Rewrite The Stars
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And all they see is a bunch of shiny idols performing on stage, wearing sparkly outfits and supporting dazzling smiles. Little do they know, we all are minions confined in unbreakable cages they often call contracts.


It was easy to let another person destroy you.

We kept falling into the trap. Deeper than the sea, they pushed us, making us think we were happy to be in this position. To the point that I asked myself, 'When was the last time you lived your own life, following your own decisions? 'Where does the idol me end and the actual me begin?'
Outside we seem free and wild, inside we're trapped.

Deceptions of splendor, the sparkling spotlight, and countless flashing of cameras. Bluffing us that we are doing something we actually wanted to. All trickery and deceit. 

Lights, mics, camera, and action: you have entered the beautiful prison where they turn your own life-long dreams into nightmares. They don't care who you want to be with or what you had in mind when you auditioned in the first place. K-pop and its music agencies, only know how to earn.

And just like that...we were trapped within their shackles of greed, deception, with no other option but to bend low in defeat.

I used to believe in being together forever. I used to imagine a life of togetherness. Isn't that what you promised me, Oh Sehun? Then, why is it that you don't even spare me a glance today, passing by me like a stranger?

But you underestimated me, dear boy. I didn't know how far you were prepared to go with me.
Neither did I know what a beast this pain and anger could turn me into.
But I do know one thing: I don't come down without a fight.


Introducing  AURORA

AURORA (오로라 ) is a five-membered South Korean girl group consisting of Sae Byul, Jae, Ari Chan, Somin, and Rio. The girl group debuted in 2015 under Cube Ent

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Chapter 1: Sad reality... we all know behind the smile they put up in the stage hides the bitter reality.
Hey!!! Im Aceylei 010101! I also follow you at wattpad! I hope you are doing great. And ill also read your story here! I belive that this story will do great. Goodluck!
I'm so excited to read this <3