After the break up
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Playing fornite like the cute loser she was on saturday night, Kim Minjeong mocked her friends cause she was really good at it. "Don't forget that i'm the ing armamenter!" she spoke with so much pride. 


Unexpectedly her buzzing phone on her desk got her attention "What does she want?" she asked, seeing how Giselle was calling her again. 


A big sigh left her lip before picking up "What?" she asked angry as she tried to play without her headphones. 


"What the are you doing? You said you would come to my party." 


"I can't.. bad things happen to me in those places." Winter answered with her eyes fixated on her screen. 


Giselle clenched her teeth "What about Yeji?" she asked losing her . 


"Well, she's hot but nobody is hotter than Karina. I don't think i can do that." Winter answered, turning sad all of the sudden and even stopped playing feeling the big void in her heart. 


"What?! But your ex girl is trying  steal your future girl!" 


"What?" Minjeong asked confused, then gave her whole attention to her phone. 


Giselle took some pictures and sent them through kakao to her friend, who got up of her seat "What the !?! Why is she wearing that dress!!" she asked, feeling as if someone shoot an arrow through her heart. 


"She likes her too. You're about to lose Yeji" 


Winter clenched her fists "How could she do this to me?" she asked "If she thinks i'm going to let her have a happy ending with second hottest girl of our school, she's totally crazy-" she said completely hurt, then hung up and grabbed some clothes. 


At the party a bored Karina talked to the second hottest girl of their school. The more she talked to Yeji, the more she realized she wasn't Winter- 


Yes, she was very pretty and hot, but Winter had her cute dimples and that awkward comedy that makes her heart flutter. Besides, she was such gentle girl always putting her first, while Yeji... Yeji loved herself so much and liked to brag about her dancing skiills. 


"Nobody likes prigs." She thought sad, but pretending to smile in her tight dress.


"So Karina. Tell me? Why are you so interested in me lately. I mean, you never even looked at me." Yeji asked with a smile. 


Karina looked at her doing her best to find a trait similiar to her ex "I'm the shy type." she lied. 




"Yeah." Karina lied again "Do you want me to get you another drink?" she asked, wanting some time for herself. 


Yeji smiled "You're such a sweetheart. Here... It's getting cold." she told her befor eputting her black jacket on her. 

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winselle the dumb and dumber duo
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Chapter 24: i miss them 🥺😭🩷
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Chapter 20: this fanfic is purely comedy 😭
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Chapter 1: gonna start reading this one while waiting for bad romance
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Chapter 30: I just finished this one, I liked how it was different from the other stuff you have done. They’re all dummies and I love them for that
blanketlove 85 streak #6
Chapter 25: they are sooo cute🐶🩷😭
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Chapter 2: Oh my god she’s a queen for the soap move, lmaoo I’m crying
Chapter 24: wow that's a different level of being an idiot Winter? seriously? I SO HATE WINTER IN THIS FIC. does she even use her brain? or does she even have it? she fr is the most annoying since the very beginning. i think i might stop reading after this chapter, im so stressed bye
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