Chapter 7

Falling for the mean guy
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With careful steps, Baekhyun walked inside Kyungsoo's room again. He's dead scared but the adrenalin makes him stay, makes him look for dark secrets under his bed, what was Kyungsoo into? 

Bitting on his bottom lip Baekhyun dropped on the bed looking up the ceiling, beautiful colors were dancing on the ceiling. He loves colors, since he was little he would color everything his eyes landed on. Colors are life, they make him happy, he loves to challenge himself, to be the best, to paint perfectly. He really can't see himself doing something else with his life. 

Maybe it was just a stupid dream, to paint for a living, but he loves what he's doing.

Letting out a deep sigh Baekhyun rolled on his tummy looking out at the lights outside the window. He was wondering what is Kyungsoo doing now, was he busy with business or with someone else? 

,,Pabo, stop, he hates you." Why shouldn't he? He's always a mess, clumsy. Always getting late and lazy and Kyungsoo is nothing like that. Kyungsoo is perfect. 

Should he take a shower? Kyungsoo's bathroom must be nice, no? 

Jumping on his feet Baekhyun walked to the bathroom.

,,Wow." Kyungsoo's bathroom was huge, with a bathtube and a shower, he loves it. He shouldn't look around but he's so curious, at last if Kyungsoo kills him he wants to look a little, just a little.

Baekhyun opened one of the cabines finding something colorful in the back. Wait Kyungsoo has something colorful?!  His eyes doubled in size seeing colorful band aids. Kyungsoo really bought colorful band aids for him? 

Maybe Kyungsoo cares? Giggling he put the band aids back. He should enjoy a bath. A long bubbly bath. 

,,This smells so good." Baekhyun fell in love with Kyungsoo's shower gel. The smell was so addicting, smelling like cinemmon and something else, a scent that makes him smile. What a strange feeling to get from a shower gel. He really took his time enjoying the warm water. At home he can't take a long bath, his parents will think he's doing something dirty so he always takes showers but now, now he can enjoy.


,,So refreshing." Baekhyun ruffed his wet hair with his fingers walking inside Kyungsoo's dresser, he brought his own pajamas but he feels like stealing one now.

For a reason he's not bothered by the colors that Kyungsoo like, that is black, they fit Kyungsoo's personality and for sure seeing the older in colorful clothes won't look that good. 

He knows that Kyungsoo will kick his for sleeping on his bed but it's too comfortable to leave. Baekhyun snuggled under the covers hugging one of the pillows, it smells just like Kyungsoo. That scent gave him a comfort he never knew he needs to fall asleep.



A new day, a new start and he should wake up but he was kinda lazy, slowly opening his eyes he saw the heavy rain followed by a loud thunder. Pouting Baekhyun rolled on the bed. He always gets gloomy when it rains.

He jumped scared when his phone ring. He looked for the lost device betwen the pillows.


,,Good morning pup, you have plans for today?" 

,,It's raining hyung, and I just woke up."

,,So no plans? Did you quit your job?" 

,,Not yet, and I need to work later." Baekhyun pouted but he kinda needs the money. 

,,Call me when you're done working, let's eat after." 

,,Okay hyung, I like that idea, see you later." Baekhyun ended the call making a crying face seeing how hard it was raining.

With lazy legs he got off the bed walking to the bathroom to pee and wash his teeth and face. His tummy was crying for some food. 


,,Let's see what you have to eat." Baekhyun opened the fridge finding some yogurts and eggs, for a rich person Kyungsoo doesn't have too much food around. Looking around Baekhyun found some instant ramen, The Do Kyungsoo has instant ramen? Awesome. Well he can make himself some ramen with eggs and eat it before the Tv.

Baekhyun made himself comfortable on the couch sitting cross legged watching the morning news. His phone startled him so hard that half of the ramen soup ended on the sofa.

,,!" Kyungsoo will kill him! He's dead and burried. He's all jumpy because for a reason he expects Kyungsoo to come back and find him there. 

Letting the bowl aside Baekhyun wiped the couch clean, okay it wasn't clean! A huge stain was still visible! 

Kyungsoo will kill him and he's not jocking.


Letting out a sigh he finished his food, he was still hungry after all. He should wash the bowl he eat but he's lazy and he should paint a little until it's time for work.

Baekhyun placed a small table next to his canvas putting his colors and brushes there. Now what should he paint? He put paint on his brush tracing lines, he does that when his head is blank, he never was in a place like this, to have 0 imagination. Where to start and where to finish? 

After two hours of trying to put some thoughts in his drawing he ended up with red paint on his canvas and that was all. Well at last the rain stopped so he can get dressed and go work.

Being a little he stolen a blouse from Kyungsoo's dresser, it was so warm and perfect for his body. At last he made the bed and washed the dirty dishes before leaving.

It was cold outside b

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