! Why are you distracted in the middle of a game." Giselle asked approaching just like their P.E teacher. 


Winter started bleeding of her nose. Completely upset she stood up and grabbed Giselle by her shirt "Sorry! You look like zombie that fed." she let out feeling terrible for hitting her best friend's face.


Yeji smiled happy that karma finally got to Winter


"Giselle, take her to the immfirmary." Their teacher spoke a little worried, but still continued with his class.


Winter stopped holding her best friend's shirt and the two walked together the hall "I'm telling you.. That was your fault not mine." the japanese said, while her friend seemed distracted with her hand on her nose. 


"Don't give me the cold treatment, I already said sorry." 


"They are dating." Winter reacted, then looked at her best friend. 


Giselle turned her gaze at her "What?" she asked. 


"Ningning was holding my girll... Who does she think she is? That creeping animal had double inetention with my girl since the beginning" 




Winter forgot about her bleeding nose and clenched her fist "Think

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