Chapter 13

Falling for the mean guy
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Baekhyun kept on staring at his phone. He was back home after Kyungsoo told him to go home so he can take him on a proper date. 

He was happy, okay, he's more than happy. If Kyungsoo accepted to take him on a date then that means that he likes him back right.

But why is Kyungsoo asking him if he has a Passport? Where is he taking him? Should he be worried? 

He wrote Kyungsoo a fast reply telling him that yes, he has a valid Passport and his reply came fast telling him to pack a small luggage. He's coming to get him at 5 pm.

Baekhyun tilted his head being really confused. He called someone fast.

,,Good morning." Jongin always sounds so happy when he talks with him.

,,Are you busy hyung?"

,,Never for you pup, what's up? Did that mean guy hurt you?"

,,He didn't, he actually asked me on a date." Baekhyun chuckled when Jongin laughed hard.

,,Then why do I feel that you're not that happy?" 

,,I am! I'm really happy hyung but it's just that he asked me if I have a Passport, why? Is he going to kill me? Should I be worried?" Jongin laughed again, his high pitched laugh that makes others laugh as well.

,,listen pup, don't worry too much, just enjoy your date. If something happensvyou just have to call me, no matter the time or place. I'm sure Kyungsoo is planning on doing something big so be happy." 

,,Thank you hyung, I will enjoy it, I always dreamed to go out with him." 

,,I'm hurt, I thought you like me too."

,,But you like Sehun hyung, I saw the way you look at him." Jongin fell into a deep silence.


,,Have fun pup, send me pictures!" Baekhyun hummed ending the call.

,,Well I better take a shower and get ready." 



Jongin smiled sadly looking at his phone. 

,,Can I make you smile again?" Sehun voice startled him pulling him out of his thoughts.

,,Hey you, what brings you here today? I thought you're free." Sehun walked his way dropping on the sofa next to Jongin.

,,I'm here to take you out for lunch." Jongin blushed a little when Sehun held his hand playing with his fingers.

,,I was missing you actually." Sehun brought Jongin's fingers up to his lips.

,,I need you, I can't stop thinking about you Jongin." 

,,Then let's leave this place." Sehun's gaze turned dark pulling Jongin after him.



,,Omma." The woman smiled seeing Baekhyun when she came home from work, his appa was still at work.

,,Why Baek, here help omma with the bags." Baekhyun hurried to help her. 

,,I am going to leave for some days, I wanted to tell you so that you don't get worried ." 

,,With that man?" Baekhyun shyly nodded .

,,Will you be safe?"

,,Yes, I will be omma don't worry about me." She smiled warmly placing her hand over Baekhyun's cheek.

,,You look happy sweetie." 

,,I am omma." She nodded pulling him into a tight hug.

,,Omma loves you no matter what." She whispered having a hard time getting used with the idea of her son seeing someone but seeing Baekhyun

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