Chapter 9

Love is A Waiting Game
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Sorry for the late update, so here two chapters for you guys. My internet provider was down yesterday. I've seen some of your comments and I really glad that you enjoyed reading this. I'm planning this to be a long one so be patient guys, Thank you so much if you've reached this chapter. See you guys soon ^^

Jihyo arrives at the parking lot. Parked beside the fancy-looking SUV, which is all black and with the Mercedes logo at the front. She recognizes it because she owns one. “Who brought this car to work, he/she must be filthy rich,” Jihyo said to Sohee while pointing to her left. Sohee could only nod because she knows it’s her boss’s car.

Jihyo arrives at her floor and bids Sohee goodbye since her floor is still way up. Jihyo is greeted by the smell of coffee which she forgets to drink this morning but didn’t feel sleepy because of the soup she have earlier.

“Who’s making coffee Kwangsoo-ya?” Jihyo asks Kwangsoo who she met in the hallway. “It’s probably Jongkook-hyung, why? Do you want some noona?” Kwangsoo replied and asks his noona because she loves her coffee. “Can you ask him?” I need to be in my office, thank you Kwangsoo-ya,” Jihyo said and leave the tall man in the hallway.

Kwangsoo shake his head in disbelief and went back to his desk. “Hyung, you have an order from the boss, she wants one warm coffee,” Kwangsoo said to Jongkook who still focuses on his coffee. “Coming right up,” Jongkook replied while looking at his coffee. Jongkook then switches his focus on the next cup of coffee after he pours the last few hundred grams of water to the coffee bed.

He made the next batch of coffee with all his heart. He can even smell the difference when he made the one before. ‘This gonna be the best coffee you’ve ever had Jihyo-ya’ he mutters to himself while pouring the coffee to a tumbler to prevent the coffee from cooling off.



During lunch, Jihyo is still busy with work that she needs to order for her lunch. She didn’t forget to drink the coffee made by Jongkook. She drinks the best cup of coffee she ever had since she drinks coffee. It has all the flavor coffee could have, a soft sweetness, fruity acidity, a medium body, and a clean aftertaste. She wonders if she could wake up every day drinking this kind of coffee.

Her lunch was delivered by Soojin but got abandoned because of the email she received from Sohee about the problems she had a few days ago. ‘It was quick, I thought the CEO was busy with the International deal’ Jihyo mutters as she read the content of the email. All her questions from the meetings were answered with a single email.

All Jihyo had to do now is to arrange a meeting, finalize the upcoming product, and launch the product. Hope it brings the revenue projected by the numbers. By the time she reads the entire explanation about the project, it looks like it’s been done by a whole Research Department in 6 months, which makes her head slightly tilted. ‘Is this a secret product the research team has been developing, it was well researched and supported by the data’ Jihyo talks in her mind. But soon got interrupted by the knock on her door.

“Ne” Jihyo answered the knock. Kwangsoo heads pop up as soon as the door opened. “I heard that you’re calling me Noona?” Kwangsoo said walking towards her desk. “And you didn’t even touch your lunch?” Kwangsoo shakes his head as he saw her lunch still sealed and covered.

“I just wanted to finish this before taking a break,” Jihyo points to her screen. “The CEO was ready for my problems, he email me after just three days,” Jihyo stated. Kwangsoo could only nod, “What do you need from me boss?” Kwangsoo asks again.

“Ah, I need you to do a presentation to the production, marketing, and sales department about this new product,” Jihyo shows him the screen showing the new product. “Ask them about the production costs, marketing costs, and how much profit they can make from that, show them our projected sales and profit,” Jihyo adds

Kwangsoo still focuses on the screen, looking at the detail, and the numbers. “This is quite promising, I’ll take Jongkook hyung with me then,” Kwangsoo said as he send the file to his email. Jihyo could only nod, “Alright, Gomawo Kwangsoo-ya,” Jihyo bids Kwangsoo goodbye as he exited her office.


“Hyung, we need to do a presentation for tomorrow's meeting with the production, marketing, and sales department,” Kwangsoo said excitedly. Jongkook turns to Kwangsoo, “About what? Why me?” Jongkook asks him while pointing to himself. “Because you’re new here, and you need to have some experience,” Kwangsoo replied and start to make the presentation file for tomorrow. “Alright, stop bothering me, I’m making the slides for tomorrow, I’ve sent you the presentation material,” Kwangsoo adds while busily typing on his laptop.

Jongkook turns back to his desk and continues his work. He opens the file Kwangsoo send him 5 minutes ago just to find his own file sent to Sohee yesterday. He shakes his head in disbelief and closes the file after 2 minutes. He memorizes the whole material and is ready for tomorrow's presentation. He knows the flaws and how to deal with them, but he wants to see what the other department have to sell Enviro, the new software.

It’s time to go home. Jongkook bids Kwangsoo first since he’s still busy finalizing the presentation. But Jongkook is not really going home, he went secretly to his office to work as the CEO. He doesn’t feel stress being two different people at the same time, instead, it makes him happier. He already burned himself out in his twenties, and now there is no more pressure that can match what he experienced in his twenties.


He stays in his office until 10 and went home just to sleep, he did miss his session at the gym but he wasn’t complaining. He had his usual morning run which was all he need for the day, but he sometimes add an hour session at the gym. He is lean but with a shirt and suit on, people would look down on him. But the moment he went into t-shirt mode, you wouldn’t want to mess with him.


The next morning, Jongkook arrives at the office early to start preparing for the meeting. He makes his coffee and starts by printing some of the needed material. While printing, he was greeted by a silhouette crossing the hallway. It was Jihyo’s. “Eo, Jihyo-ssi, you’re early,” Jongkook greeted her from inside the copy room. “Ah, Jongkook-ssi, I could say the same thing to you,” Jihyo turns to him and walks towards him. “How was Kwangsoo treating you so far?” Jihyo asks him as he turns back to the printer. “Oh, he was the best senior I’ve had so far,” Jongkook exclaimed. “He should be promoted soon if there is any position available, I’ve never seen him whining since I’ve been here,” Jongkook adds.

There is actually an open position that Jihyo left to fill her current role. “Ahh, okay Jongkook-ssi, I’ll consider it,” Jihyo nods her head in agreement. “Fighting Oppa,” Jihyo whispers to his ears which he replies with a genuine smile on his face. Jongkook bows and Jihyo left for her office.

‘It’s good to hear it from you Jihyo-ya’ Jongkook mutters as he piles up the stack of paper.


The meeting started with excitement from Kwangsoo which is quite contagious to others. It’s started well until the Marketing starts to ask questions Kwangsoo didn’t prepare for, “How can we put that high-tech software to the market?” One of them asks. Kwangsoo got bewildered by the questions.

“I mean, isn’t that supposed to be your job?” Jongkook bravely asks back to the person. “I mean, we need to have a prototype first, test it out on random sample, and then go on to market them, but we haven’t done all that,” the person replied. “May I ask your name?” Jongkook replied which got Kwangsoo confused. “It’s Joonho, Park Joonho,” Joonho answered feeling quite disrespected by the newcomer.

“So, Joonho-ssi, maybe if you stop looking at your phone and start paying attention, you could save some of your energy asking such a question,” Jongkook said sarcastically. Jongkook got glared from Joonho and got light elbow from Kwangsoo. “I got this,” Jongkook whispered to Kwangsoo.

Jongkook almo

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