Chapter 14

Falling for the mean guy
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With every hour passing, Baekhyun was getting more and more nervous. 

Are they really going to Paris? Kyungsoo was busy on his phone for the past hour and he was also looking annoyed, well that's nothing new. 

But what if Kyungsoo will leave him there?! He can't do that right, he's not that heartless to take him all the way to Paris and leave him there! 

,,Why do I have the feeling that you're thinking about something stupid again?" Baekhyun made a grim face. How come Kyungsoo always reads his mind so easily?

,,I'm not." Baekhyun folded his arms before his chest pouting.

,,Are you thinking about Jongin?" Baekhyun wanted to laugh. 

,,Why are you jealous of hyung?" Why does Kyungsoo always glare hearing Jongin's name?

,,He really loves you, you know that? Jongin hyung only thinks about your happiness, he told me that you're not really happy. How can someone that has everything isn't happy?" What should he reply to this now? That he always put his work on the first place and on the way he forgot to actually be happy?

,,Would you have been happier with me if I was a woman? Would you have dated me if I could give you what the women can?" Baekhyun was serious, he always have this thought what would have happened if he was born as a girl? They are so beautiful, always dressed up so prettily but that is all that he feels for them.

 Kyungsoo checked the boy up and down, Baekhyun does look feminine, he's slim with a beautiful waist line, and a very nice , he has the most prettiest hands he has ever seen in his life and that smile, Baekhyun's wide rectangular smile is addicting sometimes. But Baekhyun as a girl? 

,,No, you should take a nap now, get some rest." Kyungsoo's answer confused him. 

,,Am I that bad?" Baekhyun whispered looking outside the small window trying really hard not to let his tears down. He kept his mind busy by counting the beautiful clouds.

,,It does't matter what I say or others say you should just trust in your own self." Their conversation ended there when Kyungsoo's phone rang again.

He's a really busy person, he knows how to talk and his english, Baekhyun had no idea that Kyungsoo's english is this good. Baekhyun's eyes were getting heavy and in the end he doze off.

Kyungsoo placed his phone away looking at the sleeping boy beside him. Why does Baekhyun always thinks so much? His questions always take him by surprise. Did Baekhyun really thought that if he was a girl he would like him more? It has nothing to do with gender but he was sure that Baekhyun would have been a really beautiful woman.

He smiled a little seeing how funny the boy was sleeping, it's not the first time when he saw Baekhyun makes cute or funny faces when he sleeps.

A message from Jongin made him start thinking. 

,,Stop hurting the boy or I'm going to take him away from you, love him or leave him, when you come back decide." 

But what should he decide on? He really doesn't have a clue about his own feelings. Maybe Baekhyun should chose? Would he be happier next to Jongin? 

Should he try? Isn't this what he is doing right now? Trying to know this clumsy kid? Trying to give him a chance.

Baekhyun let out a deep sigh in his sleep looking a little uncomfortable while sleeping.

,,Bring me a blanket." 

,,Yes sir." She hurried taking the blanket wanting to cover Baekhyun's body but Kyungsoo stopped her taking the blanket from her.

,,Thank you." She made a bow leaving them alone.

 Kyungsoo slowly covered Baekhyun's body with the blanket, moving the hair from his face.

The boy did asked for a chance, he will give him that chance, he wants to give him that chance. His eyes dropped on Baekhyun's hands. He saw the way his hands are shaking. What should he do? 

,,What are you doing to me kid?" Kyungsoo lets Baekhyun sleep wanting to pour himself something strong. He needs something strong to decide what he actually wants.



He could feel that something was rolling down his chin, Baekhyun woke up wiping the drool away. He looked confused for a little while, where was he? He is hungry that something he knows for sure.

,,Had a good sleep?" Then he remembered where he was after hearing Kyungsoo's deep voice.

,,Look out the window." Baekhyun looked out the window losing his words. The Eiffel Tower was smiling back at him. He was really in Paris. 

,,Beautiful." He mumbled under his breath trying to hold back his tears and emotions.

He always wanted to visit Europe, especially Paris and Kyungsoo made his dream come true.

,,Is he really crying?" Kyungsoo wondered watching the boy closely.

Baekhyun's growling tummy embarr

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