Chapter 5

Falling for the mean guy
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He kept on staring at the white canvas. He need to start it somewhere no? But where? His mind keep on running to Kyungsoo. 

Why was he so angry? He didn't break anything this time so why was Kyungsoo angry now?!

,,Stupid!" He yelled sulking with his hands folded. Why was Kyungsoo so stupid?! 

,,Is there something you wanna share with us Mr.Byun?" Baekhyun froze in his seat. He forgot that he was still in class. 

Awkwardly he looked pass his canvas seeing his teacher glaring at him.

,,Is my class too boring for you?"

,,No, I'm sorry." He blushed hiding behind his canvas again.

,,Take a break Mr.Byun." Letting out a sigh Baekhyun gathered his things showing Jongdae a small smile.

,,I'll call you later." He muttered before leaving the class.

He's not in the mood to paint anymore. He's angry because of Kyungsoo, why did he made him leave?! 

With angry feet he walked to Kyungsoo's company. 



,,Pup?" Baekhyun smiled seeing Jongin and another tall guy, who was Sehun if he remembers corectly.

,,Hi hyung." Jongin was looking stunning that day, he was dressed all elegant and so was the other guy.

,,You look so elegant." 

,,We were filming a video for a new brand our company is working with. What are you doing here?" 

,,I'm here to see him! He has a problem with me and I wanna know why! He's so annoying!" Both Jongin and Sehun held back their laughs.

,,He's not here actually, Kyungsoo is leaving." Baekhyun's heart dropped hearing that, why? He has this strange feeling inside that he doesn't want Kyungsoo to leave.

,,Don't worry he'll be back in one week." Blushing Baekhyun looked aside.

,,I'm n-not worried hyung." Jongin smiled coming closer to Baekhyun holding his cheek.

,,Now tell me who should I beat up for what they did to your face?" Jongin's serious voice was scary. Itwas his first time seeing the model so serious.

,,Just a guy hyung, no need to worry about it anymore, Kyungsoo saved me actually." 

,,Did he now." And there it was again, that smile that Jongin always has over his lips.

,,We need to leave Kai, I'm hungry." Jongin nodded ruffling Baekhyun's hair.

,,Stay out of trouble pup, see you around." Winking Jongin and Sehun left together. 

So Kyungsoo wasn't here, bitting on his bottom lip Baekhyun left, but not home. Well not to his house.


Taking a deep breath Baekhyun knocked at the door. What was he so nervous about?! He's never nervous, that makes him, him.

,,You again." Kyungsoo glared folding his arms before his chest when he found Baekhyun at his door.

,,Hi! I brought a peace offer!" Baekhyun grinned showing Kyungsoo the paper bag filled with expensive sweets. He spend a lot of money on those candies. Kyungsoo better accept them.

,,Bye." Kyungsoo shut the door in his face.

,,Yay!'' Baekhyun kicked the door with his foot.

,,What gives you the right to act like a mean bastard around others?! You're nothing Do Kyungsoo!" Baekhyun yelled trying to embarrass the older.

The door opened surprising Baekhyun when Kyungsoo pulled him inside the house his back hitting the hard wall, the candies dropped on the floor when Kyungsoo suddenly got so close to his face. 

Baekhyun's heart went crazy inside his chest, what is Kyungsoo doing? 

,,You don't know when to stop no? Maybe somethimes you should, you may get hurt little boy." 

,,I.....I.....h-hyung....what are you...." Baekhyun's words were cut off when Kyungsoo smashed his plumb lips against his. The kiss was fast, Kyungsoo just kissed him and he knows for sure that his face was all red because Kyungsoo smirked when he pulled back.

,,Stop coming here kid, you're not welcomed." Baekhyun slowly nodded, his words were stuck inside his throat. Kyungsoo kneeled down taking the candy bag.


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