A Change Of Heart (WinRina x WinNing)

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       Karina was enrolled in an all-girls' school to refrain distraction from boys. She was all well with everything until she felt something she never felt before. Will she be able to control her feelings?


          Just to be clear, I am a die hard shipper of WinRina and WinNing that's why I made this Karina x Winter x Ningning fanfic. I have nothing against Giselle, if that's what you're thinking. This just happens to be a love triangle story. I love all the members equally and I HOPE you'll like my story.


p.s. Also, to inform you, I will be changing their surnames and use their parents' (in this story) instead.


ctto of the ningrina photo that i used in the cover.

And I'm back after a while! Please, do share your thoughts about the new chapter. We're slowly getting there, I promise.
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