Chapter 22

Falling for the mean guy
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Kyungsoo wanted to slam the door in Luhan's face. Why was he there after so many years? He finally moved on and now Luhan is there before him looking so ing good.

,,Can I come in?" Luhan took a step wanting to walk inside but he stopped seeing the taller behind Kyungsoo.

,,You're not welcomed here." Jongin threw Luhan a glare before slamming the door to his face.

,,Idiot." Kyungsoo could hear Jongin curse Luhan in the back of his head. 

He turned around finding Baekhyun looking at him lost and confused and sad, since when does he hates seeing Baekhyun sad? It breaks his heart seeing him sad.

,,We should leave now." Sehun hold Jongin's hand pulling him to the door leaving Baekhyun and Kyungsoo alone.

,,I should clean a little." Baekhyun awkwardly smiled not knowing what to do or say.

,,Leave them for tomorrow, let's sleep now." Kyungsoo pulled Baekhyun's hand up to their bedroom.

Baekhyun wanted to ask who that guy was, he has an idea who he is by the face Kyungsoo made. Baekhyun gently pulled his hand from Kyungsoo's hand both stopping in the middle of the stairs.

,,Should I leave?" Baekhyun asked into a whisper looking down at his white socks.

,,No. Your home is here." Baekhyun was happy to hear that but he can see that everything turned Kyungsoo upside down.

Baekhyun couldn't sleep, it was late already, he can feel that, his eyes were tired but his mind was thinking over and over again. Kyungsoo was back facing him, was he really sleeping? Why is there always someone coming between them? Should that mean someonthing? Some tears dropped in his pillow. He really loves Kyungsoo, he wants to be next to him and live happily ever after even if that sounds stupid, but he doesn't want to always fight and try his best to be at the same level like others to just keep Kyungsoo close. He wants Kyungsoo to love him the way he is, a clumsy idiot.

Baekhyun let out a sigh leaving the bed, he can't sleep anymore. He keeps thinking at the guy he saw, why is he so beautiful?

Baekhyun walked down in the big livingroom sitting before his painting. 

,,I better finish you." He light up a small lamp starting to paint. Painting always helps.


Kyungsoo woke up the next morning coming face to face with an empty bed. He sat up fast looking around.

Where is Baekhyun?! Did he left? Kyungsoo left the bed in a hurry going o find his lost pup.


Baekhyun let out a long yawn stretching his limbs.

,,You finish it." He turned around hearing Kyungsoo's deep voice behind him.

,,Yes, I couldn't sleep so I decided to finish it." Baekhyun showed Kyungsoo a small smile.

,,Your face is all dirty again, you look adorable." Baekhyun blushed looking down at his dirty hands. 

,,Are you hungry?" 

,,I'm starving." 

,,Go take a shower until I cook." 

,,Can I help?" Kyungsoo slowly nodded happy that Baekhyun was next to him slowly mixing the eggs.

Baekhyun was not him, Kyungsoo can tell, he was serious and he hates that, he likes the clumsy and loud pup.

,,I'm sorry for last night." Baekhyun stopped looking with the corner of his eye at Kyungsoo.

,,He's beautiful." That is all that Baekhyun said.

,,I don't want to talk about him." Baekhyun nodded putting the table. His moves were slow and sad. Why was Baekhyun scared of? 

Baekhyun jumped when Kyungsoo back hugged him.

,,Don't imagine things, I just want you, do you hear me Byun Baekhyun? I only need you." 

,,Okay." They small moment was interrupted when the front door opened.

,,You're not ready?!" Jongin yelled seeing Baekhyun still in his pj's.

,,Why?" Baekhyun asked confused.

,,We need to get ready for the photoshot." 

,,I thought that was just a joke." 

,,Nope, we're doing it today, eat your breakfast and let's go." 

,,I'm not hungry anymore, I'm going to take a shower." Baekhyun left the two brothers alone.

,,He looks sad." Jongin commented sitting down eating Baekhyun's breakfast. 

,,He's scared that I'll leave him." 

Baekhyun could hear them talk from where he was hiding.

,,And, will you?" He heard Jongin ask.

,,No." He smiled hearing that, but will Luhan stop now that he came back?


Baekhyun went to take a shower and chose some baggy clothes, he's not in the mood for anything since last night, he's mentaly tired, he doesn't want to fight for Kyungsoo's love again, why should he fight? Kyungsoo should know what he wants, a new love or a past one. This is Kyungsoo's choice now and he will accept it.

,,I'm ready." Both Kyungsoo and Jongin fell in love with innocent looking Baekhyun. He was adorable with his baggy yellow huddie and black bucket hat. His hands were still stained with paint.

Kyungsoo stood up walking to Baekhyun rubbing his nose.

,,You still have some paint on your nose." Baekhyun blushed thanking Kyungsoo.

,,Have fun today." Kyungsoo placed a kiss over his lips, a fast kiss that left Baekhyun craving for more.

,,Let's go lover bird." Baekhyun told Kyungsoo a small bye before leaving with Jongin.



,,Okay, spill it." Jongin told him as soon they left with the car.

,,About what hyung?" 

,,Don't play dumb with me pup, I can see you're sad. Did you two had a fight?" 

,,We didn't, why should we fight? He didn't do anything after all." Baekhyun small smiled at Jongin. He's not in the mood to talk.

,,Okay, when you're in the mood to talk I'm always here for you, me and Sehun as well."

,,I know hyung, thank you." Jongin winked at him.

,,Now let's change your hair, it looks old already." Baekhyun small chuckled excited for what comes next. He wants a distraction, he needs a distraction.




Kyungsoo was thinking far, why did Luhan came back? Why now? 

He kept on looking at his portrait, Baekhyun is really talented, more talented than he imagined. But he feels like he ed up.

He can see how upset Baekhyun is because of him. Kyungsoo looked at his phone seeing a photo from Jongin.

A photo with Baekhyun from the back, his hair was brown? Was that Jongin's idea? 

Kyungsoo rushed to his room for a shower and change. He needs to see Baekhyun and tell him that he loves him.





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