Chapter 13- Brother’s Love



Four years ago… the day Eugine was abducted…

The door opens and William enters with a tray of food in his hands, he put it down on a table and drag the chair on the side of the bed. William is a tall man with slender body, brown hair and blue eyes, white skin tone and he looks good to be honest. His sweet smile is always present and no one, as in no one can tell that he has the courage to do something like kidnapping.

“What do you want from me?” Eugine asks eyeing this man.

“all, all of you actually. To be honest I always like you…” the answer sends shivers into Eugine’s spine.

“Are you kidding me? What kind of joke is this?” he hissed afterwards which makes William giggle and move forward, putting his both hands on the bed for support, he leans and place a kiss on the top of Eugine’s head making him froze.

“Do I look like I am joking? Do you know how beautiful you are? I am so thankful that your brother introduced you to me that day.” Now William walks toward the table and grab the plate on the tray.

“Come, you have to eat this… you haven’t eat anything since this morning.” He took a spoonful of food and offer it to him. “You need this for tonight’s event.

That night Eugine was rather scared than angry, someone violated his rights by forcing him to take a bath and dressing him with silk robe only. He realize that he is not in any random room, he was captured and being imprison in William’s house.

The music downstairs was loud, like those in a club but he can also hear some voices but he could not figure out what they say. No trace of William or Scott, as for Eugine, the night becomes longer than it used to be. One moment later, a maid enters the room with a glass of champagne and again, he was force to drink it. At first he was just fine, but slowly, the fear and anger starts to fade away and his body starts to feel hot. Feeling a bit dizzy, he decided to lay down the bed his wrist were now covered in bruises because of the tightrope. His vision become blurred but he knew that the door swung open and a person came in to get him.

Next morning he woke up in different and unfamiliar place, he was free and his hands ,wounds and bruises were treated. He was send home by private car and a driver who never introduce himself, when he arrived home, No one to talk about what happened the night before, and his brother was send overseas.

When Hyukjae came back after a couple of months, he was no longer the brother he knows, he become distant, and Eugine has no one to turn to so he became more rebellious and hardheaded.

Back to present…

“Your friend Luke tell us everything, seems like they all planed it out but he had a change of heart so he came to us that night and your brother blame himself. While we are panicking, Hoseok do his best and he sends out his men to look for you, when we gather your location we crushed the place and he was the one who saw you lying in the bed almost . He was furious, the very first time I saw him with too much madness.” Donghae decided to lay beside Hyukjae before continuing. “I let him took you out because I know, if your brother saw you in that state he will completely lost his mind.”

“And I thaught it was you who saved me!” Eugine’s voice wavered, he can feel the tears that starts to build on his eyes.

“All I’ve done is talk to the police, your brother press charges to William and Scott and process everything in America… your parents doesn’t want to gather attention here.” Donghae’s eyes were close like he was drifting to sleep. “Hyukjae was so scared that it might happen again so he decided to keep himself away from you, he thought that by distancing himself, could at least lessen the danger around you.”

A moment of silence as Eugine’s tears starts to make their ways down his chin. He can’t believe that this was the truth behind the coldness of his brother towards him, and for four years his brother endure all of this, and all this time he thought it was Donghae who saved him. What a revelation.

Eugine wiped his tears and collected himself as he watch these two grown up men sleeping peacefully on his bed. He felt something heavy was lifted in his heart, he decided to lay down and sleep beside his brother and for once he was so thankful that his bed is big enough for the three of them, and tomorrow, he will find out what to do or say to his savior.


Jungkook was wide awake, how can he sleep when Taehyung was right beside him? On one bed. He might seem calm on the outside but his brain is screaming otherwise! Although Taehyung lives with him for a couple of days already, they slept in different rooms.

He can hear the soft breath coming from the other man, he seems sleeping well. He tries to be as calm as he can and it’s a real test for him, he decided to lay on his side so his back was facing Taehyung but to his surprise, Taehyung put an arm around his waist and he instantly felt frozen in time, as if that’s just the beginning because Taehyung starts to snuggle and he completely leave no space between their bodies.

If you ever wonder how Jungkook slept that night? Even I don’t have an idea.

The next morning…

Heechul woke up at seven in the morning, he asks the maid to prepare some breakfast and he took shower before he went to his brother’s room, without warning he open the door just to be welcomed by an empty bed, he puts his hand on his pockets then went to the next room. Feeling mischievous early in the morning, he open the next door without knocking, and there he saw these two sleeping soundly. Smiling to himself, he snapped few picture then pull the covers out revealing their bodies cuddle up perfectly.

Taehyung was the one who stir in his sleep and crack and eye open, blinded by the light he tried to burry himself more to the younger male.

“Oh, you guys are fully dressed?” Heechul’s voice laced with disappointment as he was actually prepared to record the ‘what he thought grand revelation’, but to his dismay things don’t go his way. “Maybe next time then” he added putting out his phone.

“Hyung, what are you doing, get out of here” Taehyung’s surprisingly low voice in the morning sounds so y.

“Get up, breakfast is ready… and you were late for work.” Taehyung let out a heavy sight before moving.

“Well sorry to disturb you, but my company needs its workers” Heechul added even if he is out of sight already.

Teahyung stand up and look at the sleeping figure on his bed, he just smile then left the room without a word. Once the door closed Jungkook let out his breath, for how long did he held it? He didn’t know. He sat up and rub the back of his neck where Taehyung let out a sight before. Even without enough sleep, he manage to smile brightly.

The breakfast is great, he wears Taehyung’s tee-shirt which is a bit small to him and his shorts too. Heechul was smiling while eyeing his brother and Taehyung just ignore him. Once they were done, Jungkook bid goodbye to the eldest and drops Taehyung by the office.

“I’ll pick you up later” he said, he decided to go home first and get some sleep.

Taehyung was waiting for the elevator when Hoseok catch up with him rubbing his own forehead.

“Hang over?” Taehyung smiles at him, the elevator dinged carrying some employees.

“I didn’t even drink that much” Hoseok said afterwards, at the same time his phone vibrates in his pocket.


Hoseok and Taehyung eats together at lunch, turns out that Eugine didn’t go to work too. They were silently eating when Taehyung receives a message from his brother, it is the picture he captured this morning and Hoseok being nosy took a glance at it.

“Ow my god!” he exclaimed making his friend flinch and hide his phone, everyone looks at them.

“You were sleeping together?” he said this time with a more quiet voice.

“Shut up hyung!”he hit the older’s shoulder lightly.

“Tell me what happened?” he was intrigue but the younger just shook his head.

To be honest even Taehyung didn’t know how or why he slept in the guest room, he just have the secured feeling when Jungkook is around, maybe because of the alcohol? At least the younger didn’t say anything about it, he just hopes that Jungkook would not find it bothersome.

After lunch they buried themselves into work until it’s time to go home, when Jungkook picked him up from the office, Hoseok and laugh at him. Little did he know that someone is waiting for him at home.

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