Falling for the mean guy

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Baekhyun was horrible in finding love, always falling for the wrong person, or the normal guy who always saw him as a friend like he likes to call them.

But when Baekhyun meets arrogant and cold bastard Kyungsoo his life turns upside down. He really thinks what he did wrong in a past life to be so misserable in this one. 

But maybe for once he can turn the mean guy around. 


Hey ho babes!!!! Another baeksoo ff, because I love them soooooo much ^.^

Top Kyungsoo ( i miss his evil eyes and personality) and bottom Baek because it will be perfect for the plot^.^ a little bit of angst babes!!!

I don't know if the story will be ratedM yet but I'm sure I'll write some (maybe). Still have no idea how long it will be^.^ but Enjoy!!!!♡♡♡♡♡

Thank u OdetteSwan for the poster 😙
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