Chapter 14- Truth Be Told.



Hoseok hums as he walk on the front door of his house, Jessica, his sister is out of the country again for her fashion show and ribbon cutting of her own clothing line, which he didn’t forget to send her a bouquet of flower.

“Sir, someone is waiting for you at the backyard.” The maid stated making him wonder who? Instead of asking, he just walk across the spacious living room and into the back door.

“Hyung..” Eugine is standing there, he wears a white shirt, sleeves were slightly folded and the two upper buttons were undone. A gray fitted slacks and white shoes, his long curly hair tied up in a small-cute little bun and he looks so gorgeous.

“Hey, you didn’t show up to work then you waited here for me? What’s up?” Hoseok offered him one of the seats around the table and ask the maid for a drink.

“One coffee and one tea, please” he remove his coat, folded it neatly and place it on his lap, “What is it?” he asks again now looking at the man who looks intently at him too.

Eugine wants to say something, a lot of things to be honest but he really don’t know where to start. He thought of everything earlier this day, plays some scenarios about how he would approach Hoseok, things to say to him. Back then in his imagination everything was perfect, but now that the person is in front of him, everything is different.

“Hyung…” he said once again making Hoseok raise his brows, the words don’t come out.

“Hey, what happened? Are you in pain?” Hoseok stands up and went to his side looking so worried he wipe the tears that escapes from Eugine’s eyes using his thumb, tears that the younger didn’t notice.

“Why didn’t you tell me that it was you who save me back then?” Hoseok’s movements put on halt, he slowly stood up and look everywhere except him. Scared that Hoseok might leave him, Eugine’s hand move on its own, he get ahold of Hoseok’s bigger one.

“Hyung, please talk to me…” he begged and slightly tugs the elder’s hand.

“What are you talking about?” Hoseok don’t know how to react, he is not prepared for this, and he will never be.

“Donghae hyung told me it was you who pick me up that night… at William’s house” this kid will never let it slide, didn’t he? “Tell me, I want to hear it from you…” Eugine still crying and it breaks Hoseok’s heart, it didn’t help when the younger stood up and move closely to him.

“Okay, okay… please stop crying, yes it was me… I was the one who brought you out that night.” He admitted in defeat, he felt that Eugine’s grip on his hand tightened, and Hoseok made a mistake when he look down into the younger’s face, tears still streaming down.

“So it was you who stayed with me that night?” Hoseok holds his breath and he bit his lips before nodding.

The night of the rescue…

Hoseok’s knuckles turns red cause of bloodstains, he hit Scott a couple of times until he lost his consciousness, then he went upstairs opening the doors one by one, he didn’t even care if the people inside were , having or smoking weed, all he cares by that moment is to find and secure Eugine.

He met William who wears a white robe getting out of one door and he was about to enter the door at the end of the hallway, Hoseok runs to him and give him a punch around the face, the guy mumbles some words but Hoseok was so engulf with anger and didn’t care to pay attention to what he was saying, all he do is to hit, kick then hit again until he sees blood drifting from William’s mouth and nose. Looking good no more, Hoseok’s final blow was to hit him at the back of his head but Donghae stopped him, afraid that he might kill the man.

“Go look for Eugine, I’ll take care of this one” Donghae instructed and he follows. Hoseok was catching his breath but feeling the adrenaline, he twisted the handle of the door and release a frustrated sigh when he figured out it was locked, with all the strength that he can build up he kicked the door with his combat boots and it flung open. Donghae who was watching from a good distance was shocked, it was like a swift of the moment when Hoseok barged out of the room carrying a helpless Eugine covered in sheets.

“Bloody hell!” Donghae muttered seeing the situation, Hoseok’s anger becomes more evident in his face and everyone can sense the danger of getting on his way.

“You should take my car, bring him somewhere safe and out of Hyukjae’s reach, we can’t afford to see them both vulnerable” Hoseok didn’t respond to him but he surely vanished from the scene.

Hoseok arrives in one of his villas around the area and put Eugine on the bed, he’s burning and his wrist were slightly bleeding. He went into the bathroom to get some water and towel to wipe Eugine’s body but to his surprise, the younger grab his hands and open his eyes, he has that lewd expression that Hoseok can only imagine.

“Help…please” those were the words that came out of him, Hoseok gulp for he already figured out what was happening. “! He’s on drugs!” he muttered.

Hoseok’s mind went blank when the younger pulls him into a kiss, at first he was contemplating and he refuses to return the kiss, fighting his own feelings. But Eugine is almost , the robe is now sliding off his shoulders revealing his white soft skin. Hoseok pushed him a little and took a step back, after a while he runs his fingers through his hair.

“Hyung…” the younger called out sounding so needy.

