Chapter 4

Falling for the mean guy
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,,You again." Baekhyun turned with a grin over his face when he heard Kyungsoo's voice behind him.

,,Just in time Kyungsoo, have lunch with me." Jongin grinned as well placing a hand over Baekhyun's waist. It made the boy blush. Kyungsoo looked confused not liking the way Baekhyun was reacting to Jongin's touch.

,,Why is he still here?" 

,,,Right! I need to leave! Enjoy your lunch hyung, bye." Baekhyun made a bow fast leaving the company.

,,You're no fun at all Kyungsoo." Jongin had that stupid grin over his face that Kyungsoo hates so much.

,,Why do I need to be fun? And again, since when you like this kind of food?" Kyungsoo folded his hands before his chest glaring with his round and cold eyes at the model.

,,Since now and I also like the kid, he's fun." 

,,Fun?!" Kyungsoo wanted to laugh at that, Baekhyun was annoying and loud and clumsy! 

,,You like him Kyungsoo?" 

,,Like him? Don't you have things to do than to play with that kid?" Jongin smirked walking towards Kyungsoo stopping in front him.

,,I think I am going to play a little with the kid, I'm bored and he also looks delicious don't you think? Now excuse me, I have things to do." Jongin walked away leaving Kyungsoo alone.

Why should he care about Jongin's plan anyway? 

,,Oh! And do remember we're going karaoke this weekend!" Yeah right, how can he forget about that anyway? Why did he even agreed to that in the first place?

Letting out a deep sigh Kyungsoo walked back to his office. 

The last time he saw the kid was a week ago after Baekhyun had made a mess in his kitchen and broke his coffe machine. He had a small break down at that and he had kicked the boy out of his house. He still needs a new coffee machine. That kid will break his neck soon, how can someone be so clumsy to break a coffee machine?! But what was Jongin's plan? He never eats fast food, or desert, does Jongin likes Baekhyun? Why does he even care? That kid was pure trouble and nobody should be around him.



,,Where are you Soo?" Jongin's deep voice filled the quiet house.

,,I'm here." Kyungsoo walked down the stairs raising a brow at Jongin.


,,Nothing Soo, let's go. The rest are waiting for us already." Letting out a sigh Kyungsoo took his phone and wallet leaving the house with Jongin to get to the Karaoke place.

,,Tell me again why did I accept going out?" Kyungsoo asked driving them both. He wans't in the mood to sing or drink or be out, he has better things to do than have fun.

,,To have fun because when was the last time you had fun? When was the last time you had some fun between the sheets? You're moody and the whole company is scared of you. You need to do something else instead of doing work all the time." 

,,I am not interested in having a relationship Jongin."

,,Yes because the oh so perfect woman for you isn't born yet, but really Kyungsoo, when was the last time you got laid?" 

,,You don't need to know that and why do you care?" 

,,I care because I love you hyung, I care for you and I want you to be happy and I can see that you are not that happy." Jongin hissed in pain when Kyungsoo punched his arm.

,,That's so mean of you Kyungsoo." Jongin punched him back. The small talk soon turned into a fight. They were both sore once they reached the Karaoke.

,,Why here? It looks cheap." 

,,That's the point, let's have fun like normal people." Kyungsoo made a grimace ready to punch Jongin again.

,,Let's go in already!" Letting out a deep sigh Kyungsoo left his car hating every minute of him being here. 


,,Welcome to.....hyung!" Kyungsoo's head snapped up hearing that voice.

,,You work here pup?!" 

,,Yes! Every weekend! What are you doing here hyung?" Baekhyun gazed for a second at Kyungsoo noticing his glare.

,,To have some fun, our friends are here already." 

,,Oh the loud guys? Yes they are here already, let me show you the way." Jongin warm smiled at Baekhyun.

Kyungsoo on the other hand punched Jongin's side.

,,You did it on purpose. If you like him just ask him on a date already!" 

,,Maybe I will." Jongin smirked walking closer to Baekhyun placing his hand around his waist.

,,You smell delicious pup, I feel like eating you." Baekhyun's face turned red, even his neck was red, Kyungsoo took notice. 

,,Y-yah hyung, stop." The boy giggled pulling away from Jongin standing before a really loud room.

,,Here it is, have fun." Baekhyun laughed when Jongin pinched his cheeks. 

,,You're so adorable!" Jongin walked inside the loud room greeting his friends. 

Baekhyun took another small glance at Kyungsoo that ignored him following Jongin inside. Letting out a deep breath Baekhyun walked back to his spot greeting new people that came by to have some fun.

,,Baek hyung! Please go to room 6, the guy touched my again!" Mark his coworker came to him ready to cry.

,,That guy is unbeliveble! It's the second time he did that! Don't worry he's drunk and going to leave soon if not, I'll call boss to make him leave."

,,Thank you hyung!" Mark hugged Baekhyun tight. 


Well he hoped the guy will leave but he wanted more alcohol and Baekhyun was in charge of that.

,,You look nice boy, stay with me." The guy touched his . 

,,I'm busy sorry." Baekhyun ran fast, he needs to do something about this gu

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