What is Love?
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They both stilled completely and looked at each other in silent horror.

What was he doing inside her classroom? Before she began to panic, he went ahead and started to sort out his things on the podium. Is he a professor? Holy ake mushrooms of Greenland.

Sehun quickly regained his composure and continued to arrange his teaching materials while she peeked at him, contemplating whether to storm out of the class or just sit quietly. He seemed a little disturbed, dropped his pen once and cleared his throat more than what seem necessary. This was certainly uncalled for.

 Weighing out the odds, she quietly brought out her laptop deciding that there was no harm in staying for the class however, God only knew what was going on inside her mind. It did not help that she was sitting right in front of him... not the first row but on the third, where the platform was raised to his eye level. Amazing.

Her hands shook a little before she was calmed enough to type in her password. It was okay... No one knew about them. It was okay. She peeked at her so called husband and saw that he was struggling with whatever composure he was trying to maintain. But she knew that if the authorities even get a sniff of this issue, he was going to be thrown out and that was going to ruin his career.

Maybe she can drop this class. After all, History of the world was only a minor subject she had chosen simply out of interest. It had nothing to do with her general subject.

As he begins his class, however she forgot about everything as he began explaining wonderfully about the subject. She couldn't help but crack a smile every now and then when he says something funny.

It was a pity that he was a wonderful teacher and it was a pity that he was teaching one of

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Tiny glimpses of the SeNa household gives me life T_T


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877 streak #1
Chapter 46: You always ask what is the reader's favorite scene. In this chapter, it was when Sofia opened her arms. Then, Sehun hugged Kina and Chanyeol took Sofia's hug. That was so hilarious! Thanks.
877 streak #2
Chapter 19: I love this chapter so much with the little girl having a new hero and the little boy promising his little wonder woman to be her home.
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Chapter 16: I'm glad they were into the kiss!
That is good.
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Chapter 14: Sehun and Kina are growing on each other which is good. Jongin just has to set is sight on someone else. I wonder when the Park bully will make his appearance.
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Chapter 2: Just discovered this interesting arranged marriage story.
Chapter 17: aaaahhh they kissed they are so adorable so cute
Chapter 31: I got to know a lot about the characters. Nice q&a
Chapter 29: I want to have a Baekhyun in my life. Haha
Chapter 28: Sehun is hella cute. Huhu
Chapter 27: Chanyeol seems to be a possessive uncle.