Chapter 7- My Clothes



Eugine woke up next morning feeling the warmth and an excess weight over his stomach, he turned around and saw a sleeping Hoseok on the other side with his one arm wrapped around him protectively, by impulse he sat up checking his body and felt a relief when he is covered with pajamas. The sudden movement makes the other male stir in his sleep and not too long he open his eyes and move to a sitting position causing the covers fall and revealed his bare upper body. With a gasp, the younger stand up, and take a couple of steps away from him.

Hoseok shook his head wanting to shoo the sleepiness away, he look at the younger who stands and stares at him in a good distance, like he did something wrong. "What?" He asked then rub one of his eyes with the back of his hand. "Don't tell me you don’t remember what happened last night?" He added now making his way on the other side of the bed, stretching his arms and limbs, a habit he have since he was a little.

"What happened?" Eugine was supposed to ask himself but the question came out louder than he thought.

"Really?" Hoseok asks in amusement before standing up and Eugine's face turns red when Hoseok's lower body revealed, he's only wearing a short pair of boxers.

Without looking back Hoseok walks towards the door which he assumes the bath room, enters and close the door behind him, few more moments he hears water falling from the shower.

Eugine sat on the bed once again trying to recall what happened between them, all he remembers is that he refuse to go home so they went to buy liquor and decided to drink while eating barbecues, after that he remembers how he cry again and again before he clung onto Hoseok and ask for the other man to let him stay at his house and then there's nothing after that.

He jumps a little when the door opened revealing Hoseok almost , if it weren't for the little towel wrapped around his waist. Hoseok has that muscular body, he got that defined pack of abs and a perfect chest, the veins in his arms were visible too and his face ... Who would thought that his bare face can be more attractive especially now that his dump hair was pushed back reveling his glass skin. Eugine didn’t realize he was checking him out for a quite some time, it only sink in to him when Hoseok covers his upper body with his hands in a defensive and mocking way.

“Where does your eyes linger?” he said making Eugine diverted his eyes from him and rushes into the bathroom. It didn't help when he hears Hoseok's laughter on the other side of the door.


He quickly undo the buttons of his pajama and check his reflection on the body sized mirror attached on the wall nothing has changed, no marks and not in pain he thought to himself so he proceed to take a shower, he didn't notice the small yet pinkish marks on the back of his neck down to his spine.


Taehyung stops at his trace when a car stops beside the road and hear a familiar voice calling his name, the window rolled down, revealing Jungkook in the driver's seat.

"Heading to work?" He asks now that he got out of the car and stand in front of him.

"Yes, how about you?" There is this smile again, that boxy-smile that he loves to see all day.

"I am too, come on let's go together?" The offer was hard to refuse, especially when the younger already opens a door for him, so he just smile wider then nod in agreement.

"Are you working for ECO Harvest? I thought you were an investor" Jungkook glance at him while smiling

"Yes, I do have some paper works too, but they don’t consider me as an employee, my hyungs were helping me to get some working experience in this field" he explained now trying to focus on the road.

"Ah I see. You were close to the CEO?" He ask again.

"Yes, my family and theirs were some kind of friends" he didn't mind answering any questions that will come after, but to his dismay, a simple nod from the other ends their conversation.

It is not common for Taehyung to go to work using a private vehicle, but it is not his first time too. Jungkook park his car beside a familiar one, it’s his Hoseok hyung's car and they were both have that questioning look when they saw each other.

"Why are you with him?" Hoseok ask referring to Jungkook.

"We met on my way here, he offered me a ride. But the same question goes to you?" Returning the question when he saw Eugine.

"We-" the younger cut Hoseok's words

"Hyung! Were late for work!" Hoseok look at his wrist watch then mumble some profanities before excusing themselves and rush towards their respective offices. But before that, Taehyung found something amusing.

"Let’s go?" Jungkook caught his attention, he just nod with a smile on his lips.

"I'll pick you up for lunch" Jungkook says when they reach the door to his office.

Sometimes Jungkook is wondering, didn’t he make himself too obvious? Or Taehyung is just a friendly fella? But no... He only saw Taehyung talking to Hoseok, the intern and of course the CEO and managers were exception. Anyways that’s a good thing, at least he become closer to him.

