It's Always You


"I think you're an arrogant, selfish pig and you would be doing both of us a favor if you just leave me alone!" Chanyeol stared at me for a moment with those unreadable eyes and then finally muttered a single word: "Okay."

Just like life, this book has its ups and downs. Just like life, it's about the journey, not the end.
A light, witty tale of a boy who never gave up and a girl who wouldn't give in. A bunch of high schoolers with unattainable dreams and typical struggles, be with them through this journey of love, grief, and of course, mischief.

"If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were."  -- Kahil Gibran


Hey guys! Thank you for making time for my book. Don't feel shy to share your thoughts on the newest chapter ♥️


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Chapter 35: Wow!! I am sorry i am only reading this fic now, but i guess it's better late than never.
Thank you for this beautifully written love story.
Chapter 35: This story was hell of a rollercoaster ride and i belive we all need a Chanyeol in our Lives!!! Oh will there be an epilogue??? Am just curioussss
Chapter 35: All I care is that Chanyeol and Mirae is the end game!! I love it that they still feel the same after 5 years. It just clearly shows that they are meant to be from the very start. I like that you stick to their dynamic. The bickering and then being all fluffy is still there. I miss Chanyeol more because of this. TT.TT
Chapter 35: Girl..what are you talking about?? This Chapter is PERFECT!!! It makes me realize how i need a Chanyeol in my life. LOL. I love reading about them adulting. And I'm so proud of Chanyeol and Mirae, look how far they have come.. thank you for the update <333
ftrapp2 #5
Chapter 35: I didn’t expect that … WOW!! I think this story is gonna be and gonna stay one of my favorites. It is just soo beautifully written ☺️ I really look forward to the next Update!!!
Chapter 35: Wow...this was unexpected.... they're together now and I'm so happy......^^
Looking forward to the next chapter;)
Chapter 35: After so many years of waiting got update and it was worth it ☺️..
Chapter 34: I came back to read this chapter and I never realized how Chanyeol really was the only person who challenged Mirae. Her parents, sister and Sehun really just accepted how Mirae viewed them and the world (don’t blame them, she’s a very logical and strong character) but Chanyeol was the only one who didn’t mind getting on her nerves and trying to get her to see things from a different perspective. I don’t think anyone else has considered Mirae’s feelings as much as Chanyeol. Whenever something happened, everyone acts in their own self interest, but whenever something happened, Chanyeol always thought of Mirae and how she would feel/want. But wahhhhh seeing them grow since the first chapter has me in tears TT
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww *endless sound of awwwwweeee*
Can i say just how much I loved this chapter? Chanyeol’s desire for her is sooo cute and it explains the actual time he had to wait until she felt the exact same. I’d have ‘canoodled’ her till the end myself, peppering her face with kisses and stuff, never letting her out of my sight! She should have understood where he’s coming from, ahaha, but I can’t exactly blame her. It’s in her personality to be dense and shy *in a cute way*
Once again, I’m admiring your ability to deliver such long chapters >< I miss when I was able to do that. It really shows your dedication.
You don’t have to apologize for taking your time writing. Life and school can be a . I’m in my last year of Uni and they have been constantly changing the date of our graduation exams. I’ve been stuck in a happy-depressed loop for months now!
I’m excited to see the remaining chapters of this story! I’m already missing it!!!!
Chapter 34: You don't know how happy I am reading that Chanyeol and Mirae are finally together now. I'm crying happy tears. TT.TT You did well for this. I'm glad that they are still true to their character and there are still bickering moments but still in a romantic way. I want more of this and I think we deserve it after that slow burn. Lol. And also, I know there are still things you want to reveal like when did Chanyeol start liking Mirae, the handkerchief and of course their plans after high school. I'm really glad the wait for the update is sooo worth it. <3