Chapter 17-Kim’s Family




Kim Soo Hyun flips the pages of the document on his hand, his second son just got back from Korea with an update about his youngest son’s life. As much as he wanted their family to be together they can’t. Somehow he regretted his decision to leave Taehyung to his grandma, if he insisted to bring the kid with him, his son might not be so distant with his own family.

Soo Hyun let out a heavy sigh when he heard his wife entering the dining room, he put away the files and welcome her with open arms. Tae Hee pecked her husband’s lips before greeting him a ‘good morning’ not too long Seok Jin joins them.

“So, any update regarding our two beloved sons?” she asks with a smile, half teasing her husband.

“Oh God, Heechul is handful and Taehyung is somewhat stubborn” Soo Hyun commented making Jin and Tae Hee giggle.

“Perhaps if you want Taehuyng to come here with us, destroying his precious and beloved garden was not the best thing to do, father.” Jin stated with a pout. “Well I can’t say anything about Heechul hyung… besides they have each other’s back now.” He added.

“The briny and the lucky, what a deadly combination” Tae Hee commented before sipping her tea.

“I am running out of ideas on how I can make them come home to be honest” Soo Hyun looks upset.

“Whatever you do, don’t hurt my babies”

Soo Hyun remembers how it all started fifteen years ago…

“Mom, the business is growing and we need to go overseas, I will bring the kids with me.” Seo Hyun raised his voice a bit. It was that evening when he open up the news about their plan on going abroad. His mother, who lives with them refuse to leave the country and she is a woman of her word. She said that she wanted to stay even if she will be left behind.

“I told you, do what you want. But I will stay here. This place reminds me of your father, this place is important because there are lots of happy memories happened here. This house watch you grow, watch you get married and watch you have your sons. I am not leaving this house Soo Hyun.” Her voice was low but sharp.

Tae Hee sits there not knowing what to say, she also wants to go overseas for her career and business but it breaks her heart knowing that her mother-in-law will be left behind. Soo Hyun and his mother’s conversation starts to become an argument. It didn’t help that Soo Hyun made a mistake, he already sold their house without asking his mother. Thinking that way he will leave her no choice but to come with them.

Her mother was devastated, she cursed at Soo Hyun and cried her eyes out when the reality hits her, that her beloved home was no longer hers. Taehyung was just eleven years old that time and he watch everything from the stairs, everyday his grandma cries and she look sad whenever she is alone until she decided to leave the house. Taehyung saw how the old woman hides all the pain when he and his brothers visits her in a small apartment she called her new home.

Taehyung with his young and innocent mind saw the luggage their parents prepare when he got home one day, Heechul and Seok Jin were excited. They didn’t know that happened between their Father and their grandma but Taehyung knew better, he knew what his father did and he knew it was wrong.

Tae Hee opens the door when he heard a soft knock on it, standing there was their youngest son, looking intently at her. Just by that Tae Hee knew something was off.

“May I ask what happened?” Her voice is a laced with worry.

“May I come in?” Taehyung asks trying to be as calm as he can.

Tae Hee opened the door widely and they sat on the bed.

“I won’t go with you” Taehyung stated directly to his father.

“What are you saying, son?” Soo Hyun asks in bewilderment.

“I said, I won’t go. And you can’t force me” Tae Hee was shocked as she sat down beside her son.

“Kim Tae Hyung, what kind of nonsense is this? I don’t have time to joke around, son” Soo Hyun’e eyes signals warning but Taehyung already made up his mind.

“I know what you did to grandma, you sold this house without her consent. I am giving you a choice, you can go with my hyungs or you want me to tell them what you’ve done so no one will go overseas with you?” Soo Hyun was taken a back, this Taehyung was so much different to his usual son. For a moment Soo Hyun felt scared, he already felt guilty about what he have done and this kid makes him anxious, on the other hand, Tae hee’s eyes starts to form her first set of tears, her hand covers and she was so stunned.

“What did your grandma told you was—“her words were cut off by Taehyung’s “she did not tell me anything! I was there, that night you broke up the news, I heard it with my own ears. I saw it coming from you with my own eyes and I know… I know that grandma was in pain and that you will leave her behind!” Taehyung’s eyes were watery and his voice wavered you can see the hatred and pain within those beautiful eyes. “Now, let me stay or I’ll tell my hyungs about it?” Soo Hyun didn’t answer right away he thinks carefully of what he can do in this situation.

“No, Tae Hyung, you are going with us. You are just overwhelmed by the situation, go to bed and get a nice sleep” Soo Hyun said afterwards he started to get angry not to his son but to himself, but like any other person, the emotions build up inside him and lash it out to others, this time he lashed it out to his son.

“I am not asking anything from you! I just don’t want to leave granny alone!” he yelled, he was crying at the moment.

“I am your father! I know what’s best for you!” it seems like their conversations was a bit out handled and their voices starts to raise, it doesn’t help when Heechul and Seokjin enters the room.

“What’s happening?” Heechul asks not knowing what to do, he saw the anger in both of them, Seokjin went to his mother’s side to support her.

“This! This brother of yours said he don’t want to go with us!” Soo Hyun yelled making his sons flinch. Soo Hyun is a loving father but he also strict when it comes to his sons.

“Tae, what is the matter?” Heechul asks trying to sooth his brother by running his hands on his back in an up and down motion.

“I don’t want to leave grandma behind! She took care of us hyung, I don’t wanna leave” he said between hiccups cause of too much crying.

“Go! Leave! But remember this! The moment you took a step out of this house, you were no longer my child!” Soo Hyun didn’t mean it, he was hoping that this way Taehyung will surrender. But he was wrong, he never thought that an eleven years old Taehyung will look at him in the eye and giggle—that nerve wracking giggle.

Hee chul and Jin’s eyes were wider, the eldest son took a step back, moving away from the youngest. They felt shivers on their spine as they watch the life fades out of Taehyungs eyes. He looks a totally different person now, he was scary. Without a word or second glance, Taehyung turn around and left them all standing there.

From then on, Soo hyun with his pride and ego- starts to cut off any communication they have, but Tae hee and his other sons try to reach out to Taehyung. Tae Hee bought the whole apartment building in secret to make sure that her youngest son and mother-in-law were on the safe side, Heechul become an anonymous person to gave Taehyung a scholarship all trough out college and SeokJin sends pocket money to his grandma.

When Soo Hyun figured it out he didn’t say anything. He loves his family in general… even though he said those words to Taehyung, he still cares for him, and for him not to lose this silent battle of pride, he plays some tricks to make his son run back to his side. Especially now that his mother died.

“Heechul Hyung’s company starts to grow. How about trying to approach him? Tae works on that company” Jin’s voice bring Soo Hyun back to his senses. “And you should check on this Jeon Jungkook”

“Who is this Jeon Jungkook?” Tae Hee asks leaning forward, she herd this name a couple of times and she gain interest.

“Jeon Jungkook, Taehyung’s new playmate, looks like he fancies him” Soo Hyun bring back the document from before and handed them to his wife.

Tae Hee scanned the documents and smile to himself, “good looks huh” she murmured then she smiles.

“Another reason for him to stay in Korea, I guess” Jin mocks his parents.


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