Taehyung on the other hand, tries to keep a straight face while doing his work, he shook his head trying to hide how happy he was for the past days. It seems that he and Jungkook were dating, but he also want to keep in mind that there are good man in this world, and maybe the younger just wants to be friends with him. Yes FRIENDS. On the contrary, he just choose to look at the bright side. His circle of friends were growing slowly but surely, he chooses his friends carefully for a reason.


"You are not wearing a proper attire” Lee Sungmin stated a fact the moment he saw the intern when he visits the accounting department.

"Ah...I..." The intern also known as Eugine, don’t know what say or do and he thanked the gods for sending his Hoseok hyung, or maybe not.

"Manager Lee, I allowed him for now" Hoseok approach them when he saw his intern being questioned by another manager.

"Oh since when did you become linen to your interns?" Sungmin asks teasingly.

Well Manager Jung was known to be friendly, but he also have this attitude and reputation as the strictest manager.

"Favoritism?" Sungmin did not stop teasing him. "Why ginie? Where did you stay last night?" he snap back to the intern who keeps silent until this time.

"Stop messing with my intern. Why so nosy? Let’s go!" He motioned his head towards his office, Sungmin laugh and take the first step, but he look back one last time.

"Those clothes don't look good by the way" he said making Hoseok's brows arc.

"Those clothes are good, you just don't have the fashion sense!" Hoseok is the one who answers and Eugine bit his inner cheeks while Sungmin looks so curious.

"Those are my clothes by the way" Sungmin look at Eugine who looks awful by the way.

The time Sungmin went out of Hoseok’s office he saw Eugine avoiding his eyes and busying himself with a load of paper works. He stops in front of the intern’s table then smile brightly before he continue his leave.


Taehyung, Jungkook, Hoseok and Eugine were sharing a table during the lunch, the youngest was obviously trying his best to avoid any eye contact nor conversation with anyone. Taehyug on the other hand keeps on looking to his friend, Jung Hoseok-who is busy looking on his phone.


“You two seems closer than I thought, huh?” Taehyung decided to break the silence while Jungkook slowly lifted his head.


“What do you mean?” Hoseok asks not paying attention.


“You were together last night, right?” only then did Hoseok spared him a glance


“How did you know?” Hoseok’s frown face fades away when he saw Taehyung point a finger towards Eugine.


“Clothes” he said making Hoseok smile


“Oh, he got drunk and fell asleep... so I let him stay over for the night” he explains with a smile, a naughty one to be precise.


Jungkook listens quietly, observing and wondering how on earth Taehyung recognize those clothes. What are they? Couples?


Eugine lowered his head in attempt to hide his fluttered face, but failed miserably when he felt a sneaky hand around his torso. He was about to protest when someone called Taehyung’s name from a distance, following the said voice there is a girl making her way towards them.


“Oh, Jungkook oppa?” now all eyes on Jungkook.


“What are you doing here?” the said male stood up and face the new comer.


“I am here to pay a visit, by the way, how are you Taehyung oppa”


“I am fine, long time no see” Taehyung felt a bit uncomfortable at the moment but his eyes didn’t miss how Hoseok and Eugine seems to bicker quietly.


“Oh you two knew each other?” he added afterwards.


“Yes, she is my Younger sister” Jungkook answered making the three other men stunned for a moment.


“How about you, how do you know Taehyung?” he asks.


“Oh I met him when I came here for the first time to look for my ex-boyfriend”


The conversation of Jeon siblings makes Eugine more and more anxious.


“Ex who?” Jungkook asks the question, worst come for worst, another pair of gentlemen were coming up to their table.


“Lee Eugine, there he is and his boyfriend Jung Hoseok” she said pointing a finger to the owner of the names.


“What?... wait…” Jungkook looks so confuse now.


“You two are dating?” a familiar voice from behind makes Eugine’s body become more stiff.


Hoseok tightens his arm around Eugine’s torso, “Yes, we are” he answered while looking at Donghae and Hyukjae.


“You see, he even stayed at my house and wear my clothes” he added making everyone post an astonished reaction on their face.



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