Chapter 17

Falling for the mean guy
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It's still strange waking up next to someone. 

Baekhyun was sleeping with his back facing him, still  from last night. That was strange as well, to find Baekhyun in his bed, to hear him moan under him. 

The boy is still shy when it comes to that but that is what he likes, to hear Baekhyun's shy voice. 

It's been one month since the boy moved in and he needs to admit that it isn't that bad. Of course Baekhyun is still clumsy and breaks a mug or a glass but that makes him, him.

Baekhyun moved stretching his legs letting out a small whine. He must be in pain from last night.

Turning around he found a new bruise on his pelvis bone. It looks fresh and bad, how could he missed it last night? Kyungsoo lean over kissing his skin there.

,,K-Kyungsoo?" Baekhyun lazily opened his eyes.

,,What happened here?" Kyungsoo asked kissing his skin again.

,,Me being me like always." Baekhyun chuckled stretching his body.

,,I'm hungry." Kyungsoo could hear Baekhyun's stomach growl in hunger. 

,,Go take a shower and I'll cook us something." Baekhyun nodded shily looking at Kyungsoo's body when he stood up.

He still can't belive that he is really staying with Kyungsoo, sleeping in the same bed, Kyungsoo cooks for him, they go out on small dates, they're not but he likes to see them as dates. Baekhyun giggled rolling on the bed. He is happy but, he still needs to tell Kyungsoo that he works for Jongin.

But first he needs a shower.



Breakfast was on the table when he walked down. Kyungsoo was drinking his coffee waiting for him.

,,It smells amazing." Baekhyun sat at the table his lips.

,,How come you're such a good cook?" 

,,I like cooking and food in general so I took cooking lessons but! Nobody should know about that." Baekhyun chuckled nodding his head.

,,You secret is safe with me." Baekhyun took a gulp from his coffee looking at Kyungsoo wanting to tell him about Jongin, well, it's now or never. He opened his mouth when his phone ring.

,,It's my omma, why is she calling me so early." Baekhyun looked at Kyungsoo answering her call.

,,Yes omma." 

Kyungsoo was curious as well, Baekhyun talks with his parents everyday usually before dinner, something must have happened if she is calling him so early in the morning. 

,,No, I'll come omma, Kyungsoo will understand don't worry. Okay omma, bye, see you later." 

,,I need to leave Kyungsoo, just for a week." He said looking so sad, like never before.


,,My grandpa is very sick and there is a chance he will die soon, my parents are leaving to Busan to get everything ready and I have to go with them to see him, he's really important to me. I hope you understand." 

Baekhyun will leave for a week? 

,,When are you leaving?" 

,,I need to pack my luggage and appa will come to take me." Kyungsoo nodded watching Baekhyun stand up.

,,Don't look so sad, you will have your bed back for a week." Baekhyun smiled going to pack his luggage.



,,Have you packed everything?" Baekhyun jumped hearing Kyungsoo's deep voice behind him.

,,I hope so, but I'm sure I forgot something, I always do."

,,Why am I not surprised?" Baekhyun pouted lightly punching Kyungsoo's leg.

,,So mean." Baekhyun walked to the bathroom taking his toothbrush.

,,Well, that's all I guess, my appa is down waiting for me. I better go now." 

,,Here." Baekhyun looked confused at the black credit card.

,,For what?" 

,,To buy anything you need."

,,B-but I can't take it Kyungsoo, I don't want to be that kind of person, I'm okay, really. Thank you." Baekhyun went to take his jacket and wallet before leaving.

,,Let me." Kyungsoo took his luggage walking down.

An awkward silence took over them not knowing what to say to each other, everything happened so fast.

,,Well, I'm going now, I'll be back in a week or so, I'll call you." Baekhyun smiled a little kissing Kyungsoo's cheek before closing the door after him.

Why does he feel so awkward leaving Kyungsoo alone? Maybe he's scared that Kyungsoo won't want him back anymore. They're not actually a couple, Kyungsoo never told him that they're a couple per se, so........

 Baekhyun waved when he saw his appa.

,,Baekhyun." He turned around jumping a little hearing Kyungsoo's deep voice.

,,What's wrong? Did I forgot to close the water again?" Yup that happened, he's embarrassed to admit that it happened twice already.

Kyungsoo pulled him by his waist deeply kissing him not caring who is watching them. Baekhyun let go of his luggage wrapping his arms around Kyungsoo's neck.

,,Be safe and call me when you get there." He whispered after he pulled back looking like a kicked pup.

,,You won't have time to miss me Mr.Do, you're too busy with work to worry about me." Baekhyun chuckled feeling like jumping up in happiness.

,,Go now." Baekhyun took the courage kissing Kyungsoo once again.

,,I really hope you will miss me." Baekhyun chuckled before running to the car.


,,He looks nice." His appa commented after they left.

,,Shut up." Baekhyun mumbled feeling like he will pass out soon, Kyungsoo really kissed him in front of his appa.

,,He looks scary but nice at the same time."

,,He is, but deep down he's a soft ball." 

,,As long he doesn't treat you badly I'm okay." 

,,Thank you appa." Baekhyun smiled at his appa. He's happy that his parents are trying to understand him.

,,So, he's rich?" Baekhyun looked confused.


,,The building he lives is, it looks expensive." 

,,Oh, just a little." He still doesn't want to tell anyone who Kyungsoo is. It is better that way. 

Now he better call Jongin to tell him that he won't come to work this weekend and also Jongdae. 


Kyungsoo closed the door after him looking around the penthouse, It was too quiet. Much to his surprise Baekhyun's a quiet roommate, usually Baekhyun will draw or watch Tv when he's home and clean when it's weekend.

Baekhyun likes to help the lady that comes to clean his house, he could hear them laugh. Baekhyun is a bright person, always smiling the moment he wakes up until he falls asleep.

Letting out a sigh Kyungsoo went to his room taking a shower getting ready for work.


,,Good morning!" Jongin bursted inside his office as soon he sat down.

,,Your hair is pink." 

,,Glad you like it, why the long face?" Jongin smirked dropping on the chair before Kyungsoo.

,,You're upset that Baekhyun left?" 

,,Why do you know that?" 

,,Because we talk every day, why, you're jealous that the kid likes me?" Kyungsoo rolled his eyes ready to jump on Jongin.

,,Calm down, I know he loves you." 

,,What do you want Jongin?" 

,,To annoy you of course, it's easy these days it seems. Let's grab lunch together. Bye." Jongin left Kyungsoo's office just like how he came. Why does he even bother to come and annoy him? 





Baekhyun was pouting on the backseat looking over his sketches. Mostly are with Kyungsoo but he feels like drawing something else now. The view outsid

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