Chapter 12

Falling for the mean guy
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Why were his hands trembling so much? 

He woke up that morning deciding to finish Kyungsoo's panting, he wants to paint, he misses paiting but his hands are trembling and he can't really hold the brush.  

After dinner last night Kyungsoo asked him to stay in the guest room, it was late to leave, that was his reason but maybe Kyungsoo is warming up around him? He likes to belive that or maybe he would feel guilty if anything would happen to him, something always happens, he still wonder why is he so unlucky. 

Letting out a deep sigh Baekhyun tried again, he needs to put the pain away and finish Kyungsoo's paiting. 

He hissed a little feeling like his hand was burning. He feels like crying, what if he won't be able to paint ever again? This is his dream, his happiness, he's happy when he paints. 

,,I see you're up." Kyungsoo's deep voice startled him dropping the dirty brush on the floor.

,,I'm sorry." Baekhyun hurried to clean the floor hissing in pain again.

Kyungsoo looked at him, at his face and hands. 

Baekhyun looked at Kyungsoo as well, he blushed seeing how good looking he was looking that morning.

,,I have a meeting today, I'll come late." Kyungsoo went to make himself a coffee and get ready to leave.

,,I won't be here Kyungsoo, I don't live here." Kyungsoo stopped for a second. 

,,You want to go home?" Kyungsoo's question took him by surprise.

,,I should go home, I'm not a part of your life." Baekhyun wanted Kyungsoo to turn and ask him not to leave but he didn't.

,,Then leave." Baekhyun's heart dropped a little hearing Kyungsoo's angry voice.

,,I will, b-but can I finish your paiting first?" 

,,Do what you want, I'm late now." Kyungsoo left just like that. 

He really doesn't understand Kyungsoo at all, why is he so cold with him? It's so hard to tell him what he really wants? 




,,Good morning." Jongin was all a smile when Kyungsoo reached the company that morning.  But he wasn't in the mood to face him now, Kyungsoo walked pass Jongin ignoring him.

,,Wait!" Jongin run after Kyungsoo making him stop. 

,,I hate seeing each other fight Soo, I love you brother and I can't stand us being like this." Kyungsoo glared because their like this only because Jongin is Jongin.

,,I just care about the boy because he's too precious for this world, I just want to see him safe. He really likes you Soo, don't just let him leave." How could he force someone to stay with him when he doesn't understand his own feelings?

,,My life is better like this, I'm happy alone. Now excuse me, I have a meeting to attend to." Kyungsoo walked away.

,,Nobody is happy being alone, not even you." Jongin yelled after him annoying him even more. 

Jongin doesn't know him, he's happy with his simple life or at last, he was happy, was he?



Baekhyun let out a deep sigh looking up the ceiling, he was back home but it didn't feel comfortable anymore. Something was missing, maybe Kyungsoo's scent that was fading away from his clothes. He wants to go back, to jump on Kyunhsoo's bed and take in all of his scent and maybe do something else? 

Since that night that Kyungsoo touched him he can't stop thinking about his warm hands over his skin, how gentle and careful Kyungsoo was with him. How he made him heat up from inside out. He wants to feel like that again.

Should he go back? 

,,Stupid!" Baekhyun scolded himself because he always, always, falls for the mean guy, for the guy that doesn't like him back as he does. Maybe he watched too many dramas with his omma, prince charming doesn't exist in real life. Kyungsoo is far from that but he still wants him, he's falling deep.

,,I'm home." Baekhyun heard his omma's voice. He hasn't seen her in three days and he missed her.

,,Hi omma." Baekhyun rushed to her taking the woman in a tight hug.

,,Omo this silly boy." She laugh at Baekhyun's silliness.

,,Let me help you omma." Baekhyun hold the bags ignoring the pain in his hands.

,,Be careful son, don't hurt your hands. I still can't belive you managed to fall and hit your hands like this." Of course he didn't tell her what really happened, how can he worry his parents?

,,I'm okay omma, I'm not in pain anymore." 

,,Okay son. Did you eat anything? You want me to cook something fast?" That gave him an idea.

,,Hm omma?" The woman looked at him with an raised brow.


,,Can you...hmm....teach me how to cook something simple for someone?" He looked down playing with his fingers getting shy thinking about Kyungsoo.

,,For someone? You like someone? There is where you always leave and sleep the nights?" He slowly nodded, how long can he lie to his omma anyway?

,,Be careful Baek, just don't let her pregnant." His face turned bright red hearing his mother

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