Rewrite The Stars

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"Don't tell me that I'm still in your heart. You know I don't like crowded places."

Being a member of a newly-debuted sensational K-pop group, Nam Somin couldn't have asked more with life. One would think she leads a perfect life.
But when she falls in love with the world-famous K-pop band EXO's Sehun, she is taught that beauty and fame cannot always aid you. They are as deadly as they are alluring.

Fall into the rabbit hole of family crises, K-pop's infamous contracts, unfading love, and twisted secrets. Yet the final matter comes down to one simple question: Duty or Desire?

He was the whole night sky. She was just a star. Always together. But never one.


Cover Credits: Elle_S4M
DISCLAIMER: Mild curse words used, mention of death and associated scenes, few implications of mature scenes.


--- Author's Note ---

Hey guys! I'm here with a new Sehun book. It is all about idol life, their daily struggles, and relationship challenges. It was not an easy genre but this book is one of the works that are closest to my heart, something I've been working on for a long time, which is why I am very excited to share it with you all.
Hoping to interact again with my lovely old readers and meet and make new friends. Please enjoy, comment, and subscribe.
Thank you for choosing my book! 


P.S Happiest Birthday, Eris!




Hi everyone. Here is an introduction to our new girl group! Haha, I made it all myself so I'm really looking forward to knowing your views and opinions! In the next chapter, you might get a glimpse of our main leads! :)
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Chapter 1: Sad reality... we all know behind the smile they put up in the stage hides the bitter reality.
Hey!!! Im Aceylei 010101! I also follow you at wattpad! I hope you are doing great. And ill also read your story here! I belive that this story will do great. Goodluck!
I'm so excited to read this <3