Chapter 2

Falling for the mean guy
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,,You better start cleaning now and don't dare break anything or else..." Baekhyun made a crying face seeing all the mess. Did Kyungsoo made all of this mess on purpose?! 

,,Stop daydreaming and start doing work." Kyungsoo walked pass him leaving Baekhyun alone.

You wonder how he got here? Well....





,,Stop looking at me with that face and leave me alone Kim Jongin." Kyungsoo's voice was pissed but is nothing that he can't handle. 

,,Why? Watching is free for all that I know." 

,,It's 8 am and you're in my office for the past few minutes just looking at me, why?" Jongin smirked standing up.

,,So grumpy, now seriosuly when was the last time you ed something? In the ice age?" A flying pen came his way.

,,Luv ya too hyung!" Jongin ran away from Kyungsoo's office laughing like crazy making the secretary looks at him confused.

,,Stupid." Kyungsoo mumbled under his breath trying to go back to his papers. Somethimes Jongin is too carefree and maybe he's jealous to that side of Jongin. And Kyungsoo's too busy right now to even think about a relationship anyway. Relationships are always so complicated, people in general are complicated and he doesn't do well with complicated at all.




,,Okay class, for this semester your project is to paint a portrait, you need to work on that, I want to be blown away by your work, good luck and don't let me down." Baekhyun was ready to cry because it ! Badly! Well he can try to draw Jongin? He's the perfect model but it still ! Panting a portrait is a big deal and he's horrible at it.

,,Good thing we don't need to paint nudes." Baekhyun laughs when he heard Jongdae well that was a good point.

,,I'm hungry ChenChen, feed me!" Baekhyun blinked his eyes in a cute way.

,,Anything for my BunBun." Both of them left their class to sulk together.



,,You could ask Minseok hyung to pose for you, you know that he has a thing for you." Jongdae looks up from his food looking at the cute barista that he has a crush on for some time now.

,,You should ask him on a date, I saw him checking you out as well." 

,,Really?!" Jongdae's voice got two octaves higher when he heard that.

,,Yes." Baekhyun laughs seeing Jongdae's cheeks change their color.

,,I'm scared Baek, it's not like any day some stranger confesses that he would kill for a date." 

,,Maybe you should." Both Jongdae and Baekhyun freeze in their seat hearing that voice. They looked up finding Minseok by their table with tarts in his hands.

,,Maybe one day that stranger grows a pair and finally confesses." Minseok left the tarts on their table before leaving.

Baekhyun gazed at Jongdae who's face was bright red.

,,D-did he j-just say what I heard or it was just my imagination?" Baekhyun nodded.

,,He said what you wanted to hear, so grow a pair and go talk to him." Jongdae took a deep breath and with a crazy beating heart he walked to Minseok. Baekhyun smiled because he knows how much Jongdae wanted to be in a relationship, to be happy next to a person that loves him back as much he loves him. Yes, maybe they won't get married or have a long relationship but at least he will have one. 

For some strange reason he's also craving for a relationship, to have someone to text him, or call him in the middle of the night asking if he can come over because he misses him, or spend their weekend together or even move in together. To have someone next to him, to kiss his lips and hold his hands. He wants all of that.

,,Guess who's the one going on a date this weekend?!" Jongdae's happy voice pulled Baekhyun out of his daydream.

,,I'm so happy for you Dae, have fun." Baekhyun was happy for his best friend, he knows how much Jongdae likes Minseok. For a moment Kyungsoo's face popped up in his head. The man was gorgeous, but his personality really ! He will never date someone like him. So full of himself.

,,What are you thinking Baek? Your face is making these strange gentures, I'm scared, are you thinking about ?" 

,,W-what?! No! Yah!!!!!" Baekhyun punched Jongdae's arm with his cheeks on fire. 

,,Still so prude, oh come on one day you will lose it Baek." 

,,Hey I'm not keeping my ity for marriage! I just haven't find the guy to sleep with me that is all." Baekhyun pouted drinking his juice in one go.

,,You don't worry Baek, better wait than be sorry by finding an to treat you like ." 

,,Awww thanks ChenChen, you know how much I love you." Jongdae smiled,

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