Same But Not Quite Similar
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Here's something funny to explain why I didn't update last night.

I thought yesterday was Friday.

I know, it's funny and stupid. IDK why either xD when i was so excited about this chapter i just have to mess up the days!!! hOWWW

So to make it up, I add up few scenes in this new chapter. Thus it's quite long but hope everyone likes it ^^ Thank you and enjoy~



“What’s the Special Test result? Tell me.”


One intern under Eunhyuk’s care for today; Oh Sejeong is her name, has her eyes shaking at the question—more like interrogation, as she slowly removes her hands from the patient’s exposed arm. She glances nervously towards Eunhyuk then to the group of her friends among the circle of students, but all of them are looking down at the floor. As if too afraid to even make any eye-contact with her. Gulping down insecurely, she carefully answers. “T—The patient complains pain when moving the arm—”


“I’m not asking the subjective assessment but the result of the special tests you’ve done on him. What type of pain? Where does it originated? Which one of the many special tests you’ve shown to me that has a positive feedback on the patient?” Doctor Lee’s questioning the intern like spitting bullets out of his mouth, bombarding her with a disdainful look over his handsome features every passing seconds the intern doesn’t provide him with any answers. Sejeong is gaping like a fish stranded out of water whilst sorting out every words inside her jammed brain.


What’s more nerve-wrecking is that she has a patient sitting right next to her by the bed, waiting to be examined as part of the pre-surgical procedure tomorrow. She’s stationed in the Orthopedics’ room -male ward with the rest of interns scheduled to be supervised by Doctor Lee this week, the idea of being watched by the notorious cold-blooded physician is enough to send chills to everybody. Starting the week, she and all the students have been mentally preparing to not stand out but the favor isn’t siding on her today.


It’s completely out of her imagination to be called out by Doctor Lee—who seems to have memorized each of their names because he has come without any papers in hand; just himself standing there with all the glory of his greatness in white coat and intelligence, face scowling to each one of them as if mocking them that he is the best. To which isn’t a lie; he is the best.


And as scary as the grim reaper, they thought.


The patient Doctor Lee has chosen to use as a lesson for them is a 43 years old Korean male admitted to the hospital a few days ago. He’s complaining of right shoulder pain with inability to perform any activities thus the shoulder sling he’s been wearing the first the students step their foot inside the ward room, another 3 patients quietly resting by their beds watching them as if they’re performing some sort of TV skits. His details is written with no specific diagnosis, only the small note of in surgery waiting list. That’s all that’s written there—because the interns need to figure it out themselves.


“Umm…Uh it’s....” Sejeong keeps on mumbling, fingers pinching each other anxiously as she wrecks her brain on each questions. Silently begging inside her heart for any of her classmates to save her from the Devil Doctor’s grasp—the new nickname the new batch has given Doctor Lee. “The pain originates from the posterior part—”


“Are you sure? From my single observation it doesn’t seem to be from the scapula.” Here comes the tone where everyone despises so much coming from the fearsome Doctor Lee Eunhyuk. It’s making they much scared especially Sejeong, her mind’s all jumbled up with theories seconds ago but now all of them have vanished. It’s like her brain alike an empty can, unable to provide any answers. Oh how she wishes the ground would just swallow her up and disappear.


Few seconds passed filled with Sejeong still in silence. Only the sound of other students’ shirt rubbing against each other while shifting their weight could be heard. Eunhyuk sighs disapprovingly at this. Sejeong knows she’s in big trouble when thinking back to how one of her friends would either cry or become demotivated under Doctor Lee’s teaching the past few days.


I am screwed.


“Watch me.” Eunhyuk takes over, facing the patient with an expressionless face yet no more scowl alike when he’s watching the students. Scary man.




“Many doctors tend to rely on MRI or X-Ray’s result to determine the patient’s injury. Although I don’t deny the accuracy of diagnostic procedures, there’s other ways we can detect the exact injury by hand.” Eunhyuk slowly explains, voice sharp yet calm. He doesn’t seem mad anymore yet everybody’s still scared to even heave a breath out loudly. The students—including the ashamed but slightly calm Sejeong watch him examining the patient’s right shoulder, of course after asking his consent. “Special test is one of the basic things you have to learn. It might seem copious but it’s part of an important procedures nonetheless especially to harness your hands-on skills.”


