Love is A Waiting Game

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After 10 years of waiting for her, he decided to enter her life once again on unexpected turns. 

Jongkook lost her, the moment he confesses to her. But as he said after getting rejected that he will be waiting for her. But one day, she disappears like a wind and is never be found again until 10 years after Jongkook becomes the man he dreams of and Jihyo becomes what she dreams of. 

Both of them tried to forget each other presence by dating other people and making themselves busy. JIhyo almost succeeded until one day, the day she never wants to come. On the other hand, Jongkook failed miserably, he got cheated on, he got dumped and got rejected by his girlfriend's parents. 




This time with my genuine imagination, I need to thank the other writer/author who writes all great Spartace Fanfics in AFF. Because of them, I get inspired to write my own but with my lack of writing skills, grammar, and vocabulary, please bear with me if there are more wrong than right on my technical skills. 

I got inspired by 'Running Empires', 'Heart Full of Stars', 'The Princess and I',  'Enigma', the Ongoing 'To Heal and To Love', and many more. 

If you haven't read those mention above but read mine, please read those first, because you will find mine lacking. But you gotta give credit when the credit is due. 

Thank you for giving this a chance, I'll try to update often but I'll never know what the future holds. 


Running Empires

Heart Full of Stars

The Princess and I


To Heal and To Love *if you read this author-nim, please update, I've been waiting*


if there is any similarity with other stories, it is purely coincidental. This story is my pure imagination with some inspiration from the stories mentioned above. 

It's been a few months since my last update, so I hope this one will make you smile a little with all the toxicity of what happen. Thank You ^^
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