Chapter 24- Messenger



Another day in work place, as usual they were all together, eating lunch and sipping their drinks, Taehyung can’t help but laugh every time Jimin and Jungkook bicker and some of Eugine’s side comments wouldn’t help. They decided to go out for dinner too, since the hectic work was done they have their free time now. Hoseok said he will pick up Eugine and Jimin so they all can go, in which Taehyung and Jungkook agreed.

And when they said dinner, this is not what Taehyung had in mind--loud music and alcohol. Taehyung watch as Jimin and Hoseok dance with everyone, Eugine went on the bar to get them some beers.

“I should know this, this guy’s definition of dinner and mine are not the same.” He said talking to Jungkook who just smile at him.

“Well, Hoseok hyung and Jimin were having fun.” Eugine stated handling them their glass of beer. “They both good at dancing” he added.

“Why don’t you join them?” Jungkook asks him.

“So you two can have your time together?” the statement makes Jungkook smile wider. “You really want to dispatch me huh?” he added nudging the other man’s shoulder. “You know we should take Jimin into consideration, he’s the fifth wheel here” he continued.

“And I don’t think it’s our fault” Jungkook answered drinking his beer.

“You should be kind to him” Eugine said making the other man look at him. “Coming from you?” they both laugh and then drink.

Hoseok and Jimin might felt tired and went back to their table were their other friends were waiting. They grab some glasses of beers on their way.

“You guys should dance too, you should let the stress out!” Jimin said swiping his hair.

“Yeah, the music is good. And were not gonna run out of beer!” Hoseok added putting an arm around his lover’s waist. A move that never escapes Jimin’s sharp eyes.

“Aw, come on! Who said we should take Jimin into consideration again?” Jungkook teases them making Jimin rolls his eyes.

“You don’t have to mind me, I can handle myself!” Jimin exclaimed before emptying the whole glass of beer.

The night is long and the music is good, and Jimin let himself go all in, drinking beer is not enough, he took some shots of tequila, dance through the night and sleep till the sun comes up, that’s what he had in mind, at least for a night, that’s all he could ask for.

“should we let him do that?” Jungkook asks them while watching as Jimin chugs on another drink.

“I don’t know, I mean I am not sure what to do with him either” Taehyung said now watching Jimin dance again.

“Let him be, he will regret it all tomorrow” Hoseok join their conversation “He’s been all jumpy and stressed lately, at least let him have fun when he is with us”

“I wonder what happened” Eugine looks worried, more like afraid.

“we will know soon” Hoseok ask them all to dance and he wouldn’t take no for an answer, so yeah, they all went to mix with the crowd.

And when the morning comes, they are all having headaches and they woke up in one room, Jung Hoseok’s.

“God, my head is killing me!” Jimin stated half-awake lying on the carpet.

“Good thing is, we don’t have work today” Taehyung said burying himself to Jungkook, they slept on the sofa together, while Hoseok and Eugine occupies the bed.

“I need to soak in water” Jimin stands up and walk across the room, there is a door to Hoseok room that leads to their backyard where the swimming pool is located, and the next thing they hear is a splashing sound of water.

Jungkook and Taehyung were both forced to join Jimin, for the fear that he might drown himself for they both know how hang over works. And that leaves the two love birds on the bed.

“Shouldn’t we go with them?” Eugine rubs his eyes and he hears a chuckles from Hoseok who brushed some strands of hair on his face.

“Let’s stay a little more time here.” He then kissed the younger’s forehead. When they decided to get up, they saw the three grew up man in the pool, soaking.


Taehyung decided to visit his Heechul hyung at their home, together with Jungkook. The maid greets them and they saw his brother on the living room, talking with his another brother, too late for them to retreat because they both caught their attention. Not to mention that they were both exchanging glances and sending warnings.

“So, looks who is here?” Jin said smiling to them. “I think, we chose the wrong time to visit, we’ll come back later” Taehyung was about to turn around when Jin stops them.

“Oh, no, please join us… we were actually having a discussion, but the chances of us together in one room is rather rare, so please join us, and your little friend there.” Jin offered them the vacant seats. Heechul rubs his forehead and signaling Taehyung to come and join them.

“I haven’t introduce myself, where are my manners? I am Kim Seokjin, Taehyung’s other brother” he introduces himself.

“Jeon jungkook, sir” he said accepting the hand for a handshake.

“Jeon Jungkook, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what is your relationship with my brother?” Jungkook looks at Taehyung, the other man looks uncomfortable and upset at the same time. There is this look in his eyes that he cannot explain.

“I’ am his tenant. Since a certain Mr. Kim decided to ruin my home” Taehyung’s voice is low but not sweet at all, it’s flat and scary.

“Oh, I am sorry for that, to be honest I didn’t expect he would go that far” Jin’s smile fades away.

“You two stop the glaring, let’s have some tea” Heechul interrupted the upcoming conversation because one, they are both his brothers, and two. He don’t want Jungkook to witness their family drama.

“So why are you here again?” Heechul asked afterwards.

“I was here to relay a message from our parents, they want you both to come home” Jin stated after sipping his tea. “Dad wants to see you both, and mom misses you so much.” He added

“I’m sorry, can you repeat what you just said?” Taehyung interfered. “I don’t think we speak the same language for this matter” he added earning a heavy sigh from his eldest brother.

“I mean what I said, father wants to see both of you, especially you Tae, tell me, when was the last time you saw him and mom?” he asked leaning forward.

“May I remind you that I no longer have a father? You were there when he said that, didn’t you?” Taehyung’s words felt like knives cutting through his brother’s heart.

“He didn’t mean it. You pushed him to his limits!” Jin’s voice starts to rouse. The conversation’s heated again and this time both of them were standing.

“Oh really?! I was eleven years old that time! I was eleven when my parents disowned me!” Taehyung’s angry, that’s for sure.

“You lost them, you lost us because of your stubbornness!” Jin answered once again, Taehyung was about to fight back when Heechul’s loud and authoritative voice echoed around the house. “That’s enough! Both of you!”

Jungkook who watch as the Kim brother’s drama unfold in front of him, felt scared, this is the first time Taehyung shows this side of him, so does the happy go lucky Heechul. Maybe it’s true what other’s said… its scary when the kind person gets angry.

“I don’t have any parents, tell him that.” Taehyung’s voice is now low. “Kook-ah, lets go.” They were about to leave when Jin opens his mouth again.

“There is another reason why I am here in person” he said looking intently to his youngest brother.

“I am here, to warn you, dad knows about your little friend, and he knows how you fancies him” he said once again sending shivers down to Jungkook’s spine.

“Well, tell them. Three things, one, He is off limits. Two, if they lay a hand on him, I’ll make sure that I will hunt all of them down to their deaths. And three, I am not going anywhere because I’am already home.” And with that he guide Jungkook out of the house, leaving his brothers in astonishment.

“and how am I supposed to tell that to our father” Jin said after a moment.

“not my problem Jin, you are the messenger.” Heechul stated

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