Chapter 9

Falling for the mean guy
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,,He's here." People run to hide or look busy seeing Kyungsoo walk inside the company. 

,,Good morning sir." His secretary made a bow when she saw Kyungsoo.

,,I need a coffee and I don't want to be disturbed today." Kyungsoo walked inside his office slamming the door after him.

,,Yes sir." The woman let out a sigh making Kyungsoo his coffee like he likes it.


They all fear or hate Kyungsoo but they all need their jobs, they're well paied if they do their job the right way. His secretary knows Kyungsoo for years and he's a little nicer with him because he knows that she has a son with problems and she really needs this job, the money she ears go on his treatment.

She was ready to gring Kyungsoo his coffee when someone stopped her.

,,I'll bring him his coffee." Jongin took the coffee cup from her hands with a smile over his lips.

,,He's angry Mr.Kim." She whispered looking with sad eyes at Jongin.

,,He's always angry so don't worry." 

,,Not like this." Jongin raised an brow getting curious.

He knocked at Kyungsoo's door walking in before he could get a reply. 

,,I asked not to be disturbed." Kyungsoo said not looking who walked in because he knows already.

,,When do I dirturb you?" Jongin smirked placing the coffee cup on Kyungsoo's desk.

,,What do you want?" 

,,A deal, I have a good deal for you with a new big client." Usually Kyungsoo was in the mood of a new business proposal but not that morning.

,,Another time Jongin, please I want to be alone now." Jongin just blinked at Kyungsoo, he just said please? Something was seriously wrong with him.

,,Let's have lunch together, my treath."

,,Tomorrow." Kyungsoo ignored Jongin looking at his laptop.



Jongin never saw Kyungsoo like this, he is lost, his eyes were looking lost like they were trying to find answers, but to what question?

,,A penny for your thoughts?" Jongin smiled seeing Sehun hold two coffee cups in hand.

,,Hey Sehun." 

,,Are you thinking about that kid?" 

,,Baekhyun?" Sehun nodded sitting next to Jongin on the old couch in his office.

,,I'm just worried for the kid, he's a danger for himself." 

,,Aha." Sehun chuckled drinking his own coffee.

,,Shut up!" Jongin laugh along Sehun wondering how is Baekhyun's day.




,,I know it hurts Baek, but it will pass, just breath and stop crying." Jongdae's words made him cry louder. It hurts so much that he can't stop crying.

,,My silly Baekhyun, why is always you?" Jongdae hugged Baekhyun's trembling body trying to make his best friend get over the pain.




Kyungsoo eat lunch alone that day, out the company. He had to get some fresh air, he feelt like suffocating inside his office, he even walked to the small Italian restaurant that he loves so much, it wasn't that far from his office. His eyes were always gazing out the window as he eat his lunch, what was he even looking for? 

,,Stop you idiot." Kyungsoo scolded himself taking a last peek out the window. Who is he expecting to see, that clumsy kid? 

He went back to the company in the same mood, angry. 

,,People are starting to pull out the holly water." Kyungsoo rolled his eyes hearing Jongin again.

,,You don't have something to do?" 

,,Nope, I'm just here to annoy you and I'm starting to worry because you have a black cloud above your head. Really, what happened?" 

,,Nothing." Kyungsoo walked away leaving Jongin confused.

,,What is wrong with him?" Sehun walked his way confused as well.

,,I have no idea." But he will find out, this Kyungsoo is just different.




Kyungsoo ended his day driving back home, for a reason he hurried home. His house was quiet when he walked inside, only the painting was there looking back at him.

He really expected to find Baekhyun there? Doing what?! He really scared the boy away it seems.<

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