Chapter 1: Introduction



Taehyung woke up this morning earlier than usual, he cook some eggs and make himself a cup of coffee since he has time for breakfast today. Once done, he went to his small, but clean bathroom to take a shower and prepare himself for today’s work.

He lives in an apartment fifteen minutes away from the company that he works for about two years now. He took the bus and made himself comfortable sitting by the window, the ride was good as always.

Arriving at his stop, he quickly fix his suit before entering the building. As always he greeted the guards with a small smile and continue to walk towards the elevator. He can hear the greetings from the other employees which he returns them with the same smile.

“Manager Kim!” one of the employee in the elevator caught his attention, looking around to only to see his friend Jung Hoseok.

Kim Taehyung is the manager of the Marketing Department, while Jung Hoseok is the Senior Manager of the Accounting Department. They both met in this company and become friends instantly, especially when Hoseok is a ball of sunshine who make friends with everyone.

“Good morning, Manager Jung” he greeted making the other tap his arm while smiling.

“C’mon Tae! Don’t be so formal, call me hyung!” Hoseok is like an older brother to him, he always makes his day better and they share the same humor, plus he is a good companion, the kind of person who never runs out of candies.

Taehyung smiles at the other as he heard the sound indicating he needs to get off the elevator, with a wave of the hand he left and proceed to his office.

Taehyung is doing his paper works for an hour when the telephone rings, the CEO of the company wants all the managers to gather this afternoon in the conference. Humming to himself he continues to do his work until a certain Jung Hoseok pop his head on the door.

“Taehyungie, let’s have lunch together!” the said man walk towards his desk and put his both hands on the top of his table.

“Is it time for lunch already?” glancing on his watch he saw it is already twelve noon, quickly, he stand up and put on his coat and they both went to the company cafeteria.

It’s always like this, he always forgot the time when he is busy working, it was Hoseok who reminds him of the time and have the guts to come to his office even if he didn’t send an invitation.

“Taehyung-ah, you’re getting skinny. Here eat this” his hyung put a meatball on his plate and they both ignore those eyes who looks at them, this is not new, they were always mistaken as couple for doing things like this and they just shrug it off.

“You have any idea why they sudden call us for a meeting this afternoon?” Taehyung asks his hyung who stuffs food on his mouth, which only answers a nod.

“I heard the new investor came this morning, probably wants us to meet him?” he said after whipping his mouth with tissue.

“Hi guys” their conversation was cut by the new comer who decided to take the empty seat next to Hoseok. “Why didn’t you invite me? I am offended seeing the two of you act like lovers.” He added with a visible pout.

“Why are you here?” Hoseok is the one who ask, not bothering to look at the man beside him.

“Why are you so cold? Can you tell me what did I do wrong?” the other man starts to furrow his brows then look at Taehyung who looks at them silently.

“Tae, are you done? Let’s go back to work.” Hoseok make sure to stand first and that Taehyung finish his meal before leaving the new comer who is now looking at them in disbelief.

“Hyung, why are you like that to Eugine?” Taehyung asks while they were in the elevator heading back to their respected office.

“Like what?” he answered looking at his own reflection on the door of the elevator.

“You keep on avoiding him, like you hate him or something?” Taehyung wants to ask more but the elevator door opens and Hoseok push him a bit so he can get off without any further questions.


The meeting starts at 2 o’clock and they were seated in their designated seats, managers of all departments were present and they stand up when the CEO, MR. Lee Hyukjae enters e conference room followed by his secretary Mr. Lee Donghae, waving a hand to them and giving a sign to take their respected seats once again.

“I will cut to the chase, I invite you here today because I want to introduce our newest investor, please let him in.” he said as Donghae open the door and a young handsome man, in his mid-twenties probably, wearing a long black coat enters the room making everyone’s face post a confused look.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mr. Jeon Jungkook, our newest investor.” Lee Hyukjae said referring to the young man.

The young man make a small speech while roaming his eyes to everyone in the room and focus to a man who’s reading a paper, the man lift his head and make eye contact with him, thankfully he is done with his speech because if not, he would be caught off guard.

Once the meeting was done, everyone starts to leave the room when the CEO calls the Accounting Manager’s name

“Hoseok-ah, I have something to tell you…” Hoseok immediately halt and take a turn around, the CEO drops the formality it means whatever he is about to say, it’s a bit personal.

“I am asking you as a friend, and a senior. You see we have intern students coming up this year, and I had to assign one in your department, I hope you can take care of him?” he asks making Hoseok confuse for the second time.

“Intern? Why do I have a bad feeling about it?” he also dropped the formality.

Lee Hyukjae’s family and Jung Hoseok’s were friends, and Hyukjae serves as a hyung to him since his parents always leave him to Jung’s residence when they had to go on a couple of months overseas and vice versa.

“You know, I am hoping that he will learn a lot from you.” Hyukjae added biting his lower lip out of guilt.

“Hyung, what is this? I am getting a bad vibe about it.” Hoseok said trying to figure out what the thing is all about. He wants to ask more but Lee Donghae came up to them saying that the CEO will be late for their next meeting.

“Oh, I totally forget about it! See you around!” Hyukjae said leaving him in a hurry.


Taehyung busies himself with paper works until his phone rung, seeing a name he doesn’t want too at the moment. Turning it off and glancing at his watch just to realize it was pass eight o’clock in the evening, he grab his coat and other belongings before leaving his office. Stopping in a bakery on his way to buy something to eat at home.

Taehyung arrive to his apartment feeling tired, he open the fridge looking for a strawberry milk drink and set himself on the sofa, his right hand reach over the documents on the coffee table and read them carefully, tomorrow is another stressful day.

He spend hours reviewing the documents before getting up to take a shower and finally sleep.

The next day…

Taehyung jumps a little on his seat when his office door flung open by his friend, and an upset Hoseok enters his office, Taehyung with his big doe eyes followed his friend’s footsteps until the man sat down on his sofa.

“What’s the matter, Hyung?” he asks after a moment of silence, Hoseok lets a frustrated sigh and rest his head on his palms before standing up and walk back and forth making the younger more confuse.

“Yesterday, Hyukjae hyung told me about an intern that he assigned in my department, the intern is Eugine!” Hoseok said with a frustrated voice.

“And what is wrong with that?” Taehyung asks standing up and grabbing a cup, fill it with cold water and offer it to the ‘problematic guess’ he have.

Hoseok gladly drunk the water and stop for a minute thinking that Taehyung doesn’t have any idea how chaotic Eugine is. He was about to answer when they hear a knock on the door followed by one of Taehyung’s staff saying that the room next to his will be occupied by someone.

Taehyung and Hoseok look at each other before asking ‘who’ in unison, and there the occupant enters the office, clearing his throat before saying “Me, Jeon Jungkook” Hoseok show a bit force smile and nod at him, while Taehyung just look at him not sure what to say.

“I hope I am not interrupting something important?” Jungkook said unsure of what kind of situation did he interfere with.

“Nope, you are not. You can always come here and ask for help if you want to.” Hoseok said making Taehyung nod in agreement.

Jungkook thanked them before leaving and Taehyung slapped Hoseok’s back the moment the door closed.

“Yah! This is not your office!” Hoseok was taken by surprise by the sudden attack.

“You know, it’s not enough to have just ME as your friend, I am telling you. I will be busy for the following days and might not have time to pick you up for meals!” Taehyung sigh knowing what is running to his friend’s mind.

“Stop it hyung, don’t you dare” he said giving him a fake glare making Hoseok laugh out loud, for a moment he forgot his own problems on hand.

And little did they know the office they were at is not a sound proof one.





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