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Lee Chaeyeon was a Trainee at a small Korean Entertainment Company called WM Entertainment, after having to leave her sister at JYP so she could have more chances of debuting, she finds herself working hard all day to debut, she had no life but her training, until one day she meets Miyawaki Sakura and she felt a weird sensation called Forelsket, a feeling of Euphoria one experiences when one falls in love for the first time. She tries to act like a tsundere towards Sakura, to mask her love and avoid any awkward incidences, she needs to focus on debuting otherwise, she'll finally quit her dreams of becoming a K-Pop Idol. The 1 Million Dollar question now is, why is Sakura growing more fond of her?

Miyawaki Sakura was a Japanese girl, she moved to Korea despite her Popularity as a J-Idol, to challenge herself and try other concepts that Japan didn't have. She joins WM Entertainment and joins Lee Chaeyeon and other more predominantly Korean Trainees. She builds a bond with Chaeyeon and soon she falls for Chaeyeon's tsundere like personality, often hot headed and heated persona of the great dancer that is Chaeyeon. Sakura was running away from her past, Sakura was confronted with her past, catching up to her.

Love costs Popularity, Will they make it?


Kkuchaen is not dead.

But I want to tell you guys that none of the details in the story is true and that all of the characters are patterned over Author-nim and her exes LOL. LOTS and LOTS of EXES that ed up Author-nim's well being and safety. Sometimes we just love this way am I right? I mean everyone does this sh*t right? *Gasp* Really it's just Author-nim? 🥺  I just happened to like KkuChaen and HyeJoo of IZ*ONE so I wrote this story, enjoy reading it and Thank you. 

The next few chapters will have a few references to this Spotify Playlist, so please give it a listen.
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