Chapter 10

Falling for the mean guy
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It was too quiet, the boy before him wasn't the same Baekhyun he knows.

He can see on his face that he was in pain as he gentle pressed the cotton pad over his wounds. 

,,Maybe we should go to the hospital, your hands look bad." 

,,No." Baekhyun simple reply looking down at his hands. 

,,Why did she do this?" 

,,It doesn't matter anymore." Kyungsoo was surprised hearing how down Baekhyun is. He knows the guy for a short time and he knows that the boy is a walking disaster but he always smiled at the end of the day, not now. 


,,I'm just a clumsy kid that is all, can I go home now? I want to go home." Baekhyun slowly pulled his hands back trying to stand up from Kyungsoo's sofa.

,,Sit." Kyungsoo commanded and Baekhyun did. He's not scared of the older but his angry voice makes the hair on his body raise.

,,I asked you a question." Kyungsoo gently hold his hands again wrapping the white bandage over his wounds.

,,She got mad that I was daydreaming in her class. But I wasn't, I was just trying to find a new job, I need the money and her class is always boring. And she hates me for a reason, she always did."

,,What did she use?" 

,,A small whip she always carries around. She said that I need to be taugh a lesson. She whipped my hands until theý started bleeding. My friend made her stop." Tears rolled down Baekhyun's cheeks. He has no idea why she hates him so much. 

,,I don't want to paint anymore." Kyungsoo raised a brow at him. 

,,You're good, don't stop." Baekhyun eyed the paiting he left there. Kyungsoo keept it.

,,You should be the one that cleans it." Baekhyun weakly nodded. 

,,Can I go home now?" 

,,I'm cooking dinner, you like shrimps?"

,,Kyungsoo-shi." Baekhyun raised from the sofa looking so awkward that it made Kyungsoo laugh a little.

,,I was that awful?" Baekhyun looked confused at Kyungsoo.


,,You left, the next morning, you just left." 

,,Oh." Baekhyun's cheeks blushed looking eleswhere.

,,I had to leave for m-my class and this happened, I was ashamed to come back because you're right, I'm clumsy." 

,,You're not scared of me." That wasn't a question. Kyungsoo walked back his way. Stopping before him looking so damn intimidating.

,,I think you're a good person inside, and I am scared of you but not enough to run away." Baekhyun whispered looking deep in Kyungsoo's eyes.

,,I would never like someone like you, messy." Kyungsoo came closer wrapping a hand around his waist. Baekhyun wanted to run or drop his clothes there and then. But running sounds better for a reason.

,,I know but, I can try to change your mind if you let me." He whispered losing himself in Kyungsoo's dark brown eyes.

,,And then?" Kyungsoo was so close that he can feel his breath over his skin, his addicting perfume. Kyungsoo always smells so good, it's always a different perfume, he saw them but he didn't dare use any of them, okay maybe just one. 

Baekhyun wanted to reply, to tell him that he wants them to date him, that he likes him but he looked away bitting on his bottom lip. Maybe he should leave.

,,I need to leave now." Baekhyun walked pass Kyungsoo talking his jacket and shoes running away.

Kyungsoo will never like him back, tears rolled down his cheeks as he run barefoot.


,,J-Jongin hyung!" He couldn't stop crying, his hands are in pain but his heart was breaking in two.

,,A-are you h-home?" The door opened so fast makingBaekhyun cry harder seeing Jongin.

,,I love hi

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