“Look, you have to fight it, you are a grown up, you just sleep it or… or cold shower may help!” Hoseok was trying to think straight but he couldn’t. How? When the person he loves the most is now defenseless in this room begging for him.

“Hyung…” Eugine stand up, with wobbly steps he reach Hoseok and he intimately runs his hand from Hoseok’s chest down to his waist before pulling him into a hug. Hoseok just stand there, not knowing what to do. “Hyung please, kiss me” he added with those lustful eyes.

“Eugine, please stop. You don’t know what you’re doing” Hoseok finds it hard to breath, the sweet scent of strawberry on the younger’s hair and mixed with a little honey was now getting into his senses. “Please, we don’t want to regret this tomorrow” he added but he knew his mind was getting clouded too, he can feel that the space between their faces were getting smaller every second that passes.

It was Eugine who initiate the kiss, it was a needy type of kiss, and Hoseok reciprocated it this time. At last, he let it all go… his hands move on their own, cupping the younger’s face. After a good moment, Hoseok breaks the kiss, “You ask for it, babe” then he tugs the robe and it falls completely onto the floor leaving the younger . Hoseok leans in for another passionate kiss and made it perfectly onto the bed where he laid Eugine and he crawl over him. Once again he stopped to take of his clothes and together with his inhibition he threw them all across the room.

The kiss was sweet, full of passion, love and lust. Hoseok kissed every inch of Eugines body and he knew where it was going, he slides one finger on his entrance making the younger beneath him flinch and let out a soft moan. Hoseok’s other hand was wrap around Eugine’s already hard it slowly.

“Hyung, faster please” Eugine was a bit impatient, probably because of the drug, but to Hoseok, he wanted to cherish this moment, for this might be the first and last chance he had.

Eugine is beautiful, and he don’t want to ruin this beauty so he handles him with care. As much as he want to mark the younger, he couldn’t because he knows that it might cause a problem in the future. He keeps those little kisses all over Eugines body, and when he is hard enough he aligned himself in the entrance and push it in slowly, he can feel the warm walls inside and it was tight. Eugine clutch the sheets and turns his head on the side, Hoseok found it y and he kissed him from his forehead down to his neck murmuring some sweet words in the process. When he is finally in, he let the younger adjust before he starts to move again.

Eugine felt pain as the thing is slowly making its way inside him, but the small kisses kind off making it up for the pain, he felt full then he took some rest when it stops moving. After a few seconds it moves again in slow phase then the pain vanished and it turns into a small voltage of electricity running all over his body, it tickles a bit but his guts told him to move so he did it. Their movements sync and their bodies become one, somehow this man manage to find his sweet spot making him moan, then this man keeps on hitting it for couple of times and he already felt the urge to came.

“I’m …” he manage to warn the man despite his mind being clouded. “ It’s okay, you can do it” he said and his movements became faster and faster. Eugine release his seeds on his stomach first but the man wasn’t done yet, few more push and pulls and it is over, he felt something sticky coming out of his entrance... He wasn’t in his proper mind to complain, because of tiredness, he fallen asleep without knowing what happened next.

Hoseok saw that the younger had fallen asleep, he laid beside him for a couple of minutes engraving his beauty deep in his heart as well as trying to regain his strength before he finally went into the bath room to get some wet wipes and bandages, he wiped him clean and treated all his wounds and bruises which is the main reason why he could not unleash his desires completely.

Next morning he had to leave early so he asks one of his most trusted butlers to attend the needs of this young man, and to bring him back to his house without saying anything.

Back into the present…

“I was so scared that you might hate me. I love you so much that I cannot bear it” Hoseok’s voice was dry and broken like he was really worried and hurt at the same time. “But as time passes, I tried to tell you... really, but by the time I am ready, I heard you confessing to Donghae hyung so I… so I keep it all to myself.” He was almost breathless Eugine saw the pain in his eyes as well as the tears that starts to build up.

“All this time I believe it was Donghae hyung…” he let go of his hyung’s hand. “And now that I finally know the truth” Hoseok’s tears starts to stream down his face, he hung his head low and brace himself for he knew this is the end. “You have to take responsibility hyung.” Eugine added cupping his face using both of his hands.

Hoseok opens his eyes and stare right through the younger once. “What do you mean?” Hoseok asks not sure if he heard him right.

“I said you have to take responsibility of what happened between us.” He repeated “plus you made me fall for you, for the past days I no longer felt jealous when I saw my brother and Donghae hyung together” Hoseok’s slowly place his hand around the other man’s waist as every word sinks in his senses.

“I will, and it’s my pleasure babe” with that they both cross the space between them as they captured each other’s lips.

“So I guess we no longer have to pretend about the ‘dating thing’ now” Eugine said after the kiss.

“Hmmm, but it doesn’t mean I will give you special treatment during working hours” Hoseok smiles sweetly.

“Let’s see~”

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