Chapter 25

Falling for the mean guy
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Baekhyun opened his eyes smiling when he found Kyungsoo up as well smiling at him. Both sitting face to face on their own pillow letting some space between them.

,,Morning beautiful." He told him with his deep voice something that Baekhyun really loves in the morning. Kyungsoo's deep and rich voice telling him, Good morning beautiful.

,,Morning." Baekhyun replayed feeling lazy to get up, he wants to stay next to Kyungsoo and just talk or not talk, he's okay with anything.

,,Are you hungry?" Kyungsoo reached out moving the hair that was falling in Baekhyun's eyes.

,,You need a hair cut, again." 

,,Yes and yes but let's stay a little more like this." Baekhyun hold Kyungsoo's hand linking their fingers together.

,,Are you feeling sick again?" 

,,No, I'm just lazy today and I need to go to my class and I don't want to move from bed." 

,,Well, It's going to rain and we both know how much  you hate that." Baekhyun pouted turning his head a little seeing the dark clouds outside the windows.

,,I really, really hate it, my mood drops like the weather outside." 

,,Let's eat luch together today, I heard that you won't come to work this week." 

,,I need to focus on my college and on my projects, I will have two months of vacation after." Kyungsoo pulled Baekhyun closer kissing his neck.

,,S-Soo....." Baekhyun moaned out being hard already, it's morning don't blame him.

,,My pleasure." Kyungsoo smirked pulling the boy under him making Baekhyun giggle.



Half an hour later Kyungsoo was all dressed in his black suit drinking his morning coffee. 

,,I'm so hungry." Baekhyun back hugged him falling in love with Kyungsoo's new perfume. Kyungsoo always smells so delicious.

,,We still have some corndogs from yesterday." Kyungsoo turned around falling in love with casual Baekhyun. Ripped blue jeans that were dirty with paint, but that made them more special and a large baby blue huddie, it made him look younger than he is.

,,I'll take one and eat it on my way." 

,,Let's go then." Baekhyun pouted when he saw that is was already raining when he got to Kyungsoo's car.

,,Should we watch a movie tonight?" 

,,We should, can we ask Jongin and Sehun to come as well?" 

,,No, just the two of us." Baekhyun laugh hard.

,,Okay, let's enjoy a movie just the two of us, I just thought you would like some company that is all." 

,,Nope, all I need is you Baek. I don't need those rabbits in my house again." Baekhyun could only laugh.

,,Say hi to Jongin hyung and Sehun hyung." Baekhyun pressed his lips against Kyungsoo's ones before running inside the College.

He heard Baekhyun yell that he loves him. That put a smile over Kyungsoo's lips.


Well, his smiled dropped seeing Luhan with a dirty smirk over his lips when he reached the Company.

,,He's not here." Kyungsoo walked pass him not sparing him a glance. 

,,Are you hiding him from me? You can't even look after him Kyungsoo, how can you let him get sick under your nose? Sooner or later he will see what kind of a person you are. Thinking only about yourself." Luhan clicked his tongue walking away.

What does Luhan know about him? He only cared about where should they go for the weekend. How stupid was he to fall for someone like Luhan that only cares about money and nothing else. He let someone like Luhan make him hate love and everything that word is. Well, until now.

Baekhyun made him understand what love really is. He never wants expensive things, he's okay with eating home talking about their day, or watch a movie. Of course he likes to spoile the boy, to see him happy when he gets something simple like paint, especially paint and he finds that cute. Luhan only cared about clothes and car's and expensive trips.

,,Who pissed you so early in the morning?" Jongin was in his office waiting for him with coffee.

,,Luhan." He said ready to kill him with his mind.

,,Just ignore him Soo, he knows how to mess with your head." 

,,And I hate it that it's working." Kyungsoo let out a sigh thinking about Baekhyun as he dropped on his chair.

,,You should trust Baek, he will never let you down and you know that. He's a smart guy." 

,,What if Baekhyun will leave me?" 

,,Why are we talking about this again?" 

,,I don't know, I just want to strange Luhan to leave us alone already." Jongin laugh because he never saw Kyungsoo like this before, scared.

,,Idiot." Maybe he is an idiot but what else can he do?

,,Look, take Baek here, he will love it." Jongin left on his desk an invitation to a new art gallery. 

Jongin is right, Baekhyun will really love it.




,,Okay class, you're free. I want to see your finish work by tomorrow." Baekhyun let out a sigh seeing the heavy rain. It was a dark day and he hates it.

,,Are you in for some hot coffee?" 

,,Not today Chen, I'm in the mood to go home and stay in bed, it's depressing outside." Chen chuckled patting his back.

,,You and rain, well, see you tomorrow Baek." Baekhyun small smiled looking one last time to see if he forgot something before leaving.

Kyungsoo called him to meet up for coffee and lunch but he just wants to go home so he told him that he'll wait for him with dinner. 



,,Drink a coffee with me." Baekhyun jumped hearing Luhan's voice as soon he stepped outside the College.

,,You are crazy, why can't you just stop?" Baekhyun ignored Luhan's beautiful smile.

,,I was worried when I heard that you were sick, Kyungsoo isn't doing a good job." 

,,You can try all day but you won't get between me and him."

,,Then let me offere you a coffee as goodbye. Please." Baekhyun rolled his eyes but he accepted.

,,Just one coffee and that is all." 

,,Promise." Baekhyun is always scared to get in Luhan's car because you never know but Luhan was true to his word, he stopped before a really nice looking Café.


,,Why do you care so much about Kyungsoo now?" Baekhyun asked him drinking from his coffee. 

,,Who said that I care about Kyungsoo? I like you." Baekhyun's mouth dropped hearing Luhan.

,,You like me? Why?!" 

,,You're adorable, I want you for myself." 

,,You know I'm human, I have feelings, I'm not just a new dog that you can carry around and brag about." Baekhyun was a getting a little annoyed with Luhan's ideas.

,,Feelings change with time, why invest in them when you get hurt? It's easy like this Baek."

,,And sad." Somehow Baekhyun felt pity for the beautiful guy in front of him.

,,I'm not sad, I'm happy, are you happy Baekhyun?" 

,,Yes I am, I love someone that loves me back, I do what I love, I paint and that makes me happy, if I lose that I would be sad. Why do you do this Luhan? Are you bored with your life? Is it fun to you? To play around with others that are happy?" Baekhyun was sad for Luhan, he can see that he was sad inside under that fake smile of his.

,,I need to go to the bathroom." Luhan sat up a little angry, why is Baekhyun reading him so well? He took a photo of Baekhyun. He wants to see Kyungsoo's face now when he gets the photo.


      ,,Your toy never let's me down. He's so delicious to be around and hold this beautiful hands. They look perfect around my ." 

Kyungsoo read seeing the photo with Baekhyun, he told him that he's going home that he's not in the mood to see him and here he is with Luhan. Blood

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