Chapter 19

Falling for the mean guy
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Baekhyun was surprised when Chanyeol asked him out for a coffee after classes. 

Chanyeol doesn't look like a guy that would likes him, the tall teacher is really fun to work with, for once he actually likes to go to his classes. Chanyeol always makes them laugh and comes up with new ideas that he just loves.

,,I promise I'm not a creep, just a coffee Baekhyun." 

,,O-okay, sure." How can he even say no to those puppy eyes?


So here he is at a terrace drinking a latte with Chanyeol. He was avoiding Chanyeol's eyes because he hopes that his teacher doesn't start to like him. He doesn't want to hurt Chanyeol's feelings because he really likes him as a teacher. He's fun to work with.

He still loves Kyungsoo, he just hopes that Kyungsoo will get over his jealousy and come back to him. He really misses him, especially at night when he goes to sleep.

,,So, is Jongin single?" Baekhyun's mouth dropped hearing what Chanyeol just asked him. He likes Jongin? Well, what's not to like in Jongin?! He's gorgeous, y and hot.

,,I would like to ask him out on a date, I know who he is, but damn! He's so good looking and I can't stop thinking about him." Baekhyun chuckled excited to tell Jongin what his teacher said. 

Baekhyun was lost in his conversation with Chanyeol that he missed the black car that stopped next to him.



Kyungsoo walked inside his office ignoring everyone, his secretary jumped in fear when the door closed after him with a loud bang. 

What made Kyungsoo angry now? She should better do her work and not raise her head. It's never a good idea to get on Kyungsoo's bad side when he's angry.


Kyungsoo dropped on his office chair loosing his tie, he looked lost out the window. Baekhyun found someone else already? It's been one week and he's losing his mind. The house is too quiet and he wants the boy back in his life. 

Who was that tall guy that was talking with Baekhyun? Why was he making his Baekhyun laugh? 

He needs to drink something, or leave the office and go home because he's not in the mood to yell at someone.

 ,,You look lost my son." Kyungsoo turned his head surprised by that voice.


,,My boy, I came to ask you to eat lunch together, take your omma out." 

,,Sure omma." 

,,Is Jongin working, I haven't seen him in so long." 

,,He's busy today omma I'm sorry." It was true, Jongin was filming that day.

,,We all should meet this weekend and eat dinner together, appa misses you two." Kyungsoo hasn't seen his omma in three months or more, he's busy with the new project and for the past weeks with Baekhyun.



,,So, is there someone special in your life?" The woman asked eating her lunch.

,,I don't know anymore." Kyungsoo remembered how happy Baekhyun was that morning with that another guy. 

Okay,  he is starting to act like a stalker now cause every morning he'll drive pass Baekhyun's college, he misses the boy, more than he expected. He stopped by the Café to buy himself a coffee when he heard Baekhyun's laugh. Something broke inside him. Was Jongin right? He will lose Baekhyun to someone else? 

,,Tell me about her, it's rare to hear you talk about someone you like." 

,,It's not a her omma." The woman looked surprised.

,,Well, that kinda makes sense now. Please tell me about him."  

,,He's a kid, an annoying kid that made me lose my head." 

,,That's a first, he must be an interesting young man to make you so angry." The woman laugh.

,,He's a mess! Always breaking things, always hurting himself, I always need to have bandaids in the house because he always hurts himself one way or another. He's a danger for himself." 

,,And you're madly in love with." Kyungsoo looked with big eyes at his mother. Maybe she was right and he's tired to lie to himself.

,,Yes, maybe I do love him."

,,So, what's the problem son?" 

,,We had a fight and he left, I saw him today with someone else."

,,Maybe he was a friend. Look for him Kyungsoo, if you love him so much you should tell him." Kyungsoo slowly nodded, but maybe Baekhyun is happier like this.



Kyungsoo drived back after he left his omma home when he saw Baekhyun walk inside the company, the boy was in a hurry it seems and he knew now why, Jongin came back. He can see how much Jongin likes Baekhyun, how he looks at him and he never tried something, maybe his brother isn't who he thinks he is.



,,Hyung!" A happy smile spread over his lips seeing Baekhyun running his way.

,,You hair is orange now!" Jongin could only laugh seeing Baekhyun's adorable face.

,,I had to change it for a project, do I look good?"

,,Like always hyung!" Jongin smirked coming closer to Baekhyun.

,,So you think I'm beautiful?" Baekhyun's face turned red in a second. Why was Jongin so close to his face?!

,,Of c-course. I n-need to see Miss Mina now." Baekhyun ran fast leaving an amused Jongin behind.

Now he needs to go and bully his favorite hyung.


,,He's angry." The secretary told Jongin looking a little scared. 

,,Don't worry, I'm here to make his day better." She chuckled knowing that Kyungsoo always yells when Jongon walks inside his office.

Jongin winked walking inside Kyungsoo's office.


,,I met omma today." 

,,How is she? I need to see her. I miss her." Jongin pouted dropping on the chair.

,,We should go home this weekend." 

,,Sounds like a plan, and what's your plan to get Baekhyun back? You two are idiots and you're starting to annoy me and I'm really thinking to ask him out." 

,,I think someone else took you ahead." Jongin looked really confused at Kyungsoo.


,,I saw him today with someone else, he was happy. Maybe it's better like this.

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