Everyone watches his big, milky skin hands palpating the area of the man’s shoulder. Starting from the scapula then the acromion process, all the way to the clavicle bone. His hands moving precise without any hesitation, as if he knows exactly what and where he’s palpating. Then he grabs the upper arm of the man, another hand securely stabilizing the scapula as Eunhyuk turns to his students, “Always make sure to palpate correctly. Palpation is important. If you palpate wrongly, then your special tests would go wrong. Diagnosis will be wrong as well.” Everyone nods vehemently to his words.


Then the look in his face changes, somehow glaring at all of them. “Do not carelessly write in your diagnosis as ‘Frozen shoulder’ or ‘Shoulder pain’ without finishing all the special tests. I forbid any of you doing that. Don’t be lazy and most importantly burdening other practitioners that will handle the patient after your diagnosis.” He sterns on again, “I’m warning all of you. None of my students can be tacky and fool like that. Be responsible for everything you’re doing.”


All of them is entranced on his words; despite the lingering fears residing following the cold words out from Doctor Lee’s mouth. The man’s whole aura is screaming authority and professionalism yet even mesmerizing is how he gives out a natural doctor’s vibe, charismatic and respectful. No one could deny they’re feeling awed in this moment while watching him moving the patient’s shoulder in circular motion carefully. His movements solid yet gentle and precise that even the patient feels no pain.


“Did you hear that?” He asks, hands still moving the shoulder. One of the students answers timidly ‘yes’. Eunhyuk stops. “There’s a clicking during circumference movement. Why is that?”


Someone raises his hand up. Eunhyuk nods his head allowing him to answer. “T—There’s muscle instability.”


“Which muscles?”


The student seems perturbed but then another one standing beside him answers in behalf of his friend, “The rotator cuff muscles, sir.”


“Good.” He casually praises—not paying attention to the look of admiration from the students as he turns to face the patient again, “The instability of rotator cuff muscles contribute a lot to scapula weakness and loss of range of movement. Usually it happens a lot when the area injured experiences direct hit or heavy lifting activity. Now….” He comes forward, gaining the students’ attention. “We’re still far from the diagnosis. Someone please come forward and show me the correct palpation of each joints. It seems like a hassle but I’ve seen so much of your batch and it’s horrible. So please do prove me wrong.”


All of them sigh inwardly in defeat. Seriously he won’t give them any breaks from heartache…..






Siwon really does his best, truthfully he tries.


But of course Doctor Lee won’t be satisfied, and apparently he isn’t satisfied with the whole group at all.


“All of you are hopeless. How are you going to pass your houseman if you can’t even do one simple thing? Palpation is the most basic skill.” Eunhyuk sighs tiredly, closing his eyes with his hand massaging his temple. “You kids are so stupid. No one can even know the diagnosis and I won’t tell it. Be damned to anyone who will get to assist Doctor Shin in surgical theater tomorrow.”


Everyone cowers away in silence while Doctor Lee keeps on reprimanding them. He has the scariest expression he could’ve put over, dark orbs grazing fire towards each students. Then his eyes land on someone standing by the corner, “You.”


Kibum raises his head, waiting to be scolded. “Y—Yes sir.”


“You can’t even memorize the anatomy of shoulder joint. Are you dumb? You don’t even know what acromioclavicular joint is when I ask. Are you sure you want to be a doctor?”


It feels like being slapped directly to the face the moment the words reach Kibum’s ears. No, he thinks being actually slapped might be much better than this. Doctor Lee’s voice isn’t that intimidatingly loud nor threateningly low, his voice is calm as if nothing is wrong. But every words leaving his mouth burn the students’ heart, downgrading them to the lowest with his scrutinizing gaze. They feel ashamed especially with the patient sitting right in front of them, watching the whole ordeal silently. Even the man is clearly taken aback by Doctor Lee’s bluntness and insensitivity.


“And you…..” Eunhyuk’s facing Sejeong, the first intern he has questioned. He glowers at her as if with a look he could kill the woman. Sejeong swears she wants to cry the moment she’s called out but now, she wishes she doesn’t even come in today. “You should just stop. You’re wasting your time here. You don’t qualify to be a doctor.”


Not minding the red tipping over the girl’s nose, Eunhyuk gives a final blow to the group. “None of you deserve the title at all with your shallow knowledge and lack of skills. All of you are an embarrassment to your college.”


The day just won’t get any better it seems, not with Doctor Lee Eunhyuk’s sour mood early in the morning.






“Choi Siwon-shii, Kim Kibum-shii.”


Both the students look back towards the voice calling for them. Glancing to each other nervously, they walk back to Doctor Lee waiting for them at the lobby. Hands quietly clasped on their front, clearly not liking to be called personally by the very same man that just tells them off few minutes ago of how they are not qualified to be a doctor at all.


Well in both their defense, it’s quite true. They’re not doing this serious enough, and Doctor Lee is right. They should’ve studied harder.


“Where’s Lee Donghae?” Simple he asks the two, glaring deadly to them seeking the missing intern’s presence. He has noticed since the first second he’s meeting up with the group that the troublesome intern isn’t around again. God knows what on earth is wrong with him this time.


“Donghae is sick, doctor. He’s resting at the dorm.” Siwon answers, trying his best to appeal to the man with his gentle voice. But Doctor Lee isn’t fazed by it as he frowns hearing Siwon’s words in return. “Sick? What’s wrong with him?”


“Donghae has a serious migraine, doctor. That’s why he keeps missing the internship but he will come back soon.” Kibum’s turn to say, carefully choosing his words to explain the situation without angering Doctor Lee further. They know the man is quite snappy considering what his team has done today.


But when is he not snappy? He’s always moody and rude.


Eunhyuk ends up dismissing them afterwards, not finding any necessity to probe them further. So Siwon and Kibum left, bowing down to him respectfully before walking off the lobby to the locker room. Eunhyuk heads to his office but his mind isn’t yet relaxed despite the tutoring is over. Lee Donghae is sick again, what could be the cause this time? Is it another panic attack? Or something else? If he recalls correctly at times, the intern doesn’t quite show a normal side effects of dissociative amnesia symptoms…..


And why would he care? It’s all just stupid.







If there’s anyone other than them by the empty emergency staircases, they could tell by Ryeowook’s ashen face that he’s about to faint. But luckily Jongwoon is holding him tight by the waist, steadying him to not fall over the hard floor. The petite build man has his breath turning shallow, orbs shaking as he’s scanning his boyfriend’s face for any hint of jokes only to find none. Jongwoon is dead serious and he knows the surgeon is telling the truth; no matter how difficult for Ryeowook to fathom.


“W—Wha—How??” He asks underneath his breath, unable to speak higher than a whisper although they’re far away from any prying eyes and ears. It’s the impact of this very shocking news that’s making the usually composed Staff Nurse rendered completely speechless. How can Jungsoo find out?!


“It doesn’t matter.” Shortly Jongwoon answers him, face too calm considering the dire situation they’re pitted into. “What matters at the moment is he knows, and he’s trying to dig it up. Looks like Jungsoo hyung thoughts asking you might give him the answer.”


Ryeowook looks baffled at the words as he unconsciously tilts his head to the side in confusion, “Asking … me?” Then seconds later his eyes grow wide, realization sinking in as he looks fearfully towards Jongwoon’s deep eyes. “Oh God, I—is that why he comes to see me today? Because he wants to ask me?” Ryeowook’s breath turns shallower with both hands gripping onto Jongwoon’s side seeking support. His face looks so perturbed when Jongwoon nods.


“Oh God, this is bad. This is really bad.” Ryeowook chants to himself as he moves away from Jongwoon’s grasp, pacing back and forth among the little space they have whilst hands gripping tight his own cropped-half hair. This is totally absurd in his better judgment. Jungsoo isn’t supposed to know anything, because if he does then the chance

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