Twenty two

After the break up
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Furious and totally jealous, Yu Karina looked at the back every two seconds to see her ex, who seemed pretty invested in self studying next to her best friend."Stinky dog." she thought irritated at her coldness. "After what i did she dares to act as if it was nothing." she murmured clenching her fist


Pretending to not care, but melting in the inside, Kim Minjeong explained something to Giselle "Is she still looking at me as if she's going to kill me?" she asked in whisper. 


Giselle did her best act to look as if she didn't notice, however she felt shivers down her spine when she sae Karina's eyes on them "Yep. She wants to kill you." she let out, using her book to cover her face. 


Winter smirked "Great." she said, clenching her fist under her desk


"I don't get it. You wanted Karina to get back to you and now she fought Yunjin for your love. I don't understand why you're pushing her away." 


Winter sighed "I'm not.. but you don't know that stupidcheesecat. Yes, she fought Yunjin but underneath all that jealousy she's holding grudges against me. We need a clean slate or her mistrust will hunt us forever" she answered. 


The japanese girl opened her eyes wide. She was shocked at Winter's wise words cause she thought her friend had a tiny mind "So what do you plan to do now?" she asked curious


"I plan to ignore her until i get the money for her ring, and then i will propose." Winter answered confident in her plan "What about you? You and Ning...You guys actions do not translate and everything is so blurry and taagled. Then you add her ex to the mix and happens" 


Giselle sighed "I got back to be her fake girlfriend..." she replied, looking at the ceiling.


"I know... and i think is a terrible idea. If you want her, you should be honest with your feelings." 


The japanese stopped lookig at the ceiling and looked at her best friend "You the one to talk?" 


Winter frowned "Don't look at me like that... My girl's brain works different. Trust me" she admitted 


Many desks ahead, Ningning let out a big sigh "I can't believe we're into this again...What should i do? I don't want to be pathetic in front of Yujin, but i dont want to strung along Giselle. She doesn't deserve that." she told her best friend. 


The blondie looked at her best friend "You didn't do anything. Giselle was the one who got involved in first place...I must admit she was really nice at the coffee shop." she added. 


"Yes, she's very sweet and gentle with me." 


"Are you blushing, Ning?" 


The chinese shook her head embarrased, then pretended to do self studying and covered herself with her book


Karina frowned "You like her, don't you?" she asked, moving her book to see her face. 


"Define like..." 


"Really?" She asked, holding her book to not let her cover her face 


Ningning pulled stronger and covered her face again "I just don't know... She's... she sca

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Chapter 20: si delulu 😭
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Chapter 14: 2 idiots
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Chapter 20: this fanfic is purely comedy 😭
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Chapter 1: gonna start reading this one while waiting for bad romance
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Chapter 30: I just finished this one, I liked how it was different from the other stuff you have done. They’re all dummies and I love them for that
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Chapter 25: they are sooo cute🐶🩷😭
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Chapter 2: Oh my god she’s a queen for the soap move, lmaoo I’m crying
Chapter 24: wow that's a different level of being an idiot Winter? seriously? I SO HATE WINTER IN THIS FIC. does she even use her brain? or does she even have it? she fr is the most annoying since the very beginning. i think i might stop reading after this chapter, im so stressed bye