Chapter 3

Falling for the mean guy
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A long, deep sigh left his lips seeing half of the room cleaned. He was really bored and it seems that Kyungsoo has left him all alone. 

,,Ahhh I hate you Jongin hyung!" Baekhyun kicked his legs up in the air acting like a kid.

,,You called me?!" Baekhyun jumped hearing that voice, opening his eyes fast he saw Jongin in front of him, he was looking stunning without even trying it! How come someone looks so damn good dressed in a plain white shirt and skinny blue jeans?! 

,,Hyung? HYUNG!" Jongin was really there grinning at him.

,,You should take a break pup." Baekhyun likes that idea very much.

 ,,Wait, is he back?" 

,,Nope, and let's eat together ." Baekhyun nodded fast taking Jongin's hand sitting up from the messy floor.


,,Woah." Baekhyun's mouth dropped seeing the terrace. He can stay here and paint all day! The view was amazing.

,,Close your mouth pup." Baekhyun awkwardly laugh sitting down next to Jongin, they were eating ramen together.

,,What are you here for hyung? Does the devil know you're here?" 

,,No, he doesn't and I felt like I should treat you with some food." 

,,You owe me big time hyung! You have to buy me food for the next two years! Do you even know how intimidating he is?!" 

,,His name is Kyungsoo just say it, and he's a real softie deep down, somewhere around, I think, maybe." Jongin laugh, his laughter was so colorful that it made Baekhyun laugh as well.

,,I'm scared that if I say his name he will pop up behind me. I don't want that." 

,,Don't let him pull you down, show him that you can talk back, he seriously needs that, everyone around him is so scared of him, he's not really violent if you think that, he have never hurt anyone like that but he likes to tell the truth and others hate that." Baekhyun only nodded. He knows that telling the truth to someone may turn you into a mean person.

,,I will try to stay out off his way from now on, I don't want to get on his bad side, his other bad side." 

,,I better go now, have a lot of things to do." Baekhyun made a crying face when Jongin sat up, hurryingly he hold Jongin's wrist trying to stop the taller.

,,Don't leave me alone with him!" Jongin laughs ruffling Baekhyun's hair.

,,You can do this pup, fighting!" Jongin ran fast stopping at the door, turning towards Baekhyun.

,,If you did see something flying your way just make a run." Baekhyun's eyes doubled in size hearing that.

,,That wasn't helping at all!!!!" Jongin just laughed running away.

,,You owe me hyung!!!!!!!!!" Pouting and sulking Baekhyun cleaned the table walking back inside. 



,,That's it! I'm done!" Baekhyun decided to call it a day and go home, he can just come tomorrow and finish it then.

But his mouth dropped seeing the heavy storm outside. When did it start raining?! Well what should he do now? He won't start cleaning again for sure, he should just wait for the storm to pass because the bus station was kinda far away from Kyungsoo's house and he absolutely hates to get wet. Pouting again Baekhyun took a chair sitting before the windows. He was in the mood to sketch something now. 

Looking around Kyungsoo's house he feels warm inside. The furniture was all black and modern but it made him feel warm and cozy. Baekhyun covered his legs with the fluffy blanket and starting to sketch slowly humming a song.


Kyungsoo came back to a silent house. It was still heavily raining outside, he was sure that Baekhyun was long gone but he found the boy still inside his house. He stood there in place looking at how serious Baekhyun's face was as the black pencile in his hand was busy drawing lives on his note book. That kid can draw? Why can't he belive that? 

Stepping forward like a cat Kyungsoo stopped just behind the boy leaning over his shoulder he whispered in the boy's ear. 

,,Why are you still here?" He whispered seeing how Baekhyun covered his sketch fast.

,,You're back." The boy whispered back under his breath turning around with a forced smile over his face.

 ,,You didn't answer my question." Kyungsoo walked to the open kitchen eyeing the boy. He opened the fridge taking out a bottle of water.

,,It's raining!" He said pointing his finger towards the window, making a face like, can't you see that it's literally pouring outside face.

,,So?" He drink his water ignoring Baekhyun's shocked face.

,,I was waiting for the rain to stop! So I can leave, I didn't want to be here in the first place!" 

,,Then leave." Kyungsoo said simply taking his water with him walking to the sofa sitting down.

,,It's raining." 

,,So?" Why are they having the same conversation again? 

,,You can't make me leave in this weather." Baekhyun folded his arms before his chest making a grimace at the older. Kyungsoo won't kick him out right. Nobody is that cold!



,,Yah!" Baekhyun yelled when the door closed in his face.

 ,,You can't do this!" He banged on the door not believing that Kyungsoo really kicked him out.

,,I will get sick! I will make you pay for my hospital bills!" He even kicked the door with his foot. Bitting on his bottom lip Baekhyun stepped on his pride. Don't judge, he really, really, really hates to get wet and cold.

,,Please Kyungsoo hyung! There is someone coming and I'm scared, please let me back in." Baekhyun heard nothing fo

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