In a world where money and power were valued more than life, Taehyung choose to live a simpleand happy life. he grew up with his grandma who protects him. But what happens when his beloved grandma dies? Can a soft hearted man manage everything on his own?

All jungkook want is to invest, to gain money, but in this company, he took a gamble by investing his heart too.

Sometimes you have to distance yourself just to protect your love ones, even if that causes you too much pain.

After all the love, confession, Heartbreaks and secrets… finally, let the truth be told.

This story revolves to a wide group of friends who belong in an extremely wealthy families,

The drama, family feuds, brother conflicts and all, can love and friendship fix everything?




hello everyone, its been a while... I hope you like this fanfiction story that my little mind created :) 

most of the character's name were from BTS and SUJU, i hope you like it.. any form of support is very much appreciated.

thank you so much guys :)

-min Jhey/ Hiltzailea 

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