Chapter 18

Falling for the mean guy
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,,Damn." Baekhyun looked at Chanyeol confused. They were in the park again painting the landscape.

And Chanyeol looked like he just saw a God.

,,Is he even real?" Baekhyun looked behind him seeing Jongin looking like a living sculpture. Why was he looking so hot anyway? Was Jongin always so skinny or was that gray suit to blame, that suit was perfectly hugging his body. Perfect, Jongin was looking perfect as always.

,,You're blushing teacher." Baekhyun giggled seeing Chanyeol's red face.

,,Shut up Byun!" Chanyeol was ready to dig a hole and hide there forever. His students saw him blush! 

,,You're all free to go now!" Baekhyun could only laugh and close his drawing book. 

,,See you later Jongdae!" Baekhyun waved running to Jongin.

,,Hi hyung! You just made my teacher blush." Jongin smiled giving Baekhyun his coffee.

,,Cute." Jongin gazed at the taller winking at him before leaving with Baekhyun to his car.

Chanyeol was shocked! Baekhyun knows that guy?! How?! 



,,I will tell Kyungsoo today." Jongin looked with the corner of his eye at the boy sitting on his right.


,,I need to tell him! He will kill my ."

,,I think he'll do something else to your ." 

,,HYUNG!" Baekhyun madly blushed hiding his red cheeks behind his palms.

,,You're coming with me to a photo shoot today. Sehun is there as well." 

,,Nice! How are you and him?" 

,,Good, we're going on a date tomorrow." 

,,That's romantic hyung, I hope you'll have fun." 

,,Oh we will." Jongin winked at him making him blush again.

,,I hate you hyung!!!!!!" Jongin laugh hard. Somethimes he hates Baekhyun for having eyes just for Kyungsoo, he likes Sehun, he really likes Sehun and the is amazing but he can't stop thinking about Baekhyun. He's a horrible person he knows that but, what can he do to forget the boy? 

,,Wow." Baekhyun was impressed by how many people were around.

It was nice working for Jongin, for once he's not scared that someone will touch him or do something else. Jongin's a fun boss, he likes working for Jongin, actually he works for Kyungsoo's company.

He likes it that Jongin is nice with everyone, always bowing and greeting everyone. 

Baekhyun was waiting for Jongin to get dressed texting Kyungsoo what should they eat for dinner. He's in the mood for some cold noodles. Or Kyungsoo's special pasta. 

,,What do you say?" Baekhyun showed Jongin two thumbs up.

,,But you can put a west on top or this jacket!" Jongin was impressed by Baekhyun, the boy has an eye for fashion, well he's an artist after all.

Baekhyun was right, the jacket looked perfect on him, even the photographer agreed.

,,Hello Baek." Baekhyun looked up hearing Sehun's voice.

,,Sehun hyung! Hi! Are you here to see hyung?" 

,,Not really, I'm here to work as well." 

,,You and hyung look good together, both tall and slim, I'm jealous, I forgot to grow taller." Baekhyun pouted making Sehun laugh.

,,You're cute the way you are Baek."

,,Thank you hyung." Baekhyun's mouth dropped when Sehun walked next to Jongin. They were perfect for each other. 



Kyungsoo was the first to come home, he was surprised that Baekhyun wasn't home yet. Where was he?

Maybe he went to buy something, Kyungsoo went to change and cook dinner. Baekhyun asked him if he can make pasta so he's going to cook some pasta.


Kyungsoo had no idea if he should laugh or be worried when he found Baekhyun on the sofa face down when he came down after a shower. 

It looks like Baekhyun had a hard day, why? 

,,Should I worry?" He asked Baekhyun walking pass him to the open kitchen but he got no reply, just a small snore.

,,Is he really sleeping?" Kyungsoo asked himself while cooking, he knows that Baekhyun will wake up and look for food. It's not the first time Baekhyun woke up in the middle of the night to eat a late night snacks. He told him that he's still growing and he needs food. Well Baekhyun is kinda skinny and he needs more food

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