Chapter 10- Connections Between Lee, Park and Jung




Taehyung can’t sleep that night, he wants to keep Jungkook out of his family feud, but it’s too late now. The younger was probably a target, who knows what these people can do to him. He picked his phone and dialed Jimin’s number, few rings before the other line picks up.

“Yah! Kim Taehyung do you know what time it is? If you couldn’t sleep at least let me sleep!” Jimin’s voice sounds like he was just out of his dreamland.

“Jiminie~ I’m worried…” Tae’s voice sounds so upset and tired at the same time.

“ow c’mon, what is it?” Jimin wipe his eyes with the back of his left hand to shoo away the sleepiness.

“My father, and brother saw me at the mall earlier this day.” He said with a heavy sigh.

“Wait, what? They are here?” this time Jimin gets up to turn on the lamp on the bedside table.

“Yeah, and they saw Jungkook too.”

“Okay, now I get it. It means trouble for both of you.” As much as jimin wants to help, he could not find any solution to this problem right now, as a matter of fact he could not construct any proper words.

“Let’s meet at Jungsu hyungs café tomorrow, as for tonight, get some rest… please.” Those were the thought he sad for tonight.

Taehyung ended up the call after s soft ‘hmm’ then went back to bed. ­­


Taehyung and Jungkook arrived at the company together after breakfast, lots of works to do but taehyung’s mind was occupied by something more than the papers on his table. Sooner his phone rings and saw the name ‘jiminie’ on the screen.

“Hello” his voice hoping for something good.

“I checked about your father and brother, seems like they were just here for a meeting because they booked a flight today, but you shouldn’t keep your guard down.” Jimin said followed by a puff of air.

“Thank you Chim, at least I can relax a bit.” They chatted some more before taehyung hung up and start focusing in his works.

Lunch time came and Jungkook was about to knock when Taehyung opened the door, smiling. They walk side by side towards the elevator silently, they saw Hoseok and Eugine waiting for them and they all went to cafeteria to get some food.

“You too look good together.” Jungkook almost choke on his food because of Hoseok’s words, while Taehyung’s eyes grow bigger and his beautiful face starts to turn red still manage to offer a tissue to the younger.

“aw, look at you so sweet” he added teasingly.

“Hyung, what are you saying!” Taehyung commented making Hoseok beam a smile.

“You came to work together, is Mr. Jeon picking you up?” he asked once again having fun teasing them.

“no, they actually live together” a familiar voice caught their attention and they all look at the man sitting to the table next to them.

“Since when did you came here?” Hoseok jumps and hug the said person when he realize it was Jimin.

“see, you are too busy that you don’t even see me sitting here!” he exclaimed with a smile and they laugh together.

“you are just too small” Jungkook’s remarks earned a smack from Jimin.

“Anyways, I’m just here to send some papers to Hyukjae hyung. My brother took the chance to use me as a messenger while I am having my vacation.” He said now standing up behind taehyung.

“by the way,I will be hosting a house party tonight and I want to invite you guys.” he puts his hands on Taehyung’s shoulder which Jungkook swatted them away.

“Ohh, look how possessive this bunny can be” Jimin smile gets bigger.

“is it a big party?” Hoseok asks before sipping on his drink.

“no, just the hyungs and us, Eugine is invited too.” He said now slapping jungkooks hand as revenge. “ and I would not take no for an answer” he added when the said male look up at him trying to protest.

“we still have work till six in the evening” Taehyung stated not bothering to look at his friend.

“Aw come on… the party stars at eight… don’t make excuses, I came here to invite you guys personally”

“okay, I’ll go.” Taehyung said making every one look at him.

“Eugine and I will go too” Hoseok smile makes Eugine felt something, but he did not protest.

“you too seems close” Jimin commented on hoseok and Eugine.

“We are dating.” Eugine explained, Taehyung smiles.


For the past days they become the talk of the office, their co-workers gossip about them since the ‘confession on the cafeteria’ thing happened. Of course Taehyung, Hoseok and Eugine are the only person who knew the story and the sole truth, as for Jungkook, he believes it wholeheartedly, and now its Jimin’s turn to be fooled.

Jimin eyeing them with a mischievous smile, for a second, Hoseok forgets that Jimin knows everything about his life.

“Oh, so you two ended up being together huh?” he commented, “So, this is why you always tease and bother Eugine since you were a kid?” he added making taehyung look at him for the first time. Across the table Eugine pause and look confused towards Hoseok, which regretted his life decision.

“Jiminie, stop talking or I will rip your tongue from your mouth” he warned him with a small-nervous smile.Taehyung look at them, it’s a behavior Hoseok shows when he is caught off guard or when he hides something.

Jimin looks threatened for a moment so he shut his mouth and nervously play with Taehyung’s hair, making them look even more suspicious.

“What did you just said?” Eugine blurred out, waiting for Jimin to answer but instead Hoseok stand up and said lunch is over.



Hoseok was sitting on his couch after he arrive home, closing his eyes, he wants to take a nap before he take a shower and prepare for the house party at the Park’s main house, which is basically his neighbor. There is a subdivision where the houses belongs to wealthy people and among them are the lee’s, park’s, and Jung’s, it’s the reason why they known each other since they were kids.

He is the only one who remained staying in this place. Mainly because when they reach university level, Lee Hyukjae and his brother bough separated condominiums, leaving the Lee residence to house keepers, the Park’s were on the other level, Jungsu opened a café and start a business with his friends which is the eco-harvest while Jimin works overseas after he graduated university. Hoseok took up his University in the U.S.A but he chose to work back in Korea with his sister Jessica and they both made a promise to their parents that they will take care of the house and other business.

Jimin enters the house without knocking on the door, mainly because the maid knew him and let him in without questions, he saw Hoseok peacefully sitting there on the couch with his back on the huge pillows and eyes closed. He sat quietly beside him and blow some air into hoseok’s neck making him flinch and open his eyes.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” Hoseok asks sitting properly.

“I just want to talk to you… and maybe apologize?” he said acting like a child.

“I actually, I think I said too much this afternoon, I don’t want my tongue to get reap off” he said again, making his Hyung smile a bit.

Hoseok new that this kid is sassy and a bit rebellious, hard headed and happy go lucky but he is kind and trustworthy.

“I also need to tell you something.” Hoseok starts to narrate the story from the beginning and explain how he ended out in this situation with Eugine.

“so… you didn’t confess?” Jimin ask tough he was testing the waters.

“No, but for now this is the best I can do.” He answers followed by a heavy sigh.

“I think, You should” Jimin was looking over the window now.

“How? He even told me that he choose me cause he knew I won’t fall in love with him.” His statement followed by a sad laugh right now.

“if you told him the truth back then, you would be in this situation right now. Take that as a lesson hyung.” Jimin stood up and pat his shoulder to give him some courage before walking out of the house.


Taehyung and Jungkook can hear the loud music from the drive way, they parked their car and went to the entrance of the house where they were escorted by the uniformed maid all way through the back of the mansion. Once jimin saw them he hugged Taehyung with a big smile, jungkook pout but he smile when he saw his hyungs on the corner.

The backyard is huge, there are lights hanging from the trees to create a more soothing ambiance, there were no chairs though, there are lower table surrounded by pillows and on the center were balloons and flowers, on the corner is a minibar with a bartender, across in was a grill were skewers and burgers are served, and then there is the swimming pool. All in all it was a lovely set up and everyone was relaxed, chatting and laughing.

“You can seat wherever you want, Hoseok hyung and Eugine will be here soon” Jimin said guiding them towards one of the table, they followed him and sat with the pillows.



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