Chapter 1

Falling for the mean guy
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,,Wake up honey, you're gonna be late for your classes." He groaned from under his thick blanket, it was a hot summer yet he was still sleeping all wrapped up like a living burrito. Only his silver/blonde hair was sticking out amusing his omma.

,,Just give me five more minutes." He mumbled turning to the other side.

,,Mrs. Park will get angry honey." Hearing that particular name he groaned pulling the blanket off his head.

,,I'm up omma!" 

,,Good, get ready and come out to eat breakfast." With lazy feet he left his bed walking to his bathroom to pee, that's actually the only reason he left his bed. After a fast shower he was at the table eating his breakfast along his omma.

,,I need to run omma, see you later." He stood up kissing his omma's cheek before taking his backpack running to the bus station.

It was still early in the morning but the August sun was so hot,  much to his good luck the bus wasn't crowded yet and he could enjoy his 20 minutes of silence until.....


,,Byun Baekhyun!!!!!!" He stopped walking looking behind him seeing his best friend running to him.

,,Good morning loud mouth." Jongdae grinned walking beside Baekhyun.

,,Are you ready for torture?" Baekhyun made a crying face walking inside the loud and animated college.

,,Don't ask me, I think she just loves to torture us." 

,,Yes she does, by the way, how was the date with Mr.Hot guy?" Jongdae asked sitting at their desk with Baekhyun who pouted.

,,Oh don't ask, his hot boyfriend showed up."

,,Oh my God." Jongdae laughed hard slapping the poor desk in the process. 

,,Stop laughing stupid! I felt so embarrassed for him, I really don't get those guys, how can they cheat when they have already a hot half next to them? Well I'm not looking for anyone else from now on, I'll die alone." Baekhyun nodded to himself liking that idea.


He kinda feels pity for himself. At 20 years old he can't say that he had a real relationship. Not even once, well okay maybe once, but he was 12! So that definitely doesn't count, his life is absolutely 0 and he is already 20 years old, he should party and have a decent relationship, but he still lives with his parents, how pathetic can he get?! Maybe pity is a small word after all but he still hopes that one day he'll find the one, that one person who will love him for who he is, loud and always superactive. It's not his fault he likes to make jokes and be loud but anyway, for now he should focus on his college, on his grades. Love can wait, but still he will love to find that guy. 




,,The Devil's here!" The people inside the meeting room went silent, all looking over their papers, their boss was looking angry that morning when he stepped inside the meeting room.

,,Good morning." They sat up straight bowing to their boss.

,,Sit down, who can tell me why the supplier called me at 5 am because someone didn't send him the mail with the confirmation?" His voice was deep, he wasn't particularly a tall guy even though he thinks he is normal, yet his big eyes were enough to make anyone gulp and turn into a stuttering mess.

,,I'm waiting, that material should have been here by now, I want to know why I pay you guys?" The room was completely silent. 

,,Mrs.Yerie if you stop talking with your friend all day on the phone you would have been capable enough to send the mail, you're free to talk with your friend from today onwards, you can clear your desk." 

,,B-but Mr.Do...." The shorter glared at her making the words in to vanish in thin air.

,,The meeting is over, I want my material today at 7 pm." He stood up leaving the meeting room in a deep and gloomy atmosphere. 

,,Oh come on hyung, don'

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