Chapter 11

Falling for the mean guy
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Baekhyun was still confused, he woke up in Kyungsoo's room. He was sure that he fall asleep on Jongin's couch and he woke up here and it seems that Kyungsoo was angry with Jongin.

Kyungsoo told him to take a shower and change his clothes. The clothes Kyungsoo left for him were new with the tag still on. Looking around he found his phone on the side table. He should call Jongin and ask him what happened.

,,Hyung!" Baekhyun was happy hearing Jongin's voice.

,,Good morning pup, how are you feeling?"

,,Confused, why am I over Kyungsoo's place? Did something happened?" Baekhyun hold the t-shirt looking at the tag seeing how expensive that simple t-shirt was.

,,Nothing interesting but pup, if you like Kyungsoo don't hold back around him. Have fun Byun Baekhyun. Oh and please don't tell him about me and Sehun, bye." 

,,Thank you hyung." Baekhyun was still shocked looking at the expensive clothes. Why would someone spend so much money on clothes? But he was happy that Kyungsoo trusts him with those clothes. 

He was still confused on what happened but he decided to take Jongin's advice and be himself. Maybe Kyungsoo likes him, just a little it's enough for him.

Baekhyun took a shower like Kyungsoo told him, it was painful because his hands still hurts but he needs to get over the pain. 

The clothes were perfect on his body. He pouted because the clothes don't smell like Kyungsoo's scent. He should rub himself on Kyungsoo to get his scent all over. Baekhyun laugh at that image. Jongin's right, he's a pup.

Taking a deep breath he left the room finding Kyungsoo in the kitchen cooking.

,,Hi." He stopped next to Kyungsoo looking on what he was cooking. 

,,Your hands." Baekhyun hide his hands behind his back.

,,They don't hurt anymore don't worry." He laugh hoping that Kyungsoo will belive him but the older sees right threw his lies.

,,Come." Kyungsoo left everything aside asking Baekhyun to sit down on the couch until he comes back with the band aids. 

,,Hands." Baekhyun showed him his hands smiling seeing the colorful band aids he found that day. Kyungsoo really bought them just for him? 

,,Did you hurt Jongin hyung?" Kyungsoo stopped what he was doing for a second hearing that name.

,,Why do you care about him so much?" Is Kyungsoo really jealous on Jongin?

,,Because hyung was always there to take care of me when I needed help. He's a good hyung and I care about him." He can see that Kyungsoo was bothered that he and Jongin are close.

,,You hate him Kyungsoo?" How can he hate him? Jongin was always next to him whe

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