Twenty seven

After the break up
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Irradiating positive vibes like a cheer leader, Kim Minjeong did her best to motivate her friend to go after Ningning. 


Uchinaga Giselle couldn't handle the happy maltese in front of her "There's no point." she told her, kinda scared as she looked at the chinese girl through the small window before entering to her classroom. 


"What? You can't give up withjout trying." 


"Watch me." Giselle let out ready to get in to her classroom, but her best friend grabbed her arm "It's like catching pokemons. We just need to give her berries before throwing our pokeball." Winter spoke confident. 


The japanese was open mouthed at the silly analogy "If someone heard that, we would be so canceled" she murmured shocked at the her friend's wordss. 


Winter shrugged "It's the same.. You have to lure them first, and then you throw your pokeball or web. Whatever you like." she spoke, feeling zero remorse of her remark 


"You are a ." 


"I'm not. Every girl is like that except my spoiled Karina." Winter spoke melting for her girlfriend like a fool, but then just woke up of her trance "Look, i was planning giving a flower to my flower, but you need this more than me." she added, moving one of her bag's straps to catch something inside. 


Giselle only looked at her best friend as she pulled out something. 


"Here, give these to her." Winter said offering her red rose and strawberry milk she brought for Karina. 


"No, you bought that for... Karina will kill me if she finds out that i stole her presents." 


Winter smiled "Don't worry. She's changing little by little and she really feels bad about trying to buy you. She won't mind. Besides, i plan cooking for her." she let out carelessly, then showed her what was inside her bag. 


"How the hell did you bring something like that to school?" Giselle asked in panic. 


"What? It's been a week without any kind of fight and she bought a new cellphone and mine is back, so i need to celebrate" 


Giselle flicked her best friend's forehead. "You're crazy." she told her. 


"You need a little bit of crazy to make them fall in love, so don't be a turtle and take it. Go to her now!" Winter complained rubbing her red forehead. 


The japanese clenched her jaw, she disliked that nickname but still she grabbed the flower and the strawberry milk harshly. 


"Wait" Winter spoke before putting her one her airpords in Giselle's ear and putting her phone in her friend's pocket, then grabbed Giselle's phone and called herself. 


Giselle pulled her best friend's phone in her pokect. 


"Just follow my words, okay?" Winter said with a smile as a frustrated Giselle walked to her classroom, where Ningning seemed to be distracted looking through the window


Very nervous and sweating Giselle made her way to her "Hello, Ning... I..." 


The Chinese turned her attention to the girl standing in front of her, she looked so tensed and anxious but she could see why. The rose and the strawaberry milk was cute. 


"Mic check 1,2.. 1,2... Giselle, do you hear me?" 


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Chapter 30: I just finished this one, I liked how it was different from the other stuff you have done. They’re all dummies and I love them for that
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