Chapter 15- Taekook



That afternoon, Jungkook picked up Taehyung from the company and they went home to the younger’s unit. They both entered the living room and take a seat on the couch, no words exchanged between them. Jungkook cannot explain but somehow his heart beats faster while stealing glances from the other man whose eyes were closed, head was peacefully resting on the back-rest of the couch.

The silence were disturbed by Taehyung’s phone as it rings not so loud, picking it up from his pocket, he looked at the screen seeing Heechul’s name. He stood up, saying a little ‘excuse me’ to Jungkook before walking into the room that he occupies.

Jungkook was about to walk into his room too when the doorbell rung, he looked at the monitor before opening the door to his sister, Jeon Somi.

“Oppa!” she greeted him with enthusiasm, both hands full of bags and enters the unit walking past her brother.

“Why are you here?” He asks following his sister.

“I went shopping on a mall nearby, I thought it would be nice to visit you” she carefully puts down her things then sit down on the couch, looking at the surrounding. When she saw what she is looking for, she stands up and went to the kitchen to get something to drink.

“I think I’ll be staying here for the night” she said before sipping from the bottled water.

“What? No you can’t!” Jungkkok’s voice raised a little, but you can tell that he is not mad, more like panicking to Somi.

“And Why?” she asks his brother eyeing him in the process.

Jungkook was about to say something when the door to the guest room opened and Taehyung came out, a little surprise seeing Somi standing there few meters from the door.

“Kim…Taehyung…oppa?” to say surprise was an understatement, she was flabbergasted and a squeal let out from running towards his brother.

“Oppa! Why didn’t you tell me you have him here!” Somi shakes his brother’s arms violently and Taehyung who regain composure is now smiling nervously.

“Wait, you make me feel sick!” Jungkook answered trying to keep his sister calm. “This is why you could not stay here for the night” he added afterwards. “Taehyung is occupying the guest room for the main time”

Somi force her brother to lean down so she can whisper on his ear “Lovers?” which makes Jungkook shock and his face instantly turn into red shade.

“Taehyung, please excuse us for a while” After those words Jungkook literally drags his sister into his room.

Taehyung who is left standing on the living room just smile and went to the kitchen to prepare some food for them.

“Oppa, since when!?” Jungkook can see the excitement trough his sister’s eyes, she was standing in front of him while he sat on the bed.

“A couple of days ago. It was an emergency that’s why I decided to take him in” he explained nicely.

“So you too are together now?” she sits beside her brother waiting for an answer.

“No, not really, more like he is my tenant” Somi’s face turns into a scowl, she hit her brother’s arm.

“Why so slow? Taehyung is nice, beautiful and by the looks he is also intelligent… what more can you ask for?” she snapped a finger in front of him.

“I’m gonna help. I will stay here for the night, Taehyung will sleep in this room with you.” Somi stated at the same time she was making a plan in her mind. Jungkook shook his head knowing how stubborn his sister is.

The table was perfectly prepared when the Jeon siblings came out, Taehyung smiles at them and they all take their seats. It was quiet and nice until the girl break the silence.

“Taehyung oppa, will you be fine sleeping with my brother?” Jungkook spill some of the water he’s sipping when he heard his sister’s question.

“Yah, Somi-ahh!” he swatted but his sister has this look in her face, she acts cute with a pout.

“I had a fight with my mom and about to stay here for the night but hyung wants to kick me out too” she said making sad expressions.

“Oh, it’s okay, I can sleep on the couch” Taehyung shows her a small smile.

“My brother’s bed is wide enough for the both of you, the couch will be uncomfortable”

“No, it’s okay”

That night Taehyung insisted to sleep on the sofa but Jungkook could not bear it, so he stays up with him in the living room until late at night.

“Hey Tae, Jungkook nudge his shirt when he saw him dozing off. Taehyung crack an eye open trying to stay awake.

“Go to your room, I’ll be fine here” Jungkook can’t help but chuckles by the view. Taehyung’s hair falls down perfectly unlike when he was at work where his hair was pushed back neatly. He looks so much younger this way.

“No” he mumbles quietly but his eyes were closing again.

“Okay, okay let’s go together” Jungkook stated then he stands up putting an arm around him to help him stand on his own feet.

Taehyung was so sleepy that he didn’t even notice that they were in his room already, Jungkook pulled the covers and tucked him in, then he walk on the other side and laid down on his side smiling as he admire how beautiful this man is.

Taehyung stir in his sleep and turn to face him, a protective arm was place around Jungkook’s torso and he move a little bit leaving no space between them. Jungkook holds his breath for a second, when Taehyung stops moving, Jungkook place his arms under Taehyung’s head and his other arm wrap around him perfectly.

It occurs to Jungkook that this gorgeous man had a hobby of cuddling when he sleeps, Jungkook smiles to himself despite of his heart beating loudly. He took the courage to kiss this man’s forehead before saying a ‘sweet dreams’ and closing his eyes.

The next day Taehyung woke up early, he opens his eyes to a very handsome view. The man is sleeping soundly and Taehyung can feel the secured arms around him. He don’t want to wake up the other man but life can be cruel sometimes cause Jungkook’s alarm went on making the younger tighten his hug and his body curls a little making Taehyung giggle. Jungkook open his eyes when he heard a faint giggle and he knows where it came from. “Good morning” he murmured.

“Good morning Kook” Taehyung’s low morning voice sounds so y that turns him on, by the thought, Jungkook suddenly stood up and jumps out of bed and he directly went into the bathroom leaving a stunned Taehyung behind.

By the time Jungkook step out of the bathroom he saw Taehyung sitting on the bed with wide eyes and gaping mouth, staring at him. It took him a while to realize that he wears nothing but a small piece of towel around his waist.

Taehyung heard the door opens and he clearly saw how the droplets of water make its way down Jungkook’s muscular body, his hair is dump, push all away to his back showing his forehead, and his white skin those veins on his arm and strong legs.

Taehyung instantly felt the dryness in his throat, and Jungkook standing there almost didn’t help at all. Taehyung felt the urge to enter the bathroom so he did what was necessary, he walk past Jungkook pulling his tee-shirt to hide which is getting excited too.

Jungkook realized that there were no extra towels inside his bathroom and Taehyungs clothes were in the other room too. He put on a robe and went to the other room, seeing his sister already awake and ready to go.

“Why so early?” he asks walking pass her and into the closet he goes.

“I have morning classes, as much as I want to hear what happened, I can’t… I am running late!” he stated grabbing her bag and run towards the door, “Tell Taehyung oppa, I said Good morning! See you later!” she added before she finally left the unit.

Jungkook pulled out an underwear, a shirt, a pair of suit and slacks with a matching tie out of Taehyung’s closet then he grab a new towel from the top shelf. He then walk back to his room and put all of it on the bed. He knock several times on the bathroom door just to tell the other that his clothes were ready before he went out to prepare breakfast.

He prepare sunny side up egg, toast and bacon with strawberry milk for Taehyung and Banana milk for him. He remember that his mobile phone is still in his room so he decided to get it first, he opens the door and saw Taehyung standing there on the side of his bed only wearing his underwear. Jungkook’s eyes widen and he pulls the door close as if he saw nothing.

The breakfast was covered by silence, both of them can’t even look into each other’s face, and so the ride from the unit to their workplace, they arrived at the parking lot at the same time with Hoseok and Eugine where the exchange of ‘good morning’ happens.




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