Journey to Love

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"I told people I was happy alone, but it wasn't because I truly was. It was because if I loved again and it didn't work out, I might not make it. 

But you, Kim Yong-sun, you're worth the risk, and I'll work hard to become a better person for you." - Moon Byul-yi 

"You haven't been in my life for long but I can't imagine it without you, 

I'll be the sun to your moon for as long as you'll let me." - Kim Yong-sun

Four years ago, Moon Byul-yi lost the person she loved the most to a car accident. 

After years of feeling guilt and pain, she's finally on the journey to love and healing with the person she least expects - Kim Yong-sun. 


Hey guys! I haven't written a fanfic in a long time so please be patient as I navigate and explore this old hobby of mine again. 

Leave comments and let me know when you read a chapter or something within it that you like, I'd love to hear your feedback :) 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy! 

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