Chapter 23

Falling for the mean guy
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Baekhyun looked lost at his half colored canvas. He should finish his painting but he lost his motivation.

,,Baek." Baekhyun jumped when Chen yelled in his ear. 

,,Let's go grab a coffee, Minseok is waiting for us." Baekhyun tilted his head confused. 

,,The class is over." Then he noticed that nobody was around, not even Chanyeol.

,,Oh, okay, let's go." Baekhyun was free that day, Kyungsoo asked him to take some free days to focuse on college, he's going to graduate soon. 

He thinks that Kyungsoo doesn't want him since Luhan came back, was he trying to keep him away from Luhan? Was he scared? 


,,Ice Americano?" Minseok knows him too good.

,,Yes, thank you." Baekhyun and Chen sat at the table enjoying the warm sun.

,,How are you and that guy? You never talk about him." Chen looked a little sad that he doesn't know too much about Kyungdoo. 

,,I'm sorry Chen, it was all hectic and we didn't have time to talk, but we're good."

,,At last you're not a anymore." Baekhyun blushed punching Chen's arm.

,,Shut up!" 

,,Still a prude, so? How is the ? How you imagined?" 

,,It's better? I don't know, I like it when it happenes, maybe I like it because he is the one that does it?" Chen grinned making Baekhyun blush deeper.

,,He must be really good to make you shine so much." 

,,I shine?" Baekhyun touched his face in a cute way that made Chen laugh.

,,Yes, you shine, you have a glow over you when you two ." Baekhyun thought if Jongin noticed that as well?

,,Here you go, and cheesecake from the house." Xiumin winked at them.

,,Stop talking about ." Baekhyun mumbled after Xiumin left drinking his coffee.

,,Why? It's cute to tease you." Baekhyun made a funny face making Chen laugh.



After he left the Café, Baekhyun decided to go and buy himself a new book, he's in the mood to read. 

Besides painting, he loves the smell of books, he used to read a lot before, but since Kyungsoo came in his life he put that aside, he preferes the and not read but now he really wants do that. 

Baekhyun lost himself between books, it's hard to decide on one book when they are so many of them.

,,Take this one, it's really good." Baekhyun jumped when Luhan popped out of no where with a book in his hand.

,,What are you doing here?" 

,,Stalking you." Baekhyun glared at him trying to ignore the beautiful guy. Why was Luhan so good looking anyway?! 

,,I want to know why Kyungsoo is so crazy about you, besides your beauty." Baekhyun hated himself for blushing, he knows Luhan is lying, he just wants to get under his skin.

,,Leave us alone, you had your chance and you left." Baekhyun took his book walking away from Luhan.

,,But maybe now I want you." He whispered in his ear before leaving the shop with a dirty smirk over his lips.

Baekhyun knows that Luhan is lying, he just wants to get between him and Kyungsoo. And he won't let him do that.


,,Welcome home." Baekhyun was surprised to find Kyungsoo home, usually he comes home much later.

Kyungsoo was still in his work clothes, black dress pants and gray shirt, his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, Kyungsoo was watching Tv with a glass of whisky in hand. He was looking hot and that glare of his makes him weak.

,,Hi, but it's still early." Baekhyun took his shoes off walking to Kyungsoo holding his book to his chest.

,,A new book?" 

,,Yes, I'm in the mood to read today. Not in the mood to paint." Kyungsooo sat up walking to Baekhyun grabbing his chin with his fingers making the boy to face him.

,,What happened? You're always in the mood to draw something." Kyungsoo knows him so good, having Luhan back makes him sad and not in the mood for anything but he won't tell Kyungsoo, he will see him weak and Kyungsoo hates weak people.

,,Nothing, I'm just in the mood to read, is that bad?" He looked in Kyungsoo's dark eyes hoping that he will belive him. Kyungsoo lookes like he wants fo ask him something else but he didn't. 

,,No, will you read to me as well?" 

,,Of course, let me change first. What are we having for dinner?" 

,,I was thinking to order something." Baekhyun nodded walking pass Kyungsoo but the older grabbed his wrist.

,,I hope Luhan didn't get in your head, he does that, don't let him win." 

,,I'm not that stupid and why are you scared Kyungsoo? You don't trust me?" Baekhyun looked sad at Kyungsoo.

,,I need to use the bathroom, please let me go." Baekhyun pulled his hand walking away from Kyungsoo.


Baekhyun was sad sitting on the toilet looking lost at the tiles before him.

,,Baek." He jumped when Kyungsoo knocked at the door.

,,I'm pooping leave me alone!" Baekhyun yelled startled by Kyungsoo's deep voice.

,,I love you Baekhyun." Baekhyun wanted to laugh, Kyungsoo really thought about confessing now?

,,I hate you Do Kyungsoo!" He said between teeth wanting to hit Kyungsoo, he really wishes to hit Kyungsoo

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