Twenty five

After the break up
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Getting ready for work, a stressed Winter looked at herself on the mirror "What is she doing? After what Giselle told me yesterday i thought she would play harder, but she decided to ignore me all morning." she thought in panic. 


She slapped her face softly with both palms "Calm down! She must be planning something. I mean she was ready to buy you according to Giselle... You got this. Don't get anxious or you will lose." she told herself, then grabbed the jacket that was on her bed to put it on. "But what if she's already done with me? What if she's thinking that i was cheating on her with Giselle all this time? That would be horrible! i would never date Giselle." 


"!" Winter let out loud, until a knock on her door scared her. "Mom, i don't want any cookies." 


"I'm Karina." 


Winter's mouth opened wide "What is she doing here?" she asked, then checked her face again on the mirror before opening the door as fast as she could. 


Karina smiled "Hi." she breathed out. 


The brown haired looked at her ex from head to toe "Is it raining outside? I need to buy a new umbrella" she complained, seeing her ex wearing a trench coat. 


"No." She answered, then invited herself in the room.


Winter couldn't stop her and only closed the door. "What are you doing here?" she asked, looking at her back. 


The taller turned around "You have always said that you like Hermoine so..." she answered with a smirk.


"Yeah. What about that?"


Karina smiled excitedly before taking off her trench coat. "So i got you a y Hermoine." she replied, showing her y costume. 


"Wh- wh- what?" 


The brown haired couldn't even speak "Aigoo... aigoo" she let out, seeing her outfit that exposed her abs and nice assets in a short, but really short skirt. 


"This is dirty...very dirty.." She let out trying to be strong against her ert impulses, she wanted to kiss and touch so bad that her hands were trembling. 


Karina acted sad "So don't you like it?" she asked, getting closer to bring her ex's hand to her chest. 


"Aigo.. aigooooo" She let out ready to cry cause it felt amazing. "Daebak." she whispered as she did her best to control her eager hand. The taller smiled knowing well that she got this.


An hypnotized Winter brought her left hand to her ex's chest "I missed these two so much..." she spoke in a trance with all her blood in her face. 

Suddenly Karina grabbed her hands stopping her "Babe, break up with Giselle and forgive me." she proposed softly.


The two looked at each other in the eyes ready to forgive and forget, however a knock on the door distracted them and made Karina grab her trench coat